How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bumper in 2023

Accidents are inevitable regardless of how major or minor they may be. Sometimes, it may result in serious or mild damage to your bumper. Bumpers are designed to be the first contact point between a vehicle and anything beyond it.

They play a big role in a vehicle’s look and its general performance. The severity of the dent or scratch will determine if you need a bumper repair or a new replacement. This is why it is important to know how much it will cost to replace or repair a bumper.

There is no fixed price for bumper repair or replacement, it varies because it is mostly based on the repair technique used, the severity of the damage, and the type of vehicle involved. Therefore, a bumper replacement is estimated to cost you between $800 – $2,000.

What Is A Bumper?

A bumper is built to be a protective part of a vehicle placed on both the front and rear end of a car. Bumpers are made of plastic, aluminum, rubber, or steel to serve as protection for vehicles. Bumpers reduce damages that may affect the front and rear of vehicles in crashes that occur in low-speed collisions. It reduces significant damages made to a vehicle. It also shields important parts of a vehicle like the trunk, hood, grille, exhaust, and cooling system.

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Types Of Bumper Repair

Your bumper should be repaired if it is damaged by cracks, scratches, dents, slight breakage, or holes and punctures.  However, the type of repair depends on the kind of damage to the bumper. 

The common type of bumper damage that can be repaired or fixed include:


A crack is a gap in a bumper material. It is a bit tricky to fix because it must be covered with plastic filler, then sanded to keep the surface smooth before it can be painted to blend in. This means the deeper the crack, the more affected the bumper structure becomes. To be sure the bumper offers protection to the car again, it has to have meshed.


Scratches can be annoying because they are the most common damage to a bumper. They are slight scrapes that leave marks on your bumper. Luckily, they are also the easiest damage to fix. A bit of wax fades away scratches, leaving them almost invisible.

If the scratch is deeper, applying epoxy paint does the trick. It will simply blend in and be hardly noticeable.


Dents are formed by substantial impacts on your bumper. Dent-on bumpers can be fixed in nearly the same way as a dent on the body of a vehicle. 

To fix a dent, gently push on the dent and massage the bumper into its normal shape.  Another method is to use a vacuum device to gently suck the dent outwards. 

Dent repair can be divided into two.

1. Paintless Dent Repair

This type of repair is required to pull out dents without damaging the paint. All the mechanics need is a few tools and heat. It is quicker and not more expensive than traditional dent repair. Also, it cannot be used for plastic bumpers that need more than a simple buffing.

2. Traditional Dent Repair

This repair is used for deep paint scratches. The mechanic has to pull the dent out, smoothen the affected area then repaint the damage.

However, if the damage is minor with no severe, massive, or deep dents, you should be able to fix it yourself. But we will discuss this later.


A break is a severe type of bumper damage.  The possibility of fixing a break largely depends on the severity of the break and the part of the bumper affected.  For instance, a small break on the side of the bumper can be fixed, while a major break in the center of the bumper is not fixable. 

Similar techniques are applied to fix both breaks and cracks. The gaps are covered with filler and mesh reinforcement is also used.

Holes And Punctures

Holes and punctures can be repaired by either using a filler or a strong adhesive. This is done by first filling the hole from inside the bumper, then sanding it down smoothly before finally painting.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Plastic Bumper?

Most bumpers are made of plastic. However, some are made of aluminum. There are also bumpers built to have an extra bumper cover made of plastic to either protect the real bumper, improve the performance of the vehicle, or just for aesthetics. 

While replacing a plastic bumper can averagely cost between $500 to $1,300, repairing on the other hand will depend on the type of repair technique involved. To fix your plastic bumper, here is an estimated price you might expect:

Dent repair costs between $200 – $350

Paintless dent repair cost $150 – $250

Scrapes cost approximately $250 – $350

Minor cracks are more expensive because of the extra time required. It cost $325 – $425.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Bumper Scratch?

Bumper scratches are common. The cause of a scratch can be hard to tell sometimes. However, the cost of fixing a scratched bumper varies because it is largely dependent on how many scratches there are, the size of the scratch, and how deep they are.

Generally, the costs of repairing scratches on a car bumper include:

For a minor scratch, it cost between $50 – $150

For medium-deep scratches, it is usually between $250 – $600

For major scratches, it cost $300 – $700

For heavy scratches, it cost $500 because it requires more labor to fix them.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bumper?

