How Much Does It Cost To Build A Warehouse? | Updated (2022)

There are some diverse factors become active when it comes to the question of how much does it cost to build a warehouse. These may include land cost, market conditions, and the type of warehouse.

As each project has its own and different needs, it’s not very easy to estimate the costs. However, you can use some cost calculating easily available apps. Let’s say, you’ll build a warehouse in Kansas City that lengths 30, 0002 feet at a medium cost index.

Now, you need to use an online calculator and you can use the cost estimator of the Building Journal. And it’ll show you construction costs just about US$1.5 million. Although this is just an assumption, the cost will be something like the amount.

Factors That Affect The Costs Of Warehouse Construction

Most of the online estimators don’t ask you about the type and workflow of your potential warehouse. This is why the result they show is far-off from the accuracy. Thus, some more factors affect the costs of your warehouse construction.

The costs variation gets affected by your planning if you’re going to build a simple warehouse for storage. This is the most common construction type when you like to make a frozen warehouse to use for cold items and foods. When you think about a warehouse of controlled humidity, it might be much costlier.

Also, you may plan to deploy robotic systems to make your workflow automated. It’s another big factor to increase your buildup cost than going with traditional storage and fork lifting systems.

Besides, materials and manner used to construct the premise is another great factor that influences the total construction costs. For example, if you use tilt-up metal then the cost will increase. But, when you’ll go with pre-engineered metal to construct your facility, it’ll substantially reduce the cost.

Construction Costs Types

While developing a cost calculator or estimator, you’ll find some different costs types are involving with it. They’re including soft costs, hard costs, financing costs, and operational costs.

When it comes to hard costs, they’re easily predictable costs like material and labor. Although you can think them simple to plan, the costs of the materials may vary largely conditional on the market and environmental conditions.

On the other hand, estimating soft costs also could be tough to determine. They’re including architectural design, permitting, engineering, and insurance, taxes, etc. The issues are almost the same for the financial and operational costs.

Tips To Reduce Costs

When you look for ways to reduce the costs of making a warehouse, you can use the method of Design-Build based delivery. If you go with this approach, one thing will make an entire project team.

Also, it needs to understand the workflow that you need by every one of your team. Besides, it’ll largely reduce the construction costs if you fit with pre-engineered metal to construct your facility.


We have learned some more things in this post apart from knowing the answer to the question of how much does it cost to build a warehouse. Hopefully, the information will be helpful to you.

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