How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes?

Shoes can be a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or even for the holidays. But the shipping charge for shoes can often cost more than the shoe itself. There is not much information available regarding shoe shipping online either.

In addition, if you are new to the shoe shipping world, a simple mistake like using the wrong packaging box can cost you extra money. 

The shipping fees for a single pair of shoes by USPS start from $4.00. For flat rate priority mail by USPS, the price starts from $26.35. Depending on the size of the shoes, distance, and speed, you will need to pay $4 to $72 for shoe shipping by USPS. With parcel shipping companies, you will need to pay anywhere from $13.69 to $150 to ship shoes. 

If you are looking for an exact answer for how much does it cost to ship shoes, then you have come to the right place. We have skimmed through everywhere possible and found the best deals for you. 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes? 

Most shoes are lightweight and durable. This makes shoes one of the easiest items to ship. But with more time, the number of courier services is increasing. Each charge differently. Some couriers offer a flat rate, while some decide the shipping cost on the delivery speed and the weight of the product.

Several factors decide the accurate pricing of the shoe shipping cost. Some are;

1. Weight Of The Shoe: The product’s weight is the most crucial factor when you are shipping something. For shoes, the weight depends on two things. The product and the packaging. While some people prefer shipping their shoes in the original package, some prefer shipping them in different packaging to save shipping fees. We will be talking about how much does it cost to ship shoes in original packaging and what makes an ideal shoe shipping package later. 

2. The Shipping Distance: Along with the weight, the distance also has a significant impact on the shipping fees, with more distance. You will have to pay more fees. Domestic shipping fees and international shipping fees are not the same. 

3. The Courier: If you are using your local post office to ship shoes domestically, you will end up paying way less. However, some people do not prefer the post office as they lose parcels pretty often. In addition, they take too much time. Each shipping couriers offer different packages and price point. Some offer insurance if the lot gets lost. Most couriers offer parcel tracking services. Some provide express delivery, which will cost more than standard shipping. 

4. Quantity: The quantity of the pair of shoes can increase or decrease the shipping fees. USPS offers excellent packages for parcels with multiple pairs of shoes and a single pair of shoes. The prices differ significantly depending on the quantity. 

5. Taxes: Usually, shipments are not subjected to taxes if it is a domestic delivery. But for international delivery, you will need to pay for taxes and duties. Usually, the receiver has to pay the taxes and duties according to their country’s import tax regulations. This will significantly add to the cost of the shipping. 

Post Office Or USPS 

If you are shipping one pair of shoes, then USPS is the cheapest option for you. USPS offers multiple shipping services. The best services for shipping footwear are; first-class mail, flat rate priority mail, priority mail express, retail ground.

If you are sending a single pair of shoes that can be sent in a bubble mailer, then opt for the first class mail. The price starts from $4.00 only, making it one of the cheapest shipping options for shoes. 

USPS offers retail ground services that are used to send small and large packages to send 1-2 pairs of shoes. If your parcel is not urgent, and you can wait for 8-10 days for the shipping, this can be an economical option. The prices for retail ground start at $7.70 only. The delivery time is 2-8 days. 

USPS offers priority mail with multiple pricing options. The best option, according to us, for shipping shoes is flat rate priority mail and priority mail express. Priority mail express also comes with a flat rate option. 

Flat rate priority mail ensures fast delivery, unlike ground mail. Flat rate priority mail is one of the cheapest shipping options available if your parcel weighs from 13 oz to 70 lbs.

They offer different boxes, and the price stays the same even if your parcel is quite heavy. This is an ideal option if you are planning on shipping multiple shoes in one cardboard box.

For a flat rate priority mail, you need to know the exact size of your shoebox and then choose an appropriately sized box from the post office for the parcel. If you are opting for a flat rate priority mail, do not use your box to ship the parcel.

Instead, pack your shoes in a box and then pack that box in the box provided by USPS. The delivery time for flat rate priority mail by USPS is 1 to 3 business days. 

USPS also offers priority mail express services. The price starts at $26.35. 

The distance from L. A to Miami is 2734 Miles. Here is an estimated price list for USPS shoe shipment weighing 5lbs. 

  1. For USPS priority mail express, it costs $71.35. The delivery time is 2 days. 
  2. For USPS Priority mail, it costs $26.70. The delivery time is 4 days. 
  3. For USPS, the shipping fee is $23.90. The delivery time is 8 days. 

If you want to ship shoes internationally through USPS, you can opt for priority mail express international or priority mail international to get a swift and hassle-free delivery.

The estimated price for a 5lbs shoe package sent by priority mail express is $90. The estimated delivery time is 3 to 5 days. While the estimated cost for a 5 lbs shoe parcel sent by priority mail is $72, and the estimated delivery time is 6-10 days. 

