How Much Does It Cost To Tune A Piano in 2021?

Are you disappointed searching on the term ‘how much does it cost to tune a piano?’ Then, you’re free of worries. You’re at the right place where you’ll get everything that you need to know about how much does it cost to repair a piano.

So, tuning your piano routinely is an essential task when you love to use it for a long time. Now, the question and the focus point to go through in this post is how much does it cost to get a piano tuned.

If we talk about the average cost of tuning a piano, it may range from $65 that goes up to $225. And it’s $130 on average nationally. But, the cost may increase by a hundred dollars for some different reasons. So, let’s know in-details about them below:

What Is The Standard Of A Piano-Tuning?

A piano is indeed a giant-like instrument, but it was crafted with several delicate parts. As a result, it shifts and swells in the climate and response to its users. But, if you maintain it regularly, it’ll remain sound with value as well for years.

A piano technician works to adjust its tension on every string of the piano until it produces the proper rate of vibrate. The standard of a piano is “A440” that means it should create A note at 440 cycles/second over C vibrates. This part of a piano is a difficult task to tune properly.

But, other notes of a piano are as easy to fix as simple math where the keyboard’s every note produce vibration at a particular frequency. The A note produces a vibration of an 880 cycles/sec in the subsequent octave.

At the same time, the lower octave is of the A note 220 cycles/sec. This is why pianists use the regular tuning that each note goes in harmony when they go to perform with some other instruments.

What Are The Factors That Affect Piano Tuning Costs?

When it comes to the question of how much is it to tune a piano, you should know what factors are affecting the costs. You’ll find some piano tuners take charge at an hourly rate.

But, if you have a piano that’s near to be out of order, the technicians first lift the pitch. After that, they go through the process of fine-tuning. It means that they adjust the strings of a piano to prepare it for producing A440 or faster vibration.

As the highest string set at A440 in due course, the technicians complete their fine-tuning task. Apart from this issue, the other common problem is a piano that comes with unevenly tuned. It happens due to two main reasons.

One is when the owners delay very long time to repair their instrument and another one is the issue of changing the humidity that makes its soundboard to contract and expand. In this case, the technicians need to tune up it at the way that it matches with the notes at every octave.

Among some other factors, worn or old strings damaged soundboard, and loose tuning pins are some to name. These are the main factors that can higher your piano tuning costs.

Estimated Costs to Tune a Piano

When you contact with piano tuners, some of them will ask you essential questions to make an estimate. But, some others will prefer to see and hear your piano before offering you a price estimate.

If they find a piano is not tunable, they’ll charge just the inspection services. Either way, there are two different types of methods they apply i.e. flat rate and hourly rate.

So, it depends on how much does it cost to have a piano tuned on some affecting factors. Also, the factor depends on the types of the way you choose to tune it. For example, the average charge of Texas’s Piano Doctor is $85 to tune a standard piano.

But, many of the piano tuners charge at an hourly basis that includes some small repairs. The hourly rate of tuning a piano is $100 per hour on average. However, it may increase up to $200/hour when it’s a big grand piano or it’s very expensive. It’s because it needs a higher level of expertise.  

Additional Services & Charges

When you take a piano to some professional technicians, they repair the issue you tell them. But, they’re also able to suggest you some other repairable things that need for the best output.

So, if you think your piano may need some additional services other than just tuning, you always should take to the expert technicians. With tuning your piano, they also offer you essential repairing services if it requires.

Now, let’s know some average rates of additional services for your piano. Pitch correction costs $60, repairing cost $65/hour, voicing costs $175 to $600, and soundboard cleaning costs $100 to $150.


For now, you know how much does it cost to tune a piano. So, you can take it to a technician accordingly. But, some servicing companies have multiple technicians.

You should ensure that you have found the right technician for the issue that you have come to them.

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