How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Lamborghini?

You can buy a Toyota for basic needs – going to the super shop or commuting to your school or work. But when you want to feel the pinnacle of riding experience, do you buy a Toyota? Nope. You don’t.

A Toyota can be a good utility vehicle, there’s no doubt. But a supercar from Lamborghini can let you experience the pinnacle of riding joys that you can never imagine getting with a utility vehicle.

But how much does it cost to rent a Lamborghini? Shouldn’t it be way too expensive? Nope. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be that expensive.

If you know which one to choose and why to choose a specific one, you can easily save money by avoiding to choose the crazily expensive one and get something easy on your pocket.

Lamborghinis are expensive, and it’s not possible for everyone to get one. But as you can rent them easily, why miss this chance to have a dream come true, even if it’s for a single day. It’s better to experience a dream in real life than having nothing at all, right?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Lamborghini?

Generally, you can lease a Lambo for $1000 – $3000 per day. How much you’ll have to spend depends on the model you will choose as well as whether you want some custom adjustments on the car as your preference or not.

Keep in mind that you should keep some extra money for the advance payment. Depending on the model, the amount of advance payment will vary and can be quite high as this will be security money for the people you’ll be renting it from.

There are quite a few Lamborghini models out there. Let’s see below which one suits your taste best.

Which Lamborghini Should You Choose to Rent?

Since the brand is always releasing new car models to up their game in the industry, it’s helpful to have some idea on some of the best models now.


Urus is relatively new in the market, but still, they’re selling like crazy. It’s unbelievable how fast this model became one of the most popular units coming from Lamborghini. This is the first SUV from the brand, and surely there’s a good market for this; the hype for this model says it all.

One of the best things about this model is the hybridization of both the racing and off-road mode. You can ride in this on the streets just as you’d ride on a racing car. The performance translates very well on the off-roads. The sophisticated design, combined with a 4-liter turbocharged V8, is ready to give you a superb experience.

Especially, if you’ve got 4-5 people and want to get a spacious Lamborghini, then this is the best option for you. Lamborghinis are always cramped, giving you hardly any space for movement. This one isn’t cramped. It’s quite spacious, contrary to the Lamborghini style of less roomy seating placement.

Aventador S

Although the acceleration from 0 to 60 in this car isn’t the fastest out there, the growl the engine makes while starting up is enough to make your day. The V12 inside the car is capable of generating a humongous 730 HP. This can easily be noticed in the acceleration. It’s just mind-blowing. Overall a great car to ride.

Aventador SVJ

You can think of SVJ as a higher, better version of the Aventador S model. It has a somewhat similar configuration to the S but with improved engine capabilities as well as a higher horsepower level. This was made possible by using a lot of titanium in the engine as this material can absorb a high impact easily.


Huracan is the least expensive of all the Lamborghini models you can get right now. Don’t be deceived by my words. This car can perform at the same bar as the others. Affordable doesn’t mean you’re giving up on features if you choose this car.

Huracan has 3 distinct models: LP580-2, LP610-4, and EVO, the majestic Lamborghini. LP580-2 is the most basic among all the three. It’s one of the lightest supercars you’d ever find. This one’s not all-wheel drive, sadly. If you’re trying to save some money while renting, go for this one.

The LP610-4 hasn’t got a lot of difference from the LP580-2, but one thing it got better from the previous one is the drivetrain. It’s all-wheel drive and has a high-powered engine motor. Other than these, both LP580-2 and the LP610-4 are similar in major ways.

Huracan Evo is somewhat of a new model, and while it’s similar to the other 2 Huracan models, it’s got quite a few performance changes inside the engine. Both the horsepower and acceleration have been improved quite a lot, and Lamborghini added some extra features to make this car the most advanced Huracan version.

But Why Should You Think about Renting a Lamborghini?

Not everyone has the same amount of money or possession, but there’s a common dream of experiencing the best of everything. Lamborghini is some of the best super and hypercars right now, and it’s not weird to dream of owning one. Sadly, these come in anything but a comfortable budget range for most people.

And for that reason, it’s hardly practical for a majority to own one of these cars. But having a renting option comes quite handy at times. It’s never a bad idea to feel rich if you can own it for some time, even if it’s merely a few hours. The experience can be prized for a lifetime.

Lambos are fast. You’ve seen how fast they can go. Who doesn’t love going fast? You can experience the feel only by riding on one, on your own.

Moreover, you can also hire a Lambo for a potential client meeting to impress others, or you can plan to get to the rich people’s party on an Aventador. What you’d do is bound to only your imagination.

Final Words

Buying and maintaining a Lamborghini is way too expensive, and it takes a commitment for a long time. If you don’t like the commitment part or haven’t got the money to get one, renting can be a quick and easy option.

Since now, you know the answer to how much does it cost to rent a Lamborghini, plus you’ve got some basics on the specific models, you’ll be less confused about the whole renting process. But as with other hirable stuff, you can reduce the hiring costs by renting for more days rather than a day or two.

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