Replacing a bumper can be very expensive. This can be proved by different estimates and testimonies online. Adding the cost of parts and labor, a new bumper may be between $500 to $2,000. However, this will depend on the year, make, and model of the vehicle involved.

There are different styles, designs, and complexity to each vehicle, and complexity, in this case, means more expense. The cost of replacing a front bumper is relatively different from that of a rear bumper. Also, auto manufacturers charge different prices for bumper parts.

Other important factors that can increase bumper replacement costs include:

Labor Costs: 

This largely depends on the body shop you choose to use. However, a general estimate is around $100 per hour.

Availability Of Parts: 

This particularly concerns vehicles that are whole or rare. The rarer the care, the more expensive the replacement.

Structural Consideration: 

Working around a vehicle that has special wiring or lighting protected by the bumper can considerably increase the total cost of the job.

To better explain how the cost varies due to the factors already listed, we compiled some costs for replacing bumpers on a range of common car models.

Honda CR-V$500 – $700$435 – $880$935 – $1,580
Toyota Corolla$500 – $700$458 – $921$958 – $1,621
Ford Focus$500  – $700$385 – $689$885 – $1,389
Nissan Altima$500 – $700$316 –  $475$816 – $1,175
Chevrolet Silverado$500 – $700$435 – $880$935 – $1,580
Ford F-Series$500 – $700$385 – $689$885 – $1,389
Honda Accord$500 – $700$435 – $880$935 – $1,580

Nevertheless, it is important to make calls and inquiries to get estimates from different body shops to ensure you get the best bumper deal for your vehicle. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Front Bumper?

Typically, replacing a front bumper involves removing the old bumper, inspecting it for damages, replacing it with new parts, or replacing the old bumper. This will depend on how severe the damage is, the make and model of the car, the cost of labor, parts, and painting at the body shop.

Based on these considerations, replacing a front bumper in an auto body shop can be between $500 to $1,500.  You may need to pay up to $5,000 for replacement and repairs that will require extensive work.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Rear Bumper?

Replacing a rear bumper does not mean you have to entirely replace the bumper structures. Sometimes, all you need is maybe a new cover. Some factors majorly influence the cost of a rear bumper. The cost of labor, varying models, and styles of the vehicle involved will determine the total cost of replacing your rear bumper. 

Another important factor is the availability of parts. In cases like this, parts have to be shipped and this increases the cost on all fronts.

 Usually, the cost of replacing a rear bumper can come up to $700 to $1,750.

Step By Step Guide On How To Get Dent Out Of Your Bumper.

To reduce bumper repair costs and to avoid making an insurance claim, you can do the job yourself by following this guide.

But first, you have to inspect the dent to know the extent of the damage– did the bumper knit the fender and get pushed out? Is the dent too severe for repair? Will it require paintwork after repairs? This way you will know if you can handle it yourself or if you will be needing a professional.

Once you know this, it is time to get to work by following these steps:

1. Lift the car with the car jack, make sure it is fastened to the jack stands. You may not need to do this where the damage does not require you to but it will give you more room to work comfortably,

2. Remove the splash guard if necessary.  After removing it, hold it back with metal bolts or plastic clips to prevent it from covering the area of the bumper you are working on.

3. Carefully loosen the clip and screws holding the bumper to the vehicle

4. Plug the heat gun and start heating the panel where the dent is

5. Be very cautious when heating the panel, too much heat will burn through the paint.

6. To make it easy, you can heat the pressure points both on the inside and outside. That way you can easily push through the dent.

7. Holding the heat gun with your left hand, put your right hand behind the dented spot to apply pressure from the inside then slowly start to reheat the damaged panel.

8. To make it easy, make sure you push slowly from the deepest dent.

9. Reheat the bumper if it is not flexible enough.

10. Continue this process until the bumper is fixed into its normal shape.

Step By Step Guide On How To Replace A Front Bumper

Replacing a front bumper can be challenging because it is more complicated than other bumper repairs.  But it can be pretty easy if you have a trusted guide. Also, its replacement must be done carefully so it does not depreciate the car’s value. 

To make it easy, we will be focusing on how to replace the front bumper of the 2009 Toyota Camry. This guide is useful for other cars as well

The items you will need include:

  • Plastic trim removal tools
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Rust penetrant
  • Masking tape
  • Screwdriver
  • 10mm socket, ratchet, and extensions.

