How Much Does DoorDash Cost in 20223

Food delivery services are keeping everyone’s food cravings in check even during the pandemic. And the DoorDash food delivery service has made it way too easy to order your desired food with its app’s easy use. But how much does DoorDash cost?

DoorDash cost depends entirely on your food cost and how far your location is from the restaurant. Other fees, such as service fees, delivery fees, taxes, etc., are being added. Once you order the food using the app, it will show you a breakdown of the total cost.

If you are looking for more details on DoorDash, keep on reading. Here I have laid out everything you need to know about the DoorDash fee and more.

What Is DoorDash?

Founded by four Stanford graduates and launched as PauloAltoDelivery, the food delivery service made its first delivery in January 2013. By June of that year, the service was a success and ended up being incorporated as DoorDash. And now it is the second-largest food delivery service in America.

DoorDash is now a food delivery service app that allows you to order food from restaurants DoorDash is collaborated with. It is the easiest way to get your favorite food delivered to your doorstep without taking your eyes off whatever you are doing.

You will know more about its service and charges once you download the app. And I will also discuss the DoorDash app and services in the rest of this article.

How Much Does DoorDash Cost?

DoorDash Cost

How much is DoorDash going to cost you when you order food? Well, technically speaking, you are not ordering or buying food only. You are also buying their service and the delivery expense and more. So, the cost is going to be an estimated figure for everything.

Let’s have a look at the type of fees or charges you will have to pay during DoorDash orders:

  • Food cost
  • Delivery fee
  • Service free
  • Tax
  • Tip (optional)

And, of course, you will also have to pay a subscription charge when you are signing up for the DashPass service through the app. A monthly subscription can benefit you to get your food delivered free of delivery cost.

How Does DoorDash Work?

DoorDash is now among the most popular food delivery services and holds more than 35% of the USA’s food delivery market. As the pandemic began, the demand for home-delivered food service increased too. And that flourished DoorDash’s business even more.

If you haven’t gotten the DoorDash app already or planning to get it, you need to know how it works. And here is how:

1. Sign Up:

First, you need to download the app from either the Apple Store or Play Store or download it from the DoorDash website. Then you can sign up by putting in the required information.

2. Browse Food:

Hungry mood changes cravings all the time. One moment you might be craving a pizza and the next thing you know you want some sushi. So, browse for food on the app or search for your favorite food using the search bar.

3. Add To Cart And Order:

After browsing and selecting your favorite foods, add them to the cart. You can add or remove food orders by tapping on the items. Double-check everything before you confirm your order. You will have to make a transaction after placing the order.

4. Track Your Order:

The built-in software of the DoorDash app allows you to track your food delivery. From the moment the Dasher or the delivery driver picks your food, you will be notified through the app in real-time. If there is to be a delay, they will notify you of that too.

5. Receive Your Food And Rate The Dasher:

Once your food arrives, receive it and tip your Dasher. It is not mandatory to tip them, but this small gesture can cheer them up. 

How To Sign Up For DoorDash?

Signing up for DoorDash does not take very long. You can get your complete account created in a few minutes. But, before you sign up, make sure you have the DoorDash app.

You can download the DoorDash app from your iPhone’s Apple Store or your Android’s Play Store. On another note, you can also download the link from their official website

After downloading the app, you will have to fill up the signup form with your personal information, such as:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Payment Information (Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal)

Once your signing-up process is complete, your DoorDash account will be activated. After that, you can go on browsing for food and order them using the app.

DoorDash Delivery Fee

You have decided to order food using DoorDash. But do you know how much does DoorDash delivery costs? DoorDash delivery costs can differ from restaurant to restaurant.

The charge usually ranges between $3.10 to $5.99. However, it can rise if it’s a busy day or drop if there’s an offer. If you have purchased a $9.99 DashPass monthly subscription, you will get free delivery when making an order of $12 or more.

DoorDash Service Fee

How do you think DoorDash maintains and operates its huge platform? The answer is the Service Fee costs. But, how much does DoorDash charge for service?

Though this fee amount depends on your location and market demand, the fee is usually between 10%-11% of your subtotal. You will be able to view the service charge percentage by clicking on “Fees and Estimated tax” on your order page. It will also show you a complete breakdown of other fees and taxes as well.

Here is one more thing you need to be aware of- if your order subtotal is less than $8-$10, a Small Order Fee, which costs $2, will be added to the other fees.