If you do not have USPS in your area, you can still send parcels through the post office. Postage can cost you up to 8 to 12 dollars for standard shoe shipping. Usually, post offices charge per 2 pounds. The standard weight of a shoe is 2 pounds. The weight of the packaging may add another 300-350 grams.

Some people like to double-box their shoes. Some people like to ship their shoes with the original box. So, the final weight of the parcel will increase quite a lot which means the shipping fee or postage will increase too.

We recommend reaching out to your local post office to find out more about the packages. The clerks in the post office will be able to tell you which package is more financially sustainable. 

UPS And FedEx

If you do not like USPS or do not have it in your area, then you can opt for parcel shippers like UPS or FedEx. Both UPS and FedEx offer flat rates and variable rates for shoe shipping parcels. 

Unlike USPS, UPS allows you to ship parcels with your packaging with a flat-rate pricing option. But FedEx follows the same rules as USPS for flat rate deliveries. You need to use their packaging to qualify for flat rate deliveries.

Flat rate shipping is cheaper than variable rates but the delivery time is not much flexible.

The pricing of the flat-rate service depends on the packaging size as the fees are different for medium, large, and extra-large boxes. The speed of the delivery. The distance does not matter in this case. Unlike USPS and FedEx, whose packaging is based on the dimensions of the box, the packages of UPS are based on their volumes. 

UPS offers 3 different delivery speed for flat rates, while FedEx offers six. The maximum weight per box in a flat rate for both is 50lbs. The price for the flat rate of UPS ranges from $15.50 to $62. For FedEx, it ranges from $12.35 to $212.95.

The variable prices are depending on the size of the box, weight of the box, speed of the delivery, and distance. For a single pair of shoes, or 5 lbs package, shipped domestically, UPS charges $14.42 to $138.57 depending on the distance, and delivery speed. While FedEx charges $13.69 to $145. 

For a 20 lbs packaging, UPS charges anywhere from 431.50 to $241. While FedEx charges $28.02 to $249.62 depending on the distance and delivery speed. 

For a 50 lbs parcel, UPS charges anywhere from $54.16 to $384.48 depending on the distance and delivery speed. On the other hand, FedEx charges anywhere from $51.45 to $380.50. 

If you are confused about the exact shipping prices for UPS, we recommend visiting their website. They offer a calculating feature on their website that tells you the exact shipping fee of your parcel. 

Beginner’s Guide To Reduce Cost While Shipping Shoes

To reduce your shoe shipping cost, you must pack your shoes in the right way. Packaging affects the shoe shipping prices the most as the wrong packaging may make the shipment bulky, and then you will need to pay extra for the extra weight.

Since most shoes are lightweight and sturdy, it is easy to pack them properly without taking much space. A sturdy shipping box is the most important thing during shipping.

If you are shipping one pair of shoes, use bubble wrap and then pack it in a small cardboard box. Cardboard boxes are a great choice if you are shipping multiple pairs.

If you are shipping shoes internationally or maybe too long-distance, use corrugated boxes. If you are shipping heels, pumps then use bubble wrap or bubble mailers and then proceed with double-boxing.

Since these are delicate shoes that may get damaged during transit, you must pack them properly. Use bubble mailers and flat cardboard mailers for fragile shoes with trinkets and other accessories. 

How To Ship Shoes In Original Box?

While some people discard the original box of their shoes to reduce shipping costs, some like to get it shipped in the original box. But shipping shoes in their original box can be damaging to the shoe.

The box will most likely get damaged during transit and damage your shoes along with it. Here is how you can ship your shoes in their original package: 

1. Using Double Box

Double boxing is a must if you want to keep the original packaging intact. Simply pack your shoes the way you want to pack them, place them in the original box, and then place that box in another box.

If you are opting for a flat rate priority mail, we will recommend you to still double box. Since your target is to keep the box free of damage, it is better to use a double box.

Many people say that you do not need to double-box with flat rate priority mail, but we disagree. 

2. Filling Up With Packaging Paper

If you have very lightweight and tiny shoes, meaning the shoe box is relatively small, we would recommend filling up the second box with packaging paper to stop the shoebox from moving during transit.

This method can be applied when you are sending shoes overseas. Shipments face the most hassle when shipped internationally, so just double-boxing is not enough.

You need to fill the package with shipping peanuts or packaging papers to prevent distress on the original shoebox. 

Keep in mind that with double-boxing, the weight of the parcel will increase quite a lot. If you are opting for flat rate priority mail, then you do not need to worry.

But we would suggest checking out the box sizes before you choose the second shipping box. This will allow you to find an appropriately sized box. 

Final Words

We hope by now you are well aware of how much does it cost to ship shoes. If you are looking for the cheapest method to ship shoes, you need to do a price comparison before settling for a courier. Decide the urgency of the package and the packages offered by the company. Settling for a reliable courier will also ensure safe transit for your shoes. 

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