How Much Does Liquid Nitrogen Cost? | Updated 2023

The answer to the question of how much does liquid nitrogen cost is largely depending on where you’re getting it from. But, it’s assumed that the cost should not be as much as some bottle of water. For example, it might be cheaper like $1/L and the expensive one could be $7/L.

Now, the question is that what makes the nitrogen so cheap is that the availability of a huge 78% in the atmosphere. Also, it’s easy to acquire than other types of gases like Neon, Argon, and Krypton.

However, you have to buy a container like a tank to preserve it that may cost some hundreds of dollars. It’s because the nitrogen will be boiled away very quickly.

What Is Liquid Nitrogen?

This is a form of Nitrogen gas that’s also known as LN­2. Like gaseous nitrogen (N­2), it’s odorless, non-inflammable, and non-corrosive liquefied gas. With the help of liquid air and fractional distillation, they produce the gas.

The process involves compressing the gases of the atmosphere and dividing the liquid gases. At the end of the process, they get liquid nitrogen that’s the same as the gaseous nitrogen. There is just one difference with the atmospheric one is that liquid nitrogen is too much colder than natural nitrogen gas.

What Does Liquid Nitrogen Use For?

Although liquid nitrogen comes after a 77K boiling point and a temperature of -320 °F/-196 °C, there are some interesting uses of this type of gas. No matter what does liquid nitrogen costs per pound, this is very cold to touch and it causes instant frostbite.

It has great use in the food and beverage industry because it helps to keep foods and flash fresh. Also, it helps to transport foods. Moreover, people use liquid nitrogen to prepare savory ice cream in the hot summer times. When it comes to dermatology, they use this type of gas to chunk out wart-like skin growths.

Besides, liquid nitrogen is useful for the cryopreservation of blood and reproductive cells along with some other biological samples. What’s more, it also handy for preserving the dead body of humans and animals.

What Are The Factors That Influence Its Cost?

Two main factors act to influence the cost of nitrogen when it’s in liquid form. The price largely varies depending on how distant you’re from the producing plant. Another thing is that the different types of handling and packing of the item.

That means if you’re locating a farther area from the plant, the cost will be higher. For example, a gallon of liquid nitrogen costs just $0.5 in the storage tank. But, the cost rises to $2/gallon it delivers in Dewar flasks.


This is in short all about how much does liquid nitrogen costs. Apart from the place where you buy from this thing, there is also another factor that affects its cost. It’s the quality and manufacturing brand of liquid nitrogen. So, it’ll be available at a lower cost if you can collect them from its production plant.

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