How To Cancel An Offer On Poshmark?

Go to the news feed page, select “Offers,” and then click on “All active offers.” You’ll be able to see all the active offers on your account. Find the offer you want to cancel, click on the offer, then hit “Need Help?” and cancel the offer. 

Did you accidentally make an offer to a seller in Poshmark? And want to cancel it? Well, don’t panic! People often place offers accidentally, and there are ways to cancel the offers. Check out this guide if you don’t know how to cancel an offer on Poshmark.

Canceling an Offer on Poshmark 

How To Cancel An Offer On Poshmark

It’s very simple to cancel an offer in the Poshmark app as a buyer. Follow the given steps. 

  • Open your Poshmark app and go to the home page.
  • Select the news feed, and right beside the “Comment” option, there will be another option named “offer.”
  • Click on “Offer,” and you’ll see another option named “View all active offers” select that.
  • After that, you’ll be taken to the page where you’d see all the active offers you’ve made.
  • From there, select the offer you want to cancel and click on that.
  • Upon clicking, you’ll see the “Need Help?” option, select that, and two more options will pop up.
  • These options are “Make an Offer Help” and “Cancel Offer” select the second one, and your offer will be canceled. 

Follow the exact steps to cancel an offer through Poshmark web as well. 

One thing you should know is that if you’ve accidentally sent an offer to a seller, you’ll have 4-hour to cancel it. Within this time frame, you can cancel offers without any problem from any parties.

If for any reason, you can’t cancel the order by yourself, another way is, you can simply ask the seller not to approve the order or cancel it. But make sure to contact the seller as soon as possible. 

However, be careful with sending offers; Poshmark accepts not all offer cancellations. 

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Poshmark Offer Tip for Buyers

If you want to save some bucks, then make sure you give a lowball offer to the seller and do some negotiation. Many sellers don’t list the discounted price; they wait for the buyer’s offer.

Once you make an offer, they might make a counteroffer, and if that seems okay to you, accept it. Or make another offer. It might be a little time-consuming, but it’s worth it. 

Etiquettes to Follow in Poshmark to Increase the Chance of Closing a Deal

There are some etiquettes in everything, whether it’s behavior, eating, business, or anything else. Similarly, Poshmark has a set of etiquettes which, if followed, can bring good profit. Though many of these etiquettes exist, we’ll focus on the two most important ones. 

Dealing with Low-Ball Offers

When you’re a seller, and the buyers can make an offer, then low-ball offers coming your way are very obvious. (When the offer price is nearly half of the listing price, that’s called a lowball offer)

You’ll get these offers often, and one mistake many newcomer sellers in Poshmark make is, rejecting the offers without even giving a thought. These offers go to every seller, those who keep the ego aside and negotiate with patience turn those into a profitable deal. 

The buyers can offer a price and make a lowball offer to get a better price. Or they just want to see if the seller reduces the price. When you get such offers, don’t take them personally and start negotiating in a smart way. 

What’s the smart way to negotiate? Start your text with a greeting and then appreciate their interest in your product. And then tell them why you can’t accept that offer. Don’t stop there; once you’re you’re done telling the reason, now telling the reason, give a counteroffer. 

Listing Price 

A seller often has listed the price after giving a good discount, and still, buyers make low offers. Doesn’t matter how less the listing price is; the buyer will try to lower the price a little bit more. 

So, to ensure the offers you get are reasonable, don’t put the discounted price on the listing. You’ll see the offers you get are better than those that would come if you listed a discount. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a seller cancel an offer?

Yes, a seller can cancel an offer, but the process isn’t as easy as canceling an offer as a buyer. And canceling offers as a seller involves Poshmark as well. 

How do I offer someone on Poshmark?

If you’re a buyer, go to the listing you want to make an offer for, select the product, and then click on “offer.” Write your offer and send it. The seller will get your offer. 

Is it better to decline or ignore an offer on Poshmark?

Letting go of an offer without trying to negotiate isn’t a wise thing to do. Even if you get a very lowball offer, try to negotiate by giving a counteroffer.


Canceling an offer in Poshmark isn’t something complex; it can be done within a few seconds. But try your best not to make offers accidentally, as not all offers can be canceled. However, we hope this guide has helped you learn how to cancel an offer on Poshmark and deal with lowball offers. 

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