How Much Does It Cost To Tint Car Windows in 2023

Car window tinting is an important modification you need to do for various purposes. It will increase your privacy, stop UV rays from entering and safeguard the interior of your car. Many people lack the knowledge of how much they should be spending on this. So, how much does it cost to tint car windows?

Car window tinting costs can range anywhere from $50 to $1,000. The average cost to tint car windows is around $300. The cost entirely depends on the type of car you have, the type of material you’re going to use, the installation location, and other additional factors.

It is hard to precisely answer this question. As I mentioned earlier, the cost depends on so many factors and preferences. You’d require having a more detailed look at the total cost breakdown. I tried to provide the most cost-efficient estimation here researching all the top professionals and of course, from my own personal experiences. So without further ado, let’s dig deeper.

How Much Does It Cost To Tint Your Car Windows?

How Much Does It Cost To Tint Car Windows

Car tinting is not crazy expensive. Even if you’re using the most premium tint materials, the cost will not exceed a grand. But, to have a clear idea of how much you need to pay to tint your car windows, you need to break down the cost.

Let me give you an idea of it. If you have a sedan, I expect you to tint almost 7 windows. If you have a coupe, the maximum you’d do is 3. There are different types of materials used to tint car windows.

Suppose, if you’re using a standard, non-reflective film you’d need to pay around $50 on average for a single window. If you’re using a more premium material like carbon films or ceramic tints, the price would be around $100 per window.

That means, the cost to window tint your sedan will cost you around $350, and for a premium option, it’d cost somewhat around $700 to $800. And for a coupe, that will be $150 and $400 respectively.

Not only these but there also are other factors that will determine this cost. The location and the installer will increase or decrease the price. Any legal regulations and after-service can also add to the bill.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the costs.

Cost To Tint A Coupe

A couple generally has two doors with 4 windows. With the rear glass included I expect you to tint a total of 5 glasses. It’s comparatively less expensive to tint a coupe’s windows since they’re smaller in size.

But some coupes have windows that are too curved and some rear windows are too steep. That will increase the cost.

The average cost to tint a coupe is:

Both Front Windows$100-$250
Both Back windows$80- $200
Single window$50-$120
Total Cost To tint all sides and rear window$150-$400

Cost To Tint A Sedan

Usually, a Sedan has 4 doors and 7 windows including the front two, the back side windows, two-quarter windows, and a rear window. The price for each window will range from $50 to $120 depending on the quality and other factors.

The average cost to tint a Sedan is:

Both Front Windows$100-$250
Both Back windows$80- $200
Both rear quarter windows$50-$120
Panoramic sunroof$100-$300
Total Cost To tint all sides, quarters and rear window$230-$680

Cost To Tint An SUV

SUVs are one of the biggest categories of vehicles. Sometimes they are bigger than vans and trucks. Similarly, some crossover SUVs are smaller and quite the size of a coupe or sedan.

If the SUV is wide, the cost to tint the windows will be more. Depending on the quality, the price range to tint an SUV is:

Both Front Windows$120-$280
Both Back windows$100-$220
Single window$60-$130
Rear quarter windows$60-$130
Panoramic sunroof$120-$300
Total Cost To tint all sides and rear window$300-$800

Cost To Tint A Truck

The cost to tint truck windows depends on the size of the truck. The cost to tint the windows of a standard cab truck, an extended cab truck, and a crew cab are different.

If the truck is too big, the labor cost and the material cost will increase. Here’s a rough estimation of how much you need to spend to tint the windows of a truck:

Both Front Windows$90-$270
Both Back windows$80-$260
Single window$60-$130
Total Cost To tint all sides and rear windows of a Standard cab$170-$480
Total Cost To tint all sides and rear windows of an Extended cab$190-$580
Total Cost To tint all sides and rear windows of a Crew cab$220-$650

Cost To Tint A Van

Van can be of different sizes. In the same way, the cost to tint their windows is different. There are minivans, cargo vans, transport vans, and conversion vans that have some differences.

The installation cost and the material cost will determine the amount of money you need to pay for tinting the windows of your van. The average costs are:

Single window$60-$120
Back windows$80-$280
Total Cost to Tint A Van (minivan)$300-$750

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Tint Car Windows

These are the factors that determine the cost to tint car windows

Vehicle Type

I’ve already shown you how different vehicle types can have an impact on the total cost. Some vehicles are smaller with smaller windows and some large vehicles have large windows.

Similarly, some windows are bigger and tougher to work with. Old models might not have a template of tints available which will require a professional to size it manually. These things will add to your bill.

Tint Material

There are different types and models of tint films available. The material and the brand will determine the cost of the whole process.

Tints from renowned brands are more expensive compared to low-quality local tint films. But my recommendation would be to go for the branded films. If you’re investing in tinting your car windows, you expect it to last at least 5 years.

The films from local brands do not last long, have less transparency, and will peel off quickly.

There are different types of tint materials including:

  • Dyed: It is the most popular and inexpensive tint film. They can be customized based on your preference. They do not provide enough UV protection.
  • Metalized: They use metal particles to stop sunlight from entering the car.
  • Hybrid: They are less shiny and made of metal and dyed particles. They are more expensive than the previous types.
  • Carbon: It is one of the most premium types of tints. The carbon fibers used in these films will insulate your car and give decent UV protection.
  • Ceramic: You can get maximum efficacy from ceramic tints. They are the most expensive type available in the market. They provide the highest level of UV protection and insulation.

Removal Of Old Tint

If you’ve previously tinted your car windows, it might cost you more to remove the tints and reapply the new ones. If it has more glue and stains, the shops might charge you more.

If the work is minimal, the shop might not charge you anything.

Location And Installation Cost

The cost of window tint varies from place to place. In some states, you might need to pay more. Some states have specified regulations for window tints that can be more expensive to customize.

Similarly, the experience and skills of the professional will determine the cost. If you go to a bigger shop with the finest professionals, the cost will be higher. They will do the work with precision and within a minimal period.

If you go to the dealer or the service center of the vehicle model, you’re expected to pay more than usual.

Is It Legal To Tint Car Windows?

It is legal to tint cars. Though, in each state, there are some rules and regulations for window tint. Some terms interpret the law.

VLT or visible light transmission should be around 35% in most states. Also the tint level and color should be according to the law.

Can I Tint My Car Windows Myself?

I do not recommend you tint your car windows by yourself. If you’re planning to do so, you will still require some tools and skills. It’s not easy to tint your windows perfectly.

Since you’re already buying tint films from the shop, the installation will require some extra bucks. But, if you’re confident enough to proceed with it, give it a go.


For the aesthetic, safety, and comfort of your drive, it is important to tint your car windows. So, how much does it cost to tint car windows? Find out the answer by deciding the kind of vehicle you have, your preference for material, and the cost of your nearest shop.

I recommend you use the highest quality tint to have more UV protection and insulation.

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