How Much Does It Cost To Neuter A Dog?

Every year millions of dogs and cats are being put down due to excessive breeding and overpopulating localities. That’s why dog owners start thinking of neutering their beloved pets as soon as possible. But, how much does it cost to neuter a dog?

The cost of neutering a dog can be from $30 to as much as $400. That’s because the neutering cost depends on various things like your dog’s breed, age, whether or not he has a health issue, your location, the type of clinic you are going for, etc.

And today, I will cover everything you need to know about neutering and spaying your dog or puppy. So I urge you to read on and find the answers you are looking for.

What Is Neutering?

Neutering is the procedure to sterilize your male dogs or cats to prevent them from impregnating female dogs or cats and breed. It is the process where a veterinarian surgeon will give your pet local anesthesia and remove his testicles. Neutering your pet comes with many health benefits.

How Much Does It Cost To Neuter A Dog?

The cost of neutering a dog is less than the cost of spaying a dog. But how much does it cost to get a dog neutered? Let me take you through a list of things on which the cost will depend.

  • Your dog’s size, breed, and age
  • Where you are located
  • The type of clinic you are getting the surgery done
  • The type of surgery procedure your dog will be going through
  • Whether or not your dog has a health issue or obesity
  • Possible health risks

Nevertheless, the cost usually ranges from $30 or $50 to $400. But it is always better to ask the vet beforehand whether or not the cost is only for surgery or other additional costs as well. And how much is it to neuter a dog with additional costs?

Well, the cost will be different based on your location. For example, neutering your dog somewhere in the Midwest can cost less than what you would have to pay in New York.

Sometimes if you go for modern procedures such as lasers, it can cost as much as $600. However, if you want to get your dog neutered at a lower cost, I would recommend doing it at animal shelters or human societies.

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What Is Included To The Cost Of Neutering Your Dog?

What will be included in the cost of neutering can also vary from clinic to clinic. The most obvious thing that includes the cost is the surgery, of course. That is the procedure where the vet will remove the dog’s testicles. But will the cost cover more than that?

Some clinics will do a pre-check on your dog before the surgery and will do blood work if needed. On the other hand, low-cost clinics might not go through these procedures. So, you would have to discuss and find out about it.

Additional Costs

As I’ve mentioned above, there can be additional costs based on several factors. The vet might charge you extra if your dog is overweight or has other health issues.

And if the blood work or pre-surgery check-up cost is not included in the surgery cost, you might have to pay extra. The additional cost can differ from $20-$100. But the good thing is, some clinics offer consultation to inform you about everything you need to be prepared for.

Why Should You Neuter Your Dog?

The decision to have a pet is as important as any other decision you make in your life, and I’ll tell you why.

  • It’s a long-time responsibility
  • A pet is like a family member
  • Your dog’s well-being matters
  • It boosts their health and immune system
  • Lessens their “marking of territory.”
  • Less aggressive behavior
  • No overpopulation in the house

These are some of the significant reasons to neuter your dog. But, the most common reason to choose neutering dogs is to prevent them from overpopulating. Besides, it also comes with some health benefits for your puppy. And if you are a dog person, you would obviously want your buddy to be healthy and happy.

When To Neuter A Dog

The right time to neuter a dog will be different based on your dog’s breed, age, and health. However, the vets often recommend the procedure to be done at six months of age. On the contrary, some puppies become eligible to be neutered at the age of 8-10 weeks.

Dogs reach puberty around six months of age. And it is believed that neutering your dog before it hits puberty can help the canine grow faster and bigger as it impacts their hormone.

Besides, early neutering can help your pup get used to certain behavioral traits that would have changed as he grows older. But, always consult your vet before you decide to neuter a dog.

Neutering Vs. Spaying: The Difference

If I say it in a simple way, the significant difference between these two is that male dogs get neutered, and female dogs get spayed. Neutering is the surgical procedure where the vet puts the dog under local anesthesia and removes his testicles. In the same way, during spaying, the vet removes the female dog’s ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes.

Neutering is a more simple procedure, while spaying can be complicated, takes a longer time, and also costs more. And while a neutered dog can be taken to the home on the very same day, vets tend to keep a spayed dog overnight under observation.

Despite all the differences, these two procedures have similar results. They prevent the neutered and spayed dogs from impregnating and getting pregnant.

The Procedures: Before, During, And After Neutering A Dog

Just as a human being goes through several procedures before surgery, pets go through them too. In this case, both you and your dog need to be ready for the big step. As a pet parent, you need to ensure that every check-list is ticked and your dog is prepared for the three stages procedures:

Stage 1: Before The Surgery

There will be a pre-surgical session where the vet would recommend blood work to be done and check for potential risk. It will determine whether or not your dog should be under anesthesia. Also, they will give you a few things to follow the day before surgery.

