How to Cancel Offer On Mercari in 2023?

Buying different decluttered items from Mercari is now a new and eco-friendly trend. This helps to save the environment as well as earn money simultaneously. However, after placing an offer for a particular item, if that gets accepted and you end up disliking it, a question might arise: how to cancel an offer on Mercari?

Well, there’s no cancel option available on Mercari. However, you may cancel an offer by contacting the seller and requesting them to take down the offer/ transaction. This will help prevent further processing of your offer. Moreover, you can also contact customer service for help if needed.

If you are interested in knowing more about canceling your offer on Mercari, keep reading until the end!

Ways to Cancel an Offer on Mercari

How to Cancel Offer On Mercari

Canceling an offer on Mercari is actually more complex than it sounds. Since Mercari offers the buyers to bargain for a particular item and then purchase it, the room for cancellation after that is hectic.

However, there are still different ways people use to cancel their offers on Mercari once or before the seller has accepted those offers. Some of the ways to cancel an offer on Mercari are:

  • Contact and request the seller of the cancellation
  • Contact Mercari for cancellation of the offer
  • Request the seller to stop the transaction
  • Block your seller
  • Delete your Mercari account

Contact and convince the seller to cancel.

This is the easiest method to cancel your offer on Mercari. Most of the time, the sellers understand buyers’ issues and let them cancel their offer.

Click the “Message” option and tell the seller about your issues and why you canceled your offer. But you need to choose your words wisely and try to avoid showing any frustration if the seller does not respond immediately.

Contact Mercari for Cancellation of the Offer

Another place to contact for the cancellation of your offer is to contact the Mercari team. This is another simple and easy way to get your offer canceled on Mercari, but it has less chance of getting accepted as the decision is entirely based on the seller.

You must find the “request for cancellation” option from the “order status” section and click it. Thus, the request would go to Mercari, and you must take this action within 24 hours after your order has been placed.

After getting the cancellation request, Mercari will evaluate the request and inform you of the decision once they get a response from the seller. If your seller agrees, the order will be canceled, and you might get a refund too.

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Request the Seller to Cancel Your Transaction

Canceling a transaction is another way to cancel your offer on Mercari. You can request the seller by sending a message as mentioned above. By texting the seller, you can tell them not to proceed with the item transaction.

Block Your Seller

Sometimes, you may meet a seller who needs help understanding by nature, and they might force you to pay for the transaction or the unwanted item. In such cases, you may block the seller.

You can find the option for blocking by clicking on the seller’s profile picture, which will show the possibility of “Block user.”

By clicking the “Block user” option, you can block the seller from contacting you and also prevent the transaction from happening.

You should only opt for this option if you have been forced to pay for items or your seller needs to understand your situation. Otherwise, if you block the seller without any reason, you might get banned from Mercari.

Delete the Mercari Account

Getting your Mercari account deleted is the last method to cancel your offer on Mercari. Once you delete the account, all data associated with it will also get removed from the Mercari platform, thus leaving no room for the seller to contact you or proceed with the transaction.

To delete the Mercari account, you need to first:

  • Enter “settings” and then scroll down.
  • Find the “Edit Account” option and click.
  • You will then find the “Close Account” button and click on that. Next, you’ll get a form where you require to explain the reason behind your account deletion.
  • After answering and submitting the form, your account will get deleted completely.

You can reactivate your account with your previous information by logging into the Mercari site.

How to Contact Mercari to Cancel an Offer?

When you fail to contact your seller for some reason, Mercari is your last hope to get in contact with your seller and cancel or modify your order. In such cases, there are a few steps you can take to contact Mercari.

  • Access the “Contact us” page from the Mercari website under the “Support” section.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will see three options, “Orders,” “Payments,” and “Accounts,” with a “Get Help” option with each of them.
  • Click the “Get Help” option under the “Orders” section.
  • From the “This is about my” section, click the “Purchase” option.
  • Scroll below to find the option “I want to cancel this purchase.”
  • A “solution” section with a form will be visible; fill out the form with the necessary information and send your form.
  • You are expected to get a response from Mercari within 11 hours.

You can directly talk to the team using their email or contact their representatives too.

Can Deleting Message Cancel the Offer on Mercari?

Deleting the offer message does not cancel the offer on Mercari. It will just delete the text from your end, but the seller can still view the text message or the request.

Bottom Line

By far, you must have understood the methods you can use to cancel an offer on Mercari. Mercari allows the buyer to bargain for items, which is an excellent method to purchase reasonably priced items.

However, in certain situations, buyers might need to cancel an offer on Mercari; the above-mentioned methods can help in such cases.

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