How Much Does It Cost To Roll Fenders in 2023?

By rolling the fenders, you basically flatten out the lip, creating more space for the wheel inside the fender. Although it might sound simple, the process is pretty demanding. And that might make you think you need to spend a lot to roll the fenders. But is that so? How much does it cost to roll fenders?

The price range to roll fenders starts at $50 and can go all the way up to $70 for each fender. It basically depends on how flawless you want the end results to be. In other words, a better fender rolling job will require you to pay more than the average price.

But what is the benefit of rolling the fenders? Are the benefits really worth spending about $70 for each fender? Well, these are the questions we will address in this discussion.

What Is Fender Rolling?

Through fender rolling, you mainly create more fender clearance on your vehicle. It can address issues such as the tire’s surface rubbing the inner lip of the fender.

The thing about most cars is that they are not designed to accommodate large-sized wheels. For that reason, you are expected to stick with the wheels that they come with. That is, of course, if you do not roll the fenders.

Fender rolling is also known as guard rolling. And this process involves a lot of heat and a good amount of effort put into reshaping. By reshaping the fenders, you can prevent the tires from getting in contact with the inner lip.

Generally, the fender rolling process makes the inner fender lip fold up. If you have taken a closer look at your vehicle’s fenders, you might have already noticed that they form an “L” shape. Well, through fender rolling, you convert it to a “U” shape.

What Does Fender Rolling Do?

When it comes to modifying vehicles, many opt for installing large-sized tires. A large-sized tire allows the car to get more grip on the road, which results in better handling and control. In other words, the vehicle offers better performance on challenging roads.

Aside from that, many motorists lower the height of their vehicles. And in this case, you can not just get a small-sized tire, as the grip and control of the car will degrade. But what do you do to use the same-sized wheel but not make it scratch with the fender? You roll the fender!

So, in short, through fender rolling, you can easily install a large-sized tire or lower the height of the vehicle. The tire will not rub against the inner lip for both cases if the fender rolling is done correctly.

Can Your Roll the Fender on Your Own?

Fender Rolling DIY

You can, but it is better not to attempt it on your own. The thing about rolling fender is that it needs to be flawless if you want to reap its benefits. And for a perfect roll on the fender, relying on professionals is always a good idea.

Many things can go wrong when you are trying to roll the fender. Instead of getting the “U” shape on the fender, you might ruin the shape of the fender. And afterward, you might even fail to reshape it back to the “L” shape. That will eventually make you spend more than you have on the repairs.

In fact, you might eventually have to get a fender replacement, which, by the way, can cost you anywhere from $100 to $1000. Isn’t it better to spend the $70 in the first place?

What Tool Is Used to Roll Fenders?

Professionals will utilize the fender rolling tool to roll out the fenders. Yes, fender rolling has become so popular that car part manufacturers have brought out a specific tool for the process.

Previously, many relied on baseball bats, which were primarily hit-or-miss for the job. In comparison, getting a consistent roll with a fender rolling tool is possible.

However, the fender rolling tool is not enough for the process. Along with that, the mechanic will also need to work with a heat gun. It will basically make the material, which can be thermoplastic or steel, easy to reshape.

Again, the heat should be monitored closely. Too much heat can ruin the overall shape of the material. And too less of heat will make the material break off when high pressure is exerted on it. That is why it is best to leave the task to the professional.

What Does a Perfectly Rolled Fender Looks Like?

When done right, the rolled fender will look like it came out of the factory in that state. In other words, you will not be able to tell that the fender has gone through a rolling process. Also, the exterior should be smooth and look just like it did before the process started.

There should not be any sign of paint damage, nor should there be any dents or bends on the surface.

So, how does the fender look when the rolling goes wrong? The total opposite of what a perfectly rolled fender looks like! In fact, the damages might be so bad that you will have to opt for a replacement.

Final Words

So, how much does it cost to roll fenders again? You need to bear anywhere from $50 to $70 for each. That means you would have to spend around $200 to $280 to roll all your vehicle’s fenders. And again, you should always rely on a professional for a fender job.

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