How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Truck in 2023

Have you been thinking, how much does it cost to paint a truck? Well, that depends on several factors. It’d be good if there were a single answer. There are a few variables here that can significantly change how much you’ll end up paying for your truck’s paintwork.

The reason behind painting a truck can be two things: you want your vehicle to look great, like a new one. And another reason could be you want to sell your old truck, but it has to look fresh to attract customers. Thus, painting is necessary.

So How Much Does Truck Painting Cost?

It depends on a few factors. Let’s discuss them;


If you’re looking for cheap options, then you’ll find something within a few hundred of dollars. But they won’t be good at all. Saving up, in the beginning, will make you spend more than what you tried to save on the bad paint job in the past.

Try to choose a high-end color, even if that means spending more money. You’re about to lose your money if you choose otherwise.

Paint Your Own Truck or Doing It By an Expert

You’ll save a lot of money if you do it on your own. In fact, it’s not too complex for a newbie to learn the skills of a proper color job. There are enough resources for that on the internet. You can prepare the color materials and complete the coloring within a day. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll feel like an easy job.

But you might want a premium, glossy finish, which you won’t likely get if you color your truck on your own. It takes knowing quite a few tricks to layer colors properly to create a professional-looking gloss that isn’t possible for an unskilled to copy. You’re going to need an expert for this.

Well, you’ll spend more, but think about the value you’re going to get from here. If you’re trying to sell your truck, then it means it will impress your potential buyers quite easily. High-quality glazing on the colors will attract people’s attention immediately, and you can never do that with the work of a newbie painter.

Even if the goal isn’t selling, you’re keeping it for your own; still, the value is in the looks. You’ll have your truck looking beautiful, like a brand new one. And you can’t beat the experience of looking at your freshly colored ride, can you?

We got some of the basics on the variable costs down; now, let’s talk about money.

If you’d like a basic paint job that does only coloring on the truck body. There won’t be sanding or scrap removal. You can expect to pay about $1000 or less for basic colorwork.

However, if you like to sand the truck’s skin before coloring, expect to pay more than $1000. You can pay up to a few thousand depending on the level of detail you want your truck to be worked on. Sanding can easily remove scrapes from rust or breakage and make an even layer on the skin before applying the final colors.

And finally, if your truck’s got too many dentures and needs to remove them before coloring, then maybe a deep cleaning service can help. It’ll cost a lot, but if you get more value from there, why not choose to spend more? How much it’ll cost depends on the painting service and extra costs that can get more than $10000.

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One Thing to Keep in Mind before Painting Your Truck

Some people make the mistake of coloring only damaged parts of their truck. But this is the wrong method. It creates an imbalance in the color balance throughout the truck’s body, and it looks way too clear where the colors get uneven. You don’t want that to happen because it looks ugly and will reduce resale values.

Also, some people try to color the truck in a different color than it was colored in the beginning; this will be super time-consuming. You’ll have to change colors in every bit of your truck, starting from the body and to the engine switches.

That’s why keeping the color the same from the past is something that can help you save money and time in the long run. The extra effort usually is never worth it. But if your truck is of a very high value, then you can think about this option.

However, you should only color professionally in this case. Don’t try to color on your own.

Be Careful About This After the Painting Is Done

Depending on your paint type, the colors on the truck’s body can take from a day to a month. It’s best if you don’t drive roughly or ride in rainy conditions in the period. What’s important at this point is to keep your truck dry. Water exposure can immediately damage the colors, costing you a considerable amount of loss.

Try to ride as little as possible and keep your truck under sunlight as it’ll create stronger color layers by drying up the humidity from the paint. Don’t ride in wet or muddy areas. Ride on dry roads and avoid going into dusty regions. If you can follow these for the first month, the paint will save itself in time.

Wrapping up

Now you got some primers on the cost factors as well as some maintenance tips as you paint your truck. The confusion you had with the question, “how much does it cost to paint a truck?” should be gone by now. If you can follow the tips mentioned here and protect your truck’s painting, it’ll last for years without getting damaged.

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