How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV in 2021?

Renting an RV can be a great way to leave the boredom of and go anywhere you feel like a vacation. Buying an RV isn’t practical for all. There is so much maintenance cost involved.

Probably you’ve tried googling “how much does it cost to rent an RV?” and the pricing idea you got from the results isn’t still clear to you. It’s understandable. There are so many hidden and variable costs involved which are hard to get a proper idea from random search results.

But the good thing is we will talk about the major things you need to know before renting an RV. We’ll discuss basic renting expenses as well as some other maintenance costs. Finally, we’ll guide you through getting some proper ideas on choosing the right RV set-up according to your preferences.

So, How Much Will Renting an RV Cost?

Well, you can expect to get a regular RV from anywhere between $100 to $300 per day. If you want to get a premium RV, expect to spend $300+ to $500 per day. This is the most basic pricing model. Sadly, this isn’t all that you’re going to pay. There are some other costs as well. We’ll discuss them below.

Variable and Maintenance Related Costs for Renting an RV

Let’s see some of the additional costs you’ll likely have to pay for as you go out with your rented RV-

Camping Rates

Well, I’m not in a position to dictate to you where to go with your rented RV. It’s all up to you.

But one piece of advice I can give you: never ride in the city in your RV. Why? Because what’s the point in riding into a city with an RV. You can simply hire a cab to see a city. In fact, the parking costs in the town are whooping high.

RVing is fun in the open areas, away from the urban places. Learn about campgrounds in a specific area you intend to visit before going for the ride.

Nowadays, there are so many new campgrounds opening up in the popular camping areas. You’ll likely find one good camping ground near your visiting area.

Going somewhere where there’s no camping ground at all can cause you an extra hassle. You’re going to have to prepare enough water for showering, electricity, and other basic amenities for having a livable life in your vehicle. A camping ground has all the major services to make your stopover safe and pleasant.

Generally, camping grounds take around $100 per night for all the services. If a trailer park cost high but the security and benefits are worthy, try to avail of the services. Extra safety is very important while you’re far from your home, even if that gets expensive.


You’ll have to pay taxes while you’re riding. The tax amount varies depending on the state you’re visiting. Learn about the area’s RV ride tax rates beforehand.


You never know what might happen on the road. Having insurance is important. There are some companies that offer specific insurance on rented RVs. Expect to pay close to 10% of your overall RV expenses for the damage insurance rates.


RV rental companies don’t usually cover fuel costs. As RVs are pretty large, they eat a lot of fuel in a single day.

How much you’ll end up in fuel expenses depends on how large your RV is, how many days you’ll ride and how many power sources in the RV are dependent upon the fuel source. But expect to pay a high price for this.

Also, don’t forget to fill up the tank before returning the RV. Some companies will require you to do so, and some won’t. Better to ask your rental company about this. You should also know if there’s any mile limits on the vehicle or not. Some companies set a mile range and will charge more if you top that.

Set-up and Cleaning

Setting up a basic RV isn’t that hard if you got some patience. Googling is enough to guide you through the basic fixing and set-ups here and there. However, if you rent a premium RV that’s got a lot of features and components, then setting up totally on your own can be anything but easy. You gotta get an expert for that.

Setting up charges aren’t high, luckily. Some companies even like to do it for free. But even the ones who charge for this don’t take a substantial amount.

One more important thing is cleaning. You should keep in mind that all the cleaning has to be done by you. Usually, the rental companies require you to clean the vehicle before returning it to them. Otherwise, they’ll take extra cleaning charges for it.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive. You can expect to cover total cleaning in more or less $100. But some companies take this task on themselves.

So the best idea would be to ask them their preferences. If they require you to do the cleaning, do it only then. Otherwise, you don’t have to do the extra work while you’re paying for it.

Overall Expenses

Now that we talked about all the major hidden costs and possible maintenance expenses, we got some ideas on the possible final cost. Generally, a day-long trip can be covered at around $400. If you’re staying longer, say a week or even a month, multiply the daily rate with the day count, and you’ll get an idea.

Wrapping up

We tried to cover the major expense factors in this guide to rid yourself of the question, “how much it cost to rent an RV?” and some of the confusion related to it. Try talking with a few RV rental services and only choose the one that seems reliable and secure to you.

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