How Much Does Bosley Cost in 20223

When hair loss starts creating balding issues, it can make you feel self-conscious. That is why Bosley has been offering hair restoration treatment using effective procedures. But, how much does Bosley cost?

Bosley hair transplant cost depends on the number of grafts you are going through. Depending on factors like the type of hair loss, the number of grafts, donor area capacity, etc., the cost can range from $4000 to $14,000, or more than that.

So, how much is Bosley’s treatment going to cost in total? That depends on a few other things as well. You need to know more than that, and I’m here to explain everything you need to know about the procedure.

What Is Bosley?

To solve hair fall problems, many medical procedures have been invented. And over the last several decades, the demand for these solutions has only increased.

And that’s how Bosley came to the spotlight. It was founded in 1974 by L. Lee Bosley. Ever since then, it has been working to restore hair.

Now Bosley is one of the leading hair treatment clinics and helps both men and women to recover from hair loss. And if you are considering getting your hair-loss treatment, you will find the following information useful.

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How Much Does Bosley Cost?

Bosley hair restoration cost is different depending on several factors. But the average cost usually starts from $3,500-$4,000. So when you are thinking about investing money in your hair, you need to be prepared beforehand because the cost can rise to $14,000 if you need more grafts.

However, Bosley costs less money for more grafts. For example, if you need less than 1000 grafts, it will cost you more per graft. On the other hand, grafts of more than 1000 cost less money per graft. Okay, you look confused, so let me break it down for you.

  • Below 1000 grafts – per graft $8 to $9.50
  • 1000 to 1200 grafts – per graft $8
  • 2000-3000 grafts – per graft $5.50 to $7

You can now see that the more graft you need, the less you have to pay per graft. But, this is not a fixed price for all cases. It can always vary depending on your required treatment procedures.

Factors Behind The Cost

As I mentioned earlier, how much does Bosley hair treatment cost depends on some factors, and here they are-

The Type Of Your Hair

We all have different hair types, and one treatment that suits one person might not suit someone else. That’s why the specialist will check your hair and determine its type. And the type of treatment you need will be decided based on that.

Level Of Balding:

Based on the Norwood scale, there are a total of seven different levels of hair loss. The level of hair loss you are suffering from will determine what treatment you need. And this will determine your hair transplant cost.

Follicles Count:

The graft and number of follicles also determine the cost. Each follicle usually contains 2-4 grafts, and the more follicles you have, the less number of grafts you will need.

Amount Of Donor Area Hair:

Does your donor area hair match the quality of hair you need for a transplant? That can also play a part in the amount you need to pay.

Customizing Cost:

Some clients like to choose to get the transplant done in areas the specialist may not think is necessary. The regular cost will not cover that transplant, and you need to pay extra for that.

What Are Included In The Cost?

It is better to be aware of what you are going to pay for. So, it would be best if you discussed it beforehand during the free consultation with the doctors. And here are some of the expected things that will be included in the cost:

  • The cost of anesthesia during the procedure
  • The service of the medical team and nurses
  • Pain medications after the surgery

Besides these, you will be given some instructions after the surgery. You will have to follow them properly for a faster and better recovery.

Additional Costs That Bosley Charge

Apart from the treatment procedure costs, there might be some additional costs as well. And they are:

  • Room Reservation Fee: It can cost $500-$1000.
  • Additional Procedure: If you need more than one treatment session, you will have to pay more.
  • Payment Type: If you are unable to pay in one go, there are payment plans. But you need to pay a monthly fee to receive a long-term payment facility.

Bosley Guarantee

Bosley always wants to work for their customers’ satisfaction. That is why they offer free-of-charge hair transplants if the hair does not grow. But, to avail of this offer, you will have to follow these rules:

  • You have to wait at least a year after the treatment
  • Only if you follow the recovery and care guidelines, Bosley provided you after the surgery
  • If you haven’t taken other treatment from different clinics

You will have to attend a consultation session with Bosley to check if you have followed the required procedures. If you have, they will proceed to check how many grafts you need.

Types Of Bosley Procedures

Bosley offers various procedures to clients. Often customers choose which one they want, while sometimes the doctors recommend them the one they need.

The hair transplant procedures are of two types:

  • Surgical Hair Transplant
  • Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

Surgical Hair Transplant:

The surgical hair transplant takes about 6-8 hours, but it is one of the most effective Bosley treatments. The surgeon will mark your donor area and remove healthy hair follicles using microlens and a tweezer-like instrument in this process. It is also known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

These follicles are then placed on the recipient or the thinning areas. During this process, the patients are kept under anesthesia during the procedure, yet they can stay awake, talk, or listen to music to pass the long hours.

It takes about three months for the new hair to start growing from the transplanted follicles. And once the hair starts growing, it will grow like any other natural hair.

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant:

The non-surgical treatment, on the other hand, involves different methods to grow hair without the need for surgery. They are known as:

  • Trigen + with Power Matrix PRP:

This treatment is administrated by a Bosley professional. It is a low-level laser solution using platelet-rich plasma therapy.

  • Low-Level Laser Therapy:

This is another procedure where laser stimulation is done on the scalp to strengthen the hair. It also allows new hair to grow in a non-surgical way.

  • Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP):

This is not exactly a hair growth therapy but an inkling procedure. In this process, the physician will create an illusion of hair growth by replicating the appearance of fuller hair.

  • Prescription Propecia:

Here the doctors prescribe medicines to help your hair grow. Usually, they prescribe Minoxidil shampoo or solution which stimulates hair-grow.

Bosley Eyebrow Restoration:

If you have little to no eyebrows, Bosley has treatment for you too. Bosley eyebrows restoration cost is not much as each eyebrow requires about 100 grafts for a natural look. And you can get your eyebrow restored by spending around $2000.

Payment Options

Bosley cares about their customer’s financial situation and wants them to receive the treatment’s full benefit. That’s why they help you with finance in various ways.

Bosley has around 70 consultation offices around the USA, and if you are flying from a distant part, they will help you cover the cost by adding extra grafts free of charge. The clients inside the country receive 50 grafts, while the international clients receive 100 grafts. You can also pay by availing of six months or 1-2 years of financial plans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Bosley and hair treatments:

Is Hair Transplant A Permanent Solution?

Yes, it is. The follicles from the donor area are placed on your scalp permanently. The hair that will grow from these follicles will grow just like any other regular hair and will keep growing as long as they remain healthy.

Does Hair Transplant Hurt?

During the hair transplant procedure, patients are given local anesthesia and other medications. That is why they do not feel any pain during the procedure, apart from slight discomfort from the numbness. But it may hurt a bit after the effect of anesthesia wears off.

How Long Does It Take To Notice Visible Effect?

Depending on the type of transplant or treatment procedure you have used, the time to get a noticeable result can vary. For FUE, it will take about three months for new hair to grow, and the transplant takes around a year to become more visible. It takes 3-4 months for Minoxidil to show results.


When it comes to reliability for treatment, Bosley is a place you can trust. Professionals do all the tests, consultations, and surgeries with years of experience. When it comes to hair restoration treatment, it should not be hasty or careless. Now that you know how much does Bosley cost, I suggest you start preparing for it right away. Your hair is a part of your confidence. So don’t let the hair fall. Make sure to go through all the follow-ups to get a better result.

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