How To Clean Upholstered Chairs | Updated (2021)

You might love to get couch potatoes, but nobody likes to sit on it if it’s dirty. Over time so many things are building up on your sofa and couch to make them dingy. These include crumbs, pet hair, spilled soda, dirt, oil from your feet and hands. It’s very easy to make them dirty.

No matter you like to get an extended life of your investment or something special that you get from your grandma, it just needs regular care with cleaning. You should remove dirt before it makes a room in your furniture.

But, it may make you worried when it comes to how to clean upholstered chairs. No worries. We’re here with a simple and quicker plan that will help you to keep your upholstered chair and other furniture fresh. Just continue reading the below steps to get the details.

Check Your Upholstery For Clean-Up Instructions

Check the upholstery if there are any specific cleaning codes. It’ll make you able to go through the right track to get the best result to manage the stains. Some may require water to clean and some others can ask for different solvents.

Do an easy spot test on your unseen part of upholstery if it lacks a code of cleaning. This is a very frequent issue with antique and vintage pieces as they have been customized for years. You can use water, vinegar, or vodka to test the spots because they don’t make harm to the upholstery fabric.

What You Need To Clean A Upholstered Chair

You need some different types of stuff before you start the cleaning process. These include a vacuum, an air compressed can, some clean clothes, gentle dish soap, an upholstery brush, and a small-size bucket. If there are stains, then you need the Capture Soil Release Pre-Mist, Capture Carpet, and Rug Dry Cleaner.


 Use the attachment of the upholstery and vacuum shortly in left to right. Also, do it for the overlapping strokes, work toward the bottom by starting from its top. Set your suction to the lower side if you have delicate fabric such as linen and silk.

If you have nappy materials then the technique of left-right is very essential. But, take care when it sticks to dirt like velvet, chenille, suede, and corduroy. Press on the vacuum of the crevice nozzle around seams and under cushions.

But, if you think about it’ll suck up some coins then cover it with an old pantyhose and protect it with the rubberized band. It’s time to use the compressed air can take out dirt from button nooks and tufting.

Spot Removal

If there are stains on cotton, linen, polyester, and jacquard then attack with Capture Soil Release Pre-Mist. But, take a prior test whether it’s a spot of inconspicuous. Then spray with a sufficient amount of Capture Carpet and Rug Dry Cleaner and cover-up all stains. Now, take the clean clothe to rub the spots and then vacuum when they’re dried.

You may need to repeat the process for the hard stains. If you find the stains are staying after you make two repeated rounds then just leave them and contact some professionals. Otherwise, repeated efforts may harm the fabric of your upholstery. Besides, you can spray Pledge on your fabric and rub the spots if there are stains on vinyl and leather.

Use a dry cloth to wipe well so there will not remain anymore residue. Always, avoid the type of cleaners that have silicone. It’s because they make the pores of vinyl and leather closer resulting in the fabric tighten and possible crack.


Take a small-sized bucket to put about a half teaspoon of clear dish soap. Make lots of suds by running lukewarm water into the small bucket. Now, take a flexible upholstery brush and dip it in the water, but avoid submerging. Then brush the fabric in some smaller sections with a soft touch like you’re icing a cake.

Don’t forget that the thing you consider as less, it may be more here. Also, you don’t need to dip the fabric. When you have sudsed the whole piece of fabric, wipe out the fabric using a damp and clean cloth.

After the upholstery becomes completely dry, use the cloth once again to wipe it. You also can wash out the other side of the cushion, but you have to do it the next day. It’ll ensure the front side of the fabric entirely dried.


Finally, it’s time to make a grand celebration because you know how to clean upholstered chairs. You have learned the apparently unfeasible to take out set-in spot has been removed. Besides, you can share these tips with your friends that they also may need the solution for their upholstery.

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