How Much Does It Cost To Tint Car Windows in 2023

Whether it’s for privacy or protection against the summer sun, tinting your car windows is a must. You might think of it as a luxury, but I daresay it’s not. Tinted glass is an amulet to minimize the risk of skin cancer.

Now the question is, how much does it cost to tint car windows? How much should you be willing to spend on this? People, especially women, often get overcharged.

So, before you get your car windows tinted, we’re here to help you determine your budget. The cost depends on a few different things. So, let’s start, shall we?

How Much Does It Cost to Tint Car Windows | The Factors

Let’s talk about the factors that will determine the cost:

1. Vehicle Types

Tinting the windows of a smaller utility vehicle with two doors would cost less than SUVs or Vans. Also, it can even vary along with different models of any vehicle.

For example, the tinting amount for a Toyota Landcruiser would be different than that for a Hyundai Santa Fe, even though they’re both SUVs.

The number of windows you want to tint also plays a role in deciding the cost. Moreover, bigger, curvy windows demand more than smaller, simpler windows. However, we can still give you an idea of the average cost based on vehicle types.

For a full tint job on small cars (Sedans and Hatchbacks) and utility vehicles, the average cost will be $100-$500 depending on the film type. Larger vehicles such as SUVs and vans may require a minimum of $300.

If you use ceramic or metallic films and/or add colors, this kind of specialization will cost you $1000 or above.

2. VLT (Visible Light Transmission)

It indicates the percentage of light that can pass through a tinted window. The higher the percentage, the lighter the tint, 100% being the highest where the light can fully pass through the tint. And yes, darker tint jobs are more expensive than lighter ones.

Depending on your needs, you can tint your vehicle windows to the lowest percentage that’s allowed in your country or state. But for your windscreen, only a sun strip of 10% is permitted; the rest of it should be non-tinted.

3. Tint Film Types

You can choose from several materials of car tint film. The list below can help you out:

  • Ceramic

Ceramic films are the most developed and most expensive ones to this day. Clear view from the inside, UV rays, and heat protection- the ceramic film does it all.

  • Carbon

Carbon films score the highest in terms of appearance. They can absorb UV radiation well, but they lack clear visibility without enough daylight.

  • Dyed

The cheapest amongst all, these films can absorb sunlight and reduce heat, but they lack longevity. Air bubbles and cracks may easily form, and thus dyed films are only suitable as temporary solutions.

  • Metallic

These films are costlier than dyed films with superb heat and glare reduction properties. They can reflect sunlight but can easily cause issues for electronic devices in the car.

  • Hybrid

As you can already guess, these films are composed by combining dyed and metallic films. But the best part is that these are an improved version, free from all the cons of their parents, making them pricier.

4. Brands

Famous car tint brands got to the top not only due to their marketing, but they have also proved their abilities to a great extent. If you choose one of the best brands in the market, you might want to prepare yourself to spend a generous amount.

Different brands have different price ranges. For example, the 20-40 inches films from MotoShield Pro may cost $27.99 to $185.00 depending on the tint color and material. Also, if a brand offers a warranty, it means their products are more likely to last long.

5. Location

The country, state, or even city you live in plays a big part in deciding tint cost. Most states in Australia have a varied range of prices, and the same goes for the US and European countries.

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Laws and Regulations

You must know the tinting laws, so you don’t spend money unnecessarily. Some countries have enforced laws against colored or metalized tints as they can block the drivers’ line of sight. It can also be visually unsettling for other drivers on the road. These laws can vary from state to state, town to town.

Some countries in Europe have banned the tinting of windscreen and front windows and have restrictions for the rear. Only a 10cm wide sun strip on the windshield is allowed in Germany. The back seat windows and the rear are permitted for tinting only if there are exterior mirrors on both sides.

Cost To Dye Polyester Tint Car Window?

Dye polyester window tint is a considerably cheaper tint that individual tinters or small shoppers use. One con of this type of tint is that as its price, its quality is cheap too. The dye-Polyester window tint doesn’t provide the necessary protection from the sun’s rays. With time, the colors also fade.

For better sunblock capacity, you can choose tints with metals. But the fading color trait of a polyester-based tint doesn’t go away.

Here is the cost approximation for getting Dye Polyester tint:

  • 3 windows: $69 – $100
  • 5 windows: $150 – $200
  • 7 windows: $180 – $250

Cost To Do a Carbon-Based Window Tint?

In carbon-based tints, carbon is used instead of polyester, which makes this kind of tint suitably better. Because carbon provides better protection from the sun and helps you keep a car interior cooler. It also blocks IR and UV rays sufficiently. The color also lasts longer in comparison.

Here is the cost approximation for getting carbon-based tint:

  • 3 windows: $100 – $130
  • 5 windows: $150 – $200
  • 7 windows: $200 – $250

Cost To Get Car Windows Tinted With A “Multi-layer” Tint?

This type of tint is a carbon tint. But it’s far better because it has more than 3x benefits than the only carbon tint. It helps a lot in blocking both the heat and sun. The extra addition to carbon protection will help you not to need full blast AC even in summer.

Here is the cost approximation for getting multi-layered carbon-based tint:

  • 3 windows: $199 – $249
  • 5 windows: $249 – $299
  • 7 windows: $299 – $349

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Cost To Tint Windows with Metalized Film?

Akin with dyed films, metallic tints manage to wade into heat by filtering it with tiny metallic particles. They’re nearly invisible, and they’re hidden in it.

It has a built-in feature that enhances the car’s glass. For example, the shattering resistance of tinted windows improves. Besides that, it could be easily identified by its brilliance and is long, and it will last for a while.

Here is the cost approximation for getting metalized tint:

  • 3 windows: $175
  • 5 windows: $225
  • 7 windows: $250

Cost To Ceramic Tint Car Window?

Ceramic window film doesn’t contain any sort of metal or pigment. This tint includes both non-metallic and non-conductive ceramic particles. This kind of tint is the most reliable option for tinting a window. Though the sun’s rays are blocked, it doesn’t block any kind of phone signals, GPS devices, or radio signals.

Ceramic window tint can be very costly as this film is produced with very sophisticated technologies.

Here is the cost approximation for getting ceramic tint:

  • 3 windows: $399
  • 5 windows: $449
  • 7 windows: $499

Cost To GET A Infrared Protection Ceramic Window Tint?

Color is not the only aspect to be weighed when picking a window film. Premium cars would need matching efficiency. Ceramic window films match natural aesthetics with experimental analysis to get the best of window film design and results.

These tints offer excellent heat tolerance, visual comfort, and UV protection that is fully metal-free, ensuring that the devices can not interfere with signals.

Car drivers are secured in times of collisions when window tinting makes broken glass stay together.

Here is the cost approximation for getting IR ceramic tint:

  • 3 windows: $500
  • 5 windows: $600
  • 7 windows: $675

Cost To GET 3M Crystalline Window Tint?

If you want a tint that would not make your windows look dark, this tint is for you. Many prefer this option to use the shade of a crystalline window. Not only would this film not be black, but it would also block UV and solar radiation.

Also, in many states tinting, your window is illegal, so if you are from one of those states, this tint is perfect for you.

Here is the cost approximation for getting 3M crystalline window tint:

  • 3 windows: $500
  • 5 windows: $560
  • 7 windows: $640

Get It Tinted – Or DIY!

Now you know how much does it cost to tint car windows. If you think that the amount is too much, you might go for a DIY method. But mind you, it will require an endless amount of patience and precision.

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