How Much Does It Cost to Rewire a Mobile Home?

Rewiring a mobile home is not your regular rewiring that you do in traditional homes. Sometimes you may think the price is affordable, but to be honest, it can rise too. So, how much does it cost to rewire a mobile home?

Depending on the size of your home, rewiring might cost you between $500 to $2000. The range of rewiring can differ depending on many deals like the size of your house, the material you’re using, and whether you’re doing it by yourself or a dealer. 

Give our article below a shot to learn a lot more about the whole deal.

What Causes the Cost to Rewire a Mobile Home Vary?

If you live in a mobile house then you definitely know that they’re much different from a traditional house. When it comes to repairing mobile homes, rewiring would be on the top of the list, and on average, that can cost you thousands of dollars. To know an answer specific to you, check the chart below out.

Square feet of houseAverage Cost
1000$2000- $4000

As you can see, the cost totally depends on the size of your home. But those accounts are for whole-home rewiring. But if you’re doing some small rewirings and not for the whole house, you can expect the whole job to be done for $200.

The thing you need for rewiring is a gauge. The 14-gauge wire will cost you $50, and the 12-gauge wire will cost you $100. The service providers take $50 per hour for the job. You can totally do the job by yourself to save money.

Order wire online to get discounts or coupons. But if you haven’t done this kind of job before then, we would suggest you hire a professional for the job. 

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How Do You Rewire a Mobile Home?

Rewiring a mobile home is a lot different than rewiring a traditional one since mobile homes tend not to be that sturdy. They’re made with lightweight materials, and the chances of causing heavy damage to them are pretty rich. So you need to be very careful while rewiring one. Here’s how:

  • Turn off the power for the first step, do not forget to do so to avoid electric shocks while working. 
  • After turning the power off, start removing the old wiring carefully for the next step. Try to pull the wirings gently so that you don’t end up damaging any circuits. 
  • Then, you can install the new wiring using the same gauge as before. While buying the wiring, keep this in mind you need to buy wiring that can keep up with the specs of your mobile home. Install the wiring following the manual from the owners or by watching some videos online. 

But if you aren’t too sure about the accuracy you can provide to the job, consider turning to professionals because it’s a very delicate job. You can search online for affordable services. But must rely on an experienced service provider to get the electrical wiring work done.

When Should I Rewire My Mobile Home?

It’s a valid thing to worry about the exact time of rewiring a mobile home. Because if you don’t take any measures to rewire your home on time, you might invite some irreparable problems. Whenever your mobile needs rewiring, you’ll get some noticeable hints. Here are those:

  • Power or fuses will blow off frequently out of nowhere.
  • Bulbs won’t provide sufficient light and will start dimming. 
  • You might get a burning smell from a specific part or electrical device in your room.
  • You will be able to sense a slight sensation whenever you touch a wall switch or electrical device. 
  • Switch plates will be warmer than ever to touch. 

If you discover any of these signs going on around your home, you have to realize that your mobile home needs rewiring now. You can plan on rewiring depending on another strong sign, which is your house being built more than 40 years ago.

Things You Need to Avoid While Rewiring Your Mobile Home

Rewiring has never been a safe task. Doing it all by yourself won’t be a good idea if you aren’t experienced enough. But if you consider yourself expert enough to take the responsibility, we would like to make you learn some potential dangers you might face regarding the job so that you can be more careful.

  1. Low-Quality Wiring

Choosing low-quality wiring can never meet higher safety standards. Rather they can make you go through serious fire, arc faults, and many other scary incidents. To avoid low-quality wiring, get one from a renowned brand.

  1. Damaged Wire

While wiring, you might crack or damage a portion of the wire which is very dangerous. That might lead you to severe electrical mishaps. Be careful about that.

  1. Loose Connections

Loose connections between electrical outlets and switches are another dangerous thing. Tighten the connections properly. 

  1. Wet Hands

Never work on rewiring with wet hands. That’s very dangerous and can get you a serious electric shock. 

  1. Having Water Around

Try to have water away from the electrical outlets.

  1. Kids

Do not let any kid near you while you’re rewiring your mobile home. We can’t even count on the potential mishaps a child can occur in that area. It’s better to do the job while having fewer people around. 


Re-wiring is something that you have to get done with a lot of money. So it’s better that you’re sure about your intentions before moving to any conclusion. Seeing the costs might convince you to do it by yourself. But do not do so if you are not experienced enough. 

Now that you know properly how much does it cost to rewire a mobile home, you can take the right decision about rewiring your mobile home.

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