Your dog will not be able to have any food from the night before surgery. If he’s given any food, it will make him nauseated under the effect of anesthesia. However, you can give your dog water to drink.

Stage 2: The Day Of Surgery

Usually, dog owners are required to drop off their dogs at the clinic on the day of the surgery and to pick them up later. But, some clinics would let the owners stay and wait during the surgery. It takes about twenty minutes to half an hour to neuter a dog.

During the surgery, your dog’s respiratory system will be monitored closely when he’s under the effect of anesthesia. Once the surgery is complete, your dog will be kept in a warm place for the next few hours to recover.

Stage 3: Going Home And Recovery

When you are picking him up to go home, add some soft clothes inside the carrier. The vet will give your dog a collar so that he doesn’t hurt his surgical area by licking the area. And, you will be given a list of things to follow to help your dog recover.

Your dog will need to rest for some time at first, and no exercise should be done for at least two weeks. And you are to report to the vet immediately if you notice any redness or swelling in the surgical area.

Neutering Misconceptions

There are some misconceptions regarding canine or dog neutering. Many dog owners avoid the idea of neutering their dogs, thinking it will make their dog overweight. But that is not accurate. Obesity happens when you overfeed your dog, and he does not go through the exercise.

Another misconception is that the owners think that fixing their pups will stop them from being aggressive. Unfortunately, if your dog has developed certain habits or behavioral traits before neutering, it is quite unlikely that these habits will go away.

Benefits of Neutering A Dog

Having your dog neutered isn’t beneficial for your dog only. It benefits you as an owner too. And here is how:

Benefits For Your Dog:

  • Less Illness:

When a dog is neutered, removing its testicles eliminates the possibility of various illnesses like prostatic disease and testicular cancer. These diseases are fatal for any dog.

  • Less Roaming Around:

Dogs getting shot or run over by cars happen a lot. It’s because the animals love to roam around. But neutering a dog lessens this behavior, and your dog will gradually start to stay close or inside the house.

  • Reduces Marking Territory:

Inside the house or outside, your dog doesn’t care. He will mark his territory wherever he wants. Neutering a dog slowly eliminates this habit.

Benefits For You:

  • No More Embarrassing Humping:

This is a super awkward situation when your dog is in heat and starts humping literally anything he comes across. Neutering reduces their hormonal drive and decreases the humping habit. Thus, it saves you from embarrassing situations.

  • Prevents Overpopulating Your House:

Not all pet owners prefer small dog litters around their houses. Sometimes, your dog is your solitude buddy, and both of you need some space together. So, if you don’t want your dog to find a mate and have litters to populate your house, neutering him is the best option.

Should I Let My Dog Have Babies Before I Neuter Or Spay Them?

That’s not necessary. Having litters doesn’t have any health benefits for your dog. Many people seem to have the misconception that letting a female dog have litters before spaying lowers breast cancer risk.
These problems have nothing to do with neutering. Besides, dogs don’t particularly grow attached to their pups as humans do with their children. So not having pups will not make any difference for them.

Will My Dog Gain Weight After Neutering?

Not if you are giving him a healthy diet and helping him exercise regularly. Any dog will gain weight if he’s being overfed and does not do enough exercise. As an owner, you need to keep these things in check. Otherwise, your dog will end up suffering from obesity.

How Much Does It Cost To Spay A Dog?

The cost to spay a puppy or dog is a bit more than neutering. That’s because the spaying process is more complicated and takes a longer time. Nevertheless, the average cost to spay a dog can be between $100-$300. Whether or not this includes the additional costs may differ from clinic to clinic.

Do Dogs Go On Heat After Getting Spayed Or Neutered?

Yes, they do. Cats and dogs usually start going through heat from the age of 5-7 months. The heat lasts for about a week or so. A male or female dog goes through the heat two seasons a year. While neutering or spaying may not eliminate the heating phase, it will gradually reduce the frequency.

Will My Dog’s Behavior Change After Neutering?

Dog’s behavior changes based on the environment they grow up in. It is also genetic and depends on personal instinct. Neutering usually does not affect their behavior. However, with time, your dog will become less aggressive, will reduce marking territory, and stop roaming far from home.


Nothing makes the pet owners happier than seeing their pets cheerful and healthy. And if spaying or neutering your dog can help them live a healthy life, there is no reason not to go for it.

So, if you are thinking of fixing your dog, you need to know the answer to “how much does it cost to neuter a dog?” Since I have discussed everything above, I’m sure that would help you prepare well when needed. You will always get time to prepare financially and mentally before the surgery takes place.

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