How Much Does It Cost to Fax at FedEx in 2023

The use of fax may have declined but it’s still there. FedEx Office can be a lifesaver when you need to send or receive a quick fax. But how much does it cost to fax at FedEx?

Prices across all FedEx offices aren’t uniform. They vary by store and you can get the prices printed at your local FedEx office. However, most stores offer services starting at  $1.89. Prices also depend on the number of pages and distance. You can fax locally, nationally, and internationally.

FedEx charges a lot more when compared to internet faxing services. Moreover, you may not have a FedEx office that is close enough to make this a feasible option. That’s why we’ll take a close look at their pricing and offer you some alternatives to consider that may fit your needs better.

How Much Does It Cost To Fax At FedEx?

Cost to Fax at FedEx

As we already mentioned, the rate varies from store to store. However, on average, their services start at $1.89 for the first page sent or received at the local level. For each additional page sent locally, you pay $1.59.

To send and receive faxes across longer distances within the national border, the first page costs $2.49 and for each additional page, you pay $ 2.19. Internationally, the cost of the first page goes up to a staggering $5.99 for first page and $3.99 for each additional page.

Here’s a table for easy understanding.

LocationFirst PageEach Additional Page

How to Send Fax Through A FedEx Office

To send a fax through a FedEx office is a simple enough process. They have self-service fax machines that you can use to both send and receive faxes. Apart from faxing you can get other services like- a computer workstation, scanning, photocopying, and shredding.

Here’s how you can fax at FedEx:

  • You need to find the closest FedEx Office to your location. For that, you can use the online FedEx Office locator on their official website.
  • After you get to the store, you can use their self-service fax machine or communicate your need to an associate that can help you.
  • There’s a waiting period before your connection is secured and document scanning is completed.
  • Type in the fax number you want to send the fax to. Hit the ‘Send’ button.
  • A confirmation page will load to inform you that the fax was successful.

You can also receive the fax at FedEx Office. Just get the number of their fax machine from the associate. You don’t need to hit any buttons. The fax will start printing automatically.

Best Alternatives to Faxing at FedEx Office

Best Alternatives to Faxing at FedEx Office

Sending a fax online is a much better alternative as you don’t have to go to a physical location and worry about the time it takes to travel.

You can be much more efficient with online faxing and save a ton of money. Not to mention, you can send a fax anywhere, anytime, and on a device of your choosing. Here are our favorite picks.

1.  Fax.Plus – For Low But Consistent Usage

With paid plans starting at only $6.99 per month that offer 200 pages of fax received or sent, this is a great alternative. You only pay 10 cents per additional page once the monthly limit is crossed.

It’s a feasible option for those who don’t send many faxes in a month but almost always send a few. The free version allows you to send 1 fax with a maximum of 30 pages each but not receive them.

Without a subscription, if you want to send more than 30 pages, you pay 20 cents for each additional page.

2.  FaxZero – Maximum Free Faxes + Payment Per Fax

If you want the cheapest alternative, FaxZero is the most generous freemium service currently in the market. You get to send free faxes every day. The daily limit is 5 faxes with a maximum of 3 pages each.

However, your faxes will be watermarked with ‘FaxZero’, and paying customers get better speed.

You can send faxes of up to 25 pages along with a cover page for a flat payment of $2.09. A downside is that you can only send faxes through this portal and never receive one.

3.   HelloFax – For High Usage Each Month

This one is excellent if you want an easy experience and additional features like a built-in editor, digital signing, and integrated form-filling. More than that, you get to send or receive up to 300 pages each month by paying $9.99 per month.

If you exceed the monthly limit, you pay only 5 cents for each additional page, which is as low as it gets. A downside is that they don’t have a mobile app as of now but you can send or receive faxes on your phone through a fax-by-email method.

However, if you don’t prefer a subscription model, you can send 5 pages of one free fax and then make a flat payment of 99 cents per fax. The page limit in that case is 10. An additional 20 cents needs to be paid for each extra page.

Final Words

Faxing can be quite a hassle but it’s required in almost every office and you can’t conduct a business without sending one now and then.

FedEx Office is one of the best traditional faxing services out there. To sum up their pricing, you pay three different fees for local, national, and international faxes. Locally, the first page is charged $1.89 and $1.59 per extra page.

For national-bound faxes, you’ll pay $2.49  for the first page and $2.19 for each additional page. International faxes start at $5.99 for one page, and additional pages cost  $3.99 per page.

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