How Much Does Dual Exhaust Cost in 2023?

Who doesn’t love a faster Camero? If you’re thinking about upgrading your exhaust, a common question that can bother you is how much does dual exhaust cost?

It can cost you around $1200. But there are uncountable types and brands of exhaust. Some of them are really pricey while having great qualities, and some are pretty affordable. On our average calculation, you will get a pretty decent one for between $1200 to $1500. 

Let’s dig in to gather more information regarding the fact. 

What Causes Dual Exhaust Cost To Vary?

How Much Does Dual Exhaust Cost

To get more horsepower out of your Camero, you should upgrade to a dual exhaust. The first thing that would go across your mind now is the total cost. On average, we can say $1200. 

But the cost will definitely vary depending on the type of materials you’re choosing. It also depends on your desired result. Besides, you need to consider the model of your vehicle and the number of pieces of the exhaust you want to change. 

There are plenty of options you can go with. Putting the average ones aside, what we get is Titanium dual exhaust which is the most expensive, around $8000. However, you have to check first whether your vehicle allows that exhaust or not. 

If you’re not planning on installing the full exhaust system, you can turn to the cheaper ones. Here is a chart of them and their prices:

Types of Dual ExhaustPrices
Single Exit Pipe$200-$300
Dual Straight Pipe$1000-$1500
Regular Dual Exhaust$500-$1200

Factors That Contribute to The Cost of Dual Exhaust

The dual exhaust systems provide excellent exhaustion capabilities that seriously improve the engine’s overall performance. However, there are 2 factors that affect its price.

Engine Health and Horsepower

Installing a dual exhaust system helps your engine exhaust the gas build-ups more effectively and efficiently. This expands the life of your engine significantly and increases the speed and performance. Your engine will run smoother, making less noise, smoke, and vibration.

Providing such strong benefits, a dual exhaust system that can offer more horsepower will cost more. That is because engineering and design get more sophisticated as you go up.

Quality and Features

As obvious as it is, the overall quality of the dual exhaust components will severely affect the price. It includes material, build, structure, and design.

Some systems provide extra features like easy maintenance and less grease build-up, which might cost some extra.

Installation Costs of a Dual Exhaust System

As most buyers will get a professional to install the system onto their vehicles, the labor cost varies a lot for the different methods they use to install. Depending on your vehicle’s model, they might use a standard procedure which includes modifying the external part of the exhaust system and replacing that.

Or, they might have to fabricate the internals to bypass the surrounding components and install the system, which costs a bit more than the other option. The labor costs for these installations can range from $80 to $120, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Some brands may offer free installation in their campaigns, so you should keep an eye out for those. The installation and replacement costs are similar. Whichever the case may be, you should always seek professional help for these as the systems are very sensitive and require expert handling.

Cost Saving Contributions of Dual Exhaust Systems

Most people seem to have the wrong idea that dual exhaust systems will eat up more fuel, thus costing more money. But the case is quite literally the opposite of that. A dual exhaust system can greatly affect your fuel economy and save you some fuel costs.

This is because the dual exhaust allows the engine to depressurize and work more efficiently, resulting in less fuel consumption and less smoke build-up. Your engine can run at the same speed, consuming less fuel. It also reduces the grease build-up of your engine and reduces car pollution.


Upgrading to dual exhaust can bring you many benefits. You get more horsepower, lifespan, and much more. But before you make up your mind, you should get a proper idea about how much does dual exhaust costs? 

Consider the conditions of your vehicle before upgrading it. Because our observation and experience say, it is an expensive thing we’re talking about. 

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