How Much Does Coursera Cost? | Updated(2022

Because you’re looking for the answers of the questions of what Coursera is, how it works, and how much does Coursera cost, you’re on this page. That’s why we’re going to know about details of Coursera along with its related topics.

Most of the Coursera specializations run based on a monthly subscription that’s between $39 to $79/month. You’ll get an offer of free trial with a length of 7 days and you’ll get billed after the period. You can prevent billing from your account if you cancel the course within the trial period.

What Is Coursera?

Coursera is one of the premium online-based educational platforms. It offers various courses on digital and business as well as on some other popular topics. Usually, it provides courses on the topics that have been designed on technical topics for this level of professionals.

There are some high-quality courses on this platform regarding computer science, arts & humanities, IT, data science, etc. Coursera is the best choice for you if you’re the type of individual who is unable to attend the traditional classroom. That means you can run your job and education simultaneously.

How Does Coursera Work?

As Coursera provides you the versatility to manage your lifestyle and career, it doesn’t have a fixed learning schedule. If you have a stable internet connection, you can participate in its course at any time and from anywhere. You just need to learn how to operate a PC or laptop.

Also, it has mobile apps that will support your smartphone and tablet. If you look at the costs of its courses, you may lose interest to learn from Coursera. But, all of their courses are free of cost unless you like to take a completion certificate.

What’s The Cost Of Coursera Courses?

You already know the courses of Coursera are available for free. But, you have to pay for some of its special features, such as certificates, graded assignments, and mentorship. It means that you have options to choose a course to access their video lectures, course reading, and discussion forums for free.

However, get aware of the course that has hidden cost when you go through the registration process. The amounts of the cost vary depending on the courses, such as individual and specializations. But, keep this thing in mind that you just pay for the certificates.

So, if you find something else to pay then read the process and your need of it carefully. Besides, if you pay them, you’ll be able to get their bonus offers. These include using supplementary course materials and bonus videos or additional readings.


If you want to get a Coursera certificate, you have to take part in a series of different courses. Also, you need to go after a set path in every course. So, it’s a matter to know how much does Coursera cost for its various courses.

When the series, of course, come to the end, you have to prove your knowledge being a part of a project. Thus you’ll get a certificate after completing the project.

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