How Much Does It Cost To Tint Car Windows? | Updated (2020)

When you search online for the issue how much does it cost to tint windows, you’ll find its minimum $99 and a maximum $200 on the most shops. Although it’s for the entire car, it depends on different factors. These include the film’s grade you choose and the type of your car.

But, don’t forget one thing that you’ll get the return what you’ll pay for whether it might be the lowest or highest amount. Apart from the online shops, you also can buy precut kits with tint from stationed shops.

Either way, prices vary extensively, but you just need an amount under $75 to buy a complete tint kit from the most online stores. Here, we’ll learn more about the topic of how much does it cost to tint car windows with other topics.

Factors To Consider While Tinting

There are some other things to consider than just the vanity for you to get tinted your car windows. For example, some people search for an additional level of protection from light sensitive glare. Also, it’s a great way to protect your vehicle from being occupant the shatter of the window.

As there is the usage of tinting film at the way of your safety glass, it keeps the window from spreading debris everywhere. Moreover, it also works like an essential theft detergent that keeps all precious things inside your vehicle secure.

But, it’s still may be viewed as a vanity item and makes the expenditure known to very a small number of. Besides, you’ll get some other considerable factors while tinting your vehicles such as the tint type.

For example, if you like to go through the cheapest way, you can choose ceramic or metallic heat-rejection tilting. But, when you’ll pick the specialty tint, it’ll cost 3/4 times more than the common ones. Thus the issue of how much is it to tint windows affects these factors.

Why You Should Tint Your Car Window By Professional

If you tint your car widows by some professionals, you’ll get a better job than you do-it-yourself. In any case, it’ll get done in a better way than you do something else with it. Besides, when you’ll go for tinting to the shops, most of them will provide a warranty for a certain time.

So, you’ll get some resources if you find any issues in the next time. Also, there are legal issues that probably you like to tint your car to some local shops. The reason is that just the local shops know the local laws about the VLT of your car window.

As a result, you can give them two different options. One of them is to ask them to go up to the legal dark. And another one is that they can ask you your options personally.

Cost Of Professional Window Tinting?

When you’ll tint your car window by some professional tinter, it’ll cost a bit higher. Obviously, as you’re going to pay for their service, you can expect to pay extra for the proficiency.

Also, you’ll have to pay for the installation time of the person to tint your car. And the rate may vary from the range of $25 to $50 for every window. But, usually, it comes with the basic 1-ply tint film’s cost.

In general, if you’re looking for how much is it to get windows tinted, you can typically get a reasonable or discounted price. So, when you need to tint your window, keep this point in your mind.

How It Costs More To Installation Window Tint Locally

The first and foremost con of getting window tilting from the local shops is the higher price. So, you should check their online reviews of previous jobs before you take their service. Moreover, you have to know if your local shops just use the average tint.

Also, it’s important to know their working experience in this industry. But, one thing is clear that a local tinting shop probably unable to provide you all types of films. Even you can’t expect it from them they’ll offer you all brand of carbon, metallic, ceramic, and dyed film.

That’s why if you want something more than the local tinter then you just need to get the particular type of tinting film. In this case, the only way to go with is an online DIY regardless of how much does it cost to get your windows tinted from the local tinter.


Apart from the above-said things about the issue of how much does it cost to tint windows, you’ll find some different styles and brands of tint. These all affect the cost of tinting.

But, but a personal vehicle requires the cost of tinting in the array of $99 to $200. Also, it costs a bit more for window tinting when it comes to minivans and SUVs.

They might cost from a range of $175 to $250. However, it may increase up to $400 for truck windows.

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