How Much Does Two Strand Twist Cost in 2023?

With so many hairstyles getting in and out of style, it is becoming hard to settle with one. However, among all the recent trends, one hairstyle that did not lose its popularity over time is the two-strand twist. But does its popularity translate to its price? How much does two strand twist cost?

Well, you can expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $120 to get a two-strand twist on your head. Do note that the prices vary from one saloon to another. Some can even offer options for a partial head and a full head.

But is two strand twist the same as the two-hand twist with weave style? If not, do they have different pricing? Let’s find out!

What Is a Two-Strand Twist Hairstyle?

The two-strand twist is one of the popular hairstyle choices for people with natural hair. To make you achieve this style, the hairstyler will split a section of your hair into two parts. Then, they will work on making your hair get a rope-like appearance.

Now, to create that rope-like style, the hair stylist will need to wrap each section around one another. This takes quite a bit of time and requires a good amount of patience. That is why the two-strand twist price is generally higher than some of the other hairstyles out there.

What Are the Benefits of Two Strand Twist Hairstyles?

So, why should you go for the two-strand twist hairstyle in the first place? Well, it is better than some of the other hairstyles in some factors. And the factors that we are referring to here are:

1. Two Strand Twist Lasts for a Long Time

Compared to some other trendy styles, two strand twist lasts for a prolonged time. They are known for remaining intact for at least 2 weeks. And if you take good care of the style, it can last for six weeks. In fact, you can wash, condition, and do deep conditioning on the style. But the twists will remain intact even then.

2. The Hairstyle Keeps the Hair Healthy

Unlike the other twist-related hairstyles, two-strand twists minimize the tangles and knots that can happen on the hair. As a result, the hair remains healthy even with the twists.

3. It Is a Comfortable Hairstyle

In comparison, a loose two-strand twist is more comfortable than other braiding techniques. It puts less strain on the hair, meaning the hair growth will not be jeopardized, nor will you feel uncomfortable.

4. The Hairstyle Is Highly Flexible

Two-strand twists are exceptionally versatile. You have tons of options in terms of the thickness of the twists. That means you can choose either chunky twists or micro twists. And the good news is that both can be done on hair that is over 2 inches long.

5. Two Strand Twist Is Extremely Versatile

Once the hair is twisted, you will have total control over the overall looseness. As a result, you can add a touch of your own style to the hairstyle.

What Is Two-Hand Twist with Weave Style?

The two-hand twist with weave is basically a step up of the two-strand twist. And in this style, you will need to first finish off the two-strand twist and then add a weave with extensions. But what makes the weaving different than the regular style?

Thanks to the extension, the style lasts for months. That means you will not need to make frequent visits to the saloon. In addition to that, the weave will make the hairstyle more versatile. So, you will be able to shape the weave according to your preference.

What Is a Finger Twist Hair Style?

Finger twists are different than the two-strand twist hairstyle. In this style, you will need to take one section of the hair and wind it around itself. The winding needs to be in the direction where your hair naturally turns in. Sometimes, this hairstyle is also called a one-strand twist.

Although the hairstyle might seem easy to do, there are some drawbacks. Unlike the two-strand twists, single-strand twists do not last long. At best, you will be able to keep the style intact for 3 weeks. And sometimes, the style might fade off after just 1 week.

Final Words

To recap, how much does two strand twist cost again? The cost for this hairstyle will be anywhere from $65 to $120. And it will all depend on the hairstylist that you are relying on. However, as the style is not that easy to perfect, we would recommend picking a hairstylist with enough experience with this style.

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