Payment Method

The payment method of DoorDash is not complicated at all. You can pay using your debit card, credit card, or using PayPal. It is advised to add your payment method in your account information when you sign up.

How To Get Fast Delivery Of Your DoorDash Order

Waiting for your desired food can be bitter. But if you try to follow the following steps, it can be possible to get your delivery a little faster.

Order From Short Distance Restaurants:

If you order from a restaurant way too far, it will definitely cost you a lot of time and an extra delivery charge. So try ordering food from restaurants that are short-distance from your location.

Clear Instruction Of Your Location:

Delivery drivers often fail to find the customers’ location in time due to unclear instructions. Make sure to give them the exact and clear instructions to find your place.

Meet Them Outside If Needed:

Keeping your porch light on and standing right outside your door can help the delivery person know where to deliver. It saves both of your time if you are willing to meet them outside your door sometimes.

DoorDash Charge For Restaurants

Restaurants that are willing to have their food delivered by DoorDash need to be partnered with it. In that case, the users will have to apply to become partners from the DoorDash website. They need to fill up the form with information about their restaurant names, location, number, and method of taking orders.

The question is, how much does DoorDash charge restaurants for using the service? Though DoorDash does not disclose the exact percentage of the charge, it is being said to be around 15%-30% of the order’s value.

How much does DoorDash charge per mile?

Doordash charges about $0.83 for less than a $1 tip. However, the cost reduces as the customer tip amount also increases. For example. If the customer tip is $1 to $1.99 then the gross cost per mile reduces to $0.70. The charge of door dash per mile varies from $0.83 to $0.59 as the tip amount increases the cost of delivery decreases.

How much do Dashers make per order?

Many Factors including the time of the delivery, the size of the delivery, and the desirability of the order, etc. matter for the payment to the dasher. Generally, without any tips, the dasher can make from$2 to $10 and sometimes more from the delivery. As per Doordash, the dasher can make $25 for an hour. And dashers get 100% of their tips from the customers. So, if the dashers want to make money from this platform, they can get around $250 a day.

Are there hidden fees with DoorDash?

The charges that are shown on the app during the order can change following different circumstances. Mainly, if the availability of the dasher or the deliveryman decreases at a given time, and the ordering demand increases, the delivery charge can rise from $5.99 up to $8. So to reduce any external fees, the subscription fee for a month is only $9.99. By enabling this, the customer will no longer think about hidden fees of any kind.

Is there a monthly fee for DoorDash?

There is a monthly fee system for Doordash as well. This fee starts from $9.99 for a month and if you want to pay annually, you can also grasp this opportunity as well, this will charge you $96 annually. To grab more customers from the student segment, Doordash has initiated a scheme that has a discounted monthly subscription fee of $4.99 and an annual subscription fee of $48. Annual or monthly subscription fees are less than regular Doordash delivery fees.

Is Uber Eats or DoorDash cheaper?

Uber eats is a little costlier than Doordash. The base payment to uber eats drivers is higher than Doordash as well. Basically, Doordash is grabbing its customers by costing less to their tertiary consumers whereas uber eats is using its vast network of deliverymen and services. Uber eats the cost of delivery food varies from around $0.49 to $7.99 excluding the minimum service fee. Also, the cost can rise in uber eats as well. On the other hand, Door-dash’s cost of delivery hover

Does DoorDash Take Cash?

No, DoorDash does not accept payment in cash. The payment should be done through the app using your debit, credit card, or PayPal account card. You can only tip the Dasher in cash.

Do Dashers See When You Tip Them?

The Dashers don’t immediately see your tip if you tip them through the app. But after their shift ends, they will see the total amount of tips they received. The only tip they get directly is when you tip them in cash.

Can I Cancel My DoorDash Order?

That depends on when you are trying to cancel your order. You can only cancel your order if the restaurant hasn’t started to prepare your ordered food. But, you cannot cancel if-
The food cooking is in the process
The delivery is on route.

Can I Deactivate My DoorDash Account?

Yes, you can deactivate your DoorDash account any time you want. In that case, you need to go to the DoorDash website and fill out a form to send a cancellation request.


Before the Covid19 pandemic, people enjoyed food both at home and outside. But since the pandemic had begun, it became concerning to go out and grab some food whenever you want. And just like many other food delivery services, DoorDash has made things easier for all of us.

So, how much does DoorDash cost for food and service? Well, I believe you are well-informed of the answer to this question by now.

And now that you can get your food right at your doorstep, there’s no need to dress up and go out. Stay at home and keep things sanitized to avoid getting infected.

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