Here are steps to take when removing the front bumper of your vehicle:

#1. Before handling the bumper, put some protective tape along the edges of the bumper and the fender to avoid scratching up the paint. 

#2. Using the 10mm socket, carefully unscrew the 10mm bolts on the sides across the front holding the bumper to remove the lower splash shields

#3. To unlock the small plastic clip on each side of the bumper, use a flat-bladed screwdriver to turn it 90 degrees then pull it out with a plastic pry tool. Put it aside to not lose it,  that is what’s holding the bumper to the fender liner.

#4. Once you remove the pin, pull down the fender liner to unscrew a fastener hidden in there. Repeat this on the other side of the front bumper

#5. The next step is to loosen the single bolt that holds the entire support that is on the top of the bumper.

#6. Using your head screwdriver for screws and flat blade screwdriver for pins, carefully push out screws and pins holding the headlight to the bumper.  You can use some rest penetrate to ease off the rust.

#7. Now that all the fasteners are removed, the bumper can unclip from the body with just a slightly firm tug. 

#8. Carefully lift the whole bumper off the body of the car. 

#9. To reinstall the new bumper, hang it on the brackets and firmly push it in so that it can fit well.

#10. Fasten back the push clips, screws, and bolt that hold the headlamp to the bumper.

#11. Reinstall the plastic lock end that holds the bumper to the fender liner.

#12. Behind the fender liner, install the splash shield and ensure it slides up into the bumper.

#13. You can now remove the duct tape we are using to protect the bodywork.

#14. Cover up the bumper if you are using a bumper cover and make sure they fit properly.

#15. You are now fit to be back on the road.

Can You Replace A Bumper On Your Own?

Yes, but replacing a bumper can be challenging if you don’t have a basic understanding of cars. If you happen to fall in this category, you should leave your bumper replacement to a professional.  Pros and cons to consider if you  choose to do it yourself:

You can work on your own time faster than the standard 3-day wait
You can save money

It’s a complicated repair
You may end up causing more damage by doing it on your own.

Is It Illegal To Drive Without A Bumper?

Bumpers are very important features of a vehicle and driving without them is very dangerous in case of accidents. That is why in many states, it is considered illegal to drive around without front and rear bumpers.  However, in some states, you are allowed to drive a vehicle if it is designed without bumpers while in other states such vehicles are not allowed. 

Is It Illegal To Drive With A Damaged Bumper?

Many states are against driving a vehicle that has obviously broken pieces or is generally in an unsafe condition. If you are driving around town in an unsafely attached bumper, missing a bumper, or with a damaged bumper, your vehicle can be considered unsafe and you can be issued a ticket by the police.

Why Is Bumper Repair And Replacement Expensive?

Bumper repair and replacement costs are determined by some factors. Bumpers are built to be a shield so when damage occurs there are standards it repairs must meet before it can be driven again.  Repairs and replacement are expensive because it relies on the type of damage incurred, the amount of labor used, the vehicle model or type, and the availability of parts.

Can A Plastic Front Bumper Be Repaired?

Yes, many plastic bumpers can be repaired. They are easy to fix in cases of dents, holes, or scratches. Fixing a plastic bumper involves painting, sanding, and sculpting. Some plastic repairs and materials are solely used to fix a plastic bumper. However, fixing a plastic front bumper depends on the severity of the damage.

Does Insurance Cover Bumper Damage?

Your collision insurance will cover bumper damage that occurs in a traffic accident if you are the driver at fault. In cases where you’re not, the law mandate that the at-fault driver’s liability insurance should cover the cost.

Where your bumper is damaged by vandalism, weather, or theft, the cost of replacement will be covered by your comprehensive coverage.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Bumper?

The standard time range given by an automobile body shop to replace a bumper lasts up to 3 days. But this largely depends on the severity of the collision and the availability of parts.

Why You Should Have A Bumper On Your Car.

Bumpers are created for both aesthetic and protective reasons. Having no bumper means your car will be less able to absorb an impact force. This leaves you unsafe and vulnerable to accidents and injuries. Also, your car will look weird and horrid without a bumper. 


Bumpers are very important to the total well-being of a vehicle and the driver. This is why bumper repairs and replacement is an important subjects. However, as noted, bumper replacement is reliant on different important factors that the cost varies for each vehicle model.

So, next time you happen to run into a tree or get hit by a car, make sure to visit an autobody shop to get it fixed as soon as possible for both your and your vehicle’s safety.

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