How Much Does It Cost To Regear A Truck? 

If you’re expecting better performance out of the gears of your truck, the best option for that would be re-gearing it. But do you have any idea regarding the cost of the whole deal? So, how much does it cost to regear a truck?

It costs around $250 per axle and around $1500 for the whole job. When it comes to re-gearing your truck, there are a bunch of deals you have to think about, such as the type of your truck and which basis you want the service, per hour or axle. 

Stick to the article to know the other stuff you need to learn while re-gearing your truck. 

On What Basis Should I Re-gear a Truck?

When you intend to re-gear your truck, you should make yourself aware of the costs first. The cost pretty much depends on the type of service you’re choosing. Labour per axle approximately costs around $250. 

On the other hand, shops charge $75 per hour along with sales tax. Although labourers claim to charge you current shop charges, often they tend to demand extra money. If you have a re-gearing shop nearby, we would suggest you get the job done at a shop. 

Parts that re-gearing requires will come at $125 per axle, including the ring bolts, races, bearings, and so on. Spend some time finding an affordable shop. After considering all those, it will cost you less than 1500$ for the whole deal. A chart will summarize it. 

Cost to re-gear a truck
  Affordable shopsPer hour$75
The whole amount$1500 or fewer
The whole amount$1600-$1700

Why Should You Re-gear a Truck? 

Re-gearing turns out to be a great idea when you find yourself troubled by losing power, lower performance, and spending more money on gas than ever. Along with getting your truck back at conditions as a new one, it does many other beneficial jobs for you. 

  • Re-gearing works on improving fuel economy stimulation of the truck. 
  • Helps you reduce wear on different components
  • Torque to the wheels can be greatly ennobled by re-gearing
  • Dealing with plat while off-roading becomes three times easier after re-gearing
  • Brings noticeable changes to the speed; your truck will be able to catch up with the top speed

How Do You Check the Gear Ratio in Your Truck? 

Checking the gear ratio of your truck isn’t that hard. If you’re an experienced jack user and know how to make a jack work, you can totally do it all by yourself. But if not, we strongly recommend you to take the deal to the professionals. 

  • To start with checking the gear ratio in your truck, you need to jack up the rear axle so that the back tires can frequently move in the air
  • Once you’re done with positioning your truck safely thus, the truck wouldn’t roll while working; turn the rear driveshaft
  • Count the number of driveshaft revolutions for the next step, write down the calculation, and that would be your truck’s gear ratio

Should You Re-gear Both Axels of Your Truck?

You must re-gear both axels of your truck. The axels need to rotate at the same time. If you re-gear them separately, then there’s a high possibility that the axel you haven’t re-geared will cause you some severe issues. 

A slight imbalance between the size of the axels can cause dangerous incidents we never want to go through. Also, your truck might not run correctly, and several other mishaps can occur.

So we can allow slight inconvenience with other vehicles but not a truck. Therefore, you should obviously re-gear both of the axels of your truck at the same time. 

Final Verdict

Re-gearing your truck can turn out to be a great idea based on your requirements. But re-gearing can never be considered to be affordable. It’s a pretty costly job.

Although it offers many benefits on some levels, we would recommend you to figure out your requirements first and then choose an affordable shop for getting the service if needed.  

We hope our article above gives you a proper view of how much does it cost to re-gear a truck. Good luck! 

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