How Much Does Bowling Cost in 2023

Can you name a game that requires a higher level of focus and skill at the same time? Maybe there is a pile of names roaming in your head but we’ve got only one right now and that’s bowling.

But the problem is, the kind of money this sport asks for to be played sounds insane to a lot of interested rookies and even to some pros. So, how much does bowling cost actually? 

Well, that’s the answer we’re about to find out today. After all, before you roll with your friends to crush the pins, you need to have an eye on your wallet too, right?

How Much Is Bowling Going to Cost?

No matter which bowling alley you pick, you’ll have to slip your hands into the pocket as none of those alleys are free. So, it’ll be better if you get a clear idea about how much it’s going to cost you to bowl before you step on that turf. 

Regular Rates

While putting your hands in the pocket for your next game, there’s a high chance that you’ll have to shed $1 – $4.50 for every game you’re going to play. Depending on the place, the cost can go up to $2 – $5 per person. 

By the way, if you’re thinking that you’ll get into the alley anytime and have the chance to strike down the pins, then you need to give it a second thought. 

That’s because you’re going to have an open bowling session only if the time is right. But if you’re stepping in when there’s a bowling league taking place, there’s a high chance that you might have to go back with your bowling shoes in hand.

Special Night Rates

If the night is special, then you better be ready for a little price hike on that part. That’s because if it’s the Cosmic Bowling Night, then you might have to spend around $4 to $7 for every game. 

We’re not sure but depending on the alley, there’s a chance that they may ask you to pay them for every hour. Don’t just worry yet. If you’re not an alien, your local bowling alleys possibly will give you the room to have your game.

Hourly Rates

Like we said before, some of the alleys can charge you for every hour. In that case, how much you should put on your budget ledger for spending on bowling? Well, we’d say count that number between $17 – $29 for every single hour.

By the way, once you spend this kind of money for an hour, you won’t have to hold yourself back from playing unlimited games within that time.

League Rates

Will have to go solo always? Well, nope. You’ve got all the room to try your shot in the league, especially the competitive weekly plays. The price is going to be a bit on the higher peak though.

Not only you but even your kids can try their hands in these leagues. For the adults, the rate will be $10 – $20 for every week and you can keep the ball rolling for 12 to 15 weeks easily.

But if you’re asking the rate for the kids, then you won’t have to shed cash more than $6-$10 for every week and the league can be on the run for 8 to 10 weeks.

The Reasons for Bowling Being So Expensive

Probably you’ve already started wondering why on earth bowling comes with a brutal price tag. But once you know the backstage story, we’re sure that you’re not going to be offended while paying for your upcoming matches.

Do you know how much investment a bowling alley needs for each lane? $100,000! But that’s when you’re trying to get started in a new building. So, shouldn’t it be lower if you’re trying to do it in an existing building? Well, it’s true, but that’s still going to cut off $50,000 from your account for every lane.

Now the question is, how much will it ask for if you want the bowling alley to be a little bigger? To be honest, if you want the alley to be something big enough with 16 lanes, then you’ll have to write a cheque of $800,000 – $1.6 million at least.

It’s not that you’ll have to spend on the lanes alone. There is a pile of more things like the automatic pinsetter system, bowling balls, scoring system, and of course, ball return that’ll ask for your cash.

That’s not the end! You might have to replace the scoring system every five years along with updating it of course. After all, you need that to keep up with the market, right?

On top of that, you can’t escape other essential costs like staff wages, maintenance, cleaning supplies, electricity, etc. Now you say, is it unfair to be a bit pricey after dealing with so many mountains of expenses? Well, your answer is a big fat NO we guess.

Ways to Save Money in Bowling

So, is there no way to save a few bucks here? Well, there is! Keep an eye on your local papers along with the coupon books. Even some of the bowling alleys offer the buy one, get more offer. Clearly, that’s your way of saving some cash here.

That’s not the only chance to save your wallet from becoming lighter. A bunch of deal websites come with great deals which you might find good enough to utilize to save some cash.  

Final Words

Losing a pile of money might spoil your mood for the moment before the game. But that’s only when you’ve got no previous idea how much does bowling cost.  As now you know how deep you need to reach into the pocket, you’ll be able to stay prepared with the required cash. And of course, there will be a chance to save some money there as well. By the way, when was your next game again?

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