How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Bumper in 2023?

Of all the parts of a vehicle, bumpers need to be replaced quite often since they undergo a lot of stress to prevent a vehicle from being damaged. If your bumper has been compromised, you might be wondering how much does it cost to ship a bumper.

Well, you will need anywhere between $450 – $1000 for inter-state shipping, and for international shipping, you will need about $500 – $3000. 

When it comes to absorbing the impact from collision, bumpers play a key role. Learn about everything that goes into a bumper replacement for your vehicle beforehand so that you can quickly get one shipped to your aid when needed.

Factors that Determine Bumper Shipping Cost

Shipping a bumper can become very costly because these are, in fact, bulky objects that are also sensitive to damage. So, here are a few factors that you can keep in mind to be prepared for that shipping cost on your bumper.

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  • Weight Variability

Bumpers come in a range of different weights, and the shipping charge varies depending on it. Plastic bumpers generally weigh about 30 pounds at a minimum, and steel bumpers weigh about 300 pounds at least. With bumpers that are heavier, the shipping cost will also be higher.

  • Priority-Based Delivery

If your bumper has been severely damaged and you need a replacement as quickly as possible, then you are going to have to pay more. Most courier services have an express delivery service which costs more than the rates set for regular deliveries.

The regular delivery for a bumper generally takes about 5 business days.

  • Delivery Distance

If you are delivering your bumper between states, then the costs will be around $450 to $1000. If, however, your bumper is being shipped from one country to another, then the price will bump up to the range of $500 to $3000.

However, these are just estimated values. To get a more accurate value for your delivery, use an online calculator.

International Courier Services for Shipping Bumpers

There are a few reliable courier services that you can use for importing your car parts.

  • USPS
  • DHL
  • International Pickup
  • International Drop Off
  • Worldwide Expedited

Among these, the cheapest option is DHL eCommerce, where the company will take longer to deliver your product, but as a return on your patience, you will be able to enjoy a lower cost than the couriers that are faster at delivery.

The most commonly used courier service for delivering bumpers from the United States to another country is called UPS. A great privilege of using UPS is that they provide additional logistics and transportation services.

They can essentially ship to more than 200 countries and have gained quite a reputation all over the world.

Name of Courier ServiceInterstate PriceInternational Price
DHL Ground freight$800$2000
UPS LTL freight$500

What is the right way to pack a bumper so that it doesn’t break?

The right way to pack a bumper is to wrap it up in heavy-duty protective pads or plastic. Bumpers are quite prone to be scratched, so make sure to use heavy-duty protective pads to wrap up the bumper length and breadth-wise. Then, tape it all up to secure it, and that’s it; your package is ready to be transferred.

Can a bumper be packed without a box?

Yes, of course, bumpers can be packed without a box. In fact, the best way to wrap up big irregular objects like a bumper is to use proactive pads to secure the object and prevent it from being damaged by collision.

Should I fix my car’s bumper or get a replacement?

If your bumper has only been slightly damaged, then you can probably make it work for you a bit longer. However, in case the damage to your bumper is severe, you will have to get a replacement for it cause further damage will harm your vehicle and create much higher expenses for you.

How long does international delivery of car bumpers take?

For cross-country shipping, the estimated duration of delivery is 1 week. But keep in mind that it may take longer than that, depending on various micro-factors, such as the exact distance between points A and B, the number of pending deliveries by the courier service company, etc.

Can I replace my bumper all on my own?

You will need a bit of technical know-how in order to install a bumper to your car. If you are good at following instructions, you can watch a few helpful YouTube videos to learn the new bumper installation drill. If you aren’t confident, then it is better to just call a professional.


It is handy to keep an extra bumper in your garage for emergencies. Now that you know how much does it cost to ship a bumper, you also know that priority deliveries will cost you way more money.

For interstate shipping, the charge will be under $1000, and for international shipping, the charge will be under $3000.

Order your vehicle’s bumper today from any of the trusted courier services we have enlisted here, and save yourself from spending some extra cash in unforeseen situations.

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