How To Delete A Comment On Poshmark in 2023?

Flagging the comment to spam hides it from the other poshers. But as a seller, you can still access those comments on the listing. The only way to permanently remove a comment is to delete the listing and create a new one.

The urge to delete comments on Poshmark listings is indeed justified. You don’t want people to compare your products with cheap quality ones and spread negativity.

Again, answering every question on the comment makes the listing look like a home conversation and less professional. So, hiding and answering the comments in a bundle gives a listing a neat touch.

Let’s see more tips on removing and dealing with Poshmark comments.

How to Remove Poshmark Listing Comments

How To Delete A Comment On Poshmark

As mentioned, you can hide the poshers’ comments by flagging them as spam. Also, deleting the listing also removes the comment permanently. Some other tricks for removing Poshmark comments are mentioned below,

1. Reporting Hate Comments from Your Listing

Basing the seller has become quite common on Poshmark. You can get rid of such comments by reporting them to the authority under harassment.

The team will review and delete the comments if they are against Poshmark’s policy.

Follow the below steps to report a hate comment,

  • Go to the listing
  • Access comments
  • Click on the flag icon below the comment
  • Select your reason for reporting

2. Delete Your Reply from Your Listing

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your reply from any comment. You have to delete the entire listing to remove the response.

Here is how you can delete your listing,

  • Go to the listing
  • Tap on the top right corner of the app/ website
  • Press edit
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the active listing
  • Hit delete

3. Delete Your Comment from Other’s Listings

As mentioned, you can’t delete your own comment, the seller will get to delete the comment depending on the report. And you’re done.

How to Stop Poshers from Comment on Your Listing

There will always be some cheap users spamming your listing. Sometimes, sellers slip into popular closet listings and promote their products in the comment section.

As mentioned, directly deleting a comment is not possible on Poshmark. You need to report the user to the authority to remove the comment.

However, you can avoid interacting with the posher at all by blocking them. Just follow the below steps,

  • Go to the user’s closet
  • Tap on the right top of the page
  • Select the Action Menu
  • Click on the block the user

The blocked poshers can’t comment, like, or share the listings. In fact, they are not allowed to make an offer or purchase from you.

Don’t worry about the reach of your listing. Blocking users doesn’t affect the algorithm of your closet.

Tips to Deal Comments on Poshmark

Sellers receive all types of comments on their listings. While some of those are related to product information, most are useless. But yes, as a seller, you can’t lose your temper.

Here are the smart ways of handling comments on Poshmark,

  • Block the sellers who promote their products or other e-commerce platforms in your comment section.
  • Delete the listing with spam comments and create a new one.
  • Buyers can tag your listing as overpriced. Flag the comments as spam to hide.
  • Report the hate and abusive comments to the authority.

Can you block someone from commenting on Poshmark?

The blocked users can’t comment, like, offer, or purchase anything from your closet. To block a posher, go to their closet, select the Action menu, and press block user.

Why won’t Poshmark let me delete a listing?

Poshmark doesn’t allow you to delete or remove the sold banners, even when the order gets canceled. The rule stands for both single and multi-item listings. This way, the platform keeps track of ongoing transactions. 

Can a seller delete an offer on Poshmark?

The sellers can’t delete the offers they’ve accepted. On the contrary, the buyers are allowed to cancel the bid before it is accepted. However, if you’ve made an offer by mistake, reach out to the seller and request to cancel the bid.


As a seller, you’ll benefit from the above tips on how to delete a comment on Poshmark. Though the platform doesn’t allow directly removing a comment, the review team is flexible.

Any comment against the Poshmark policy will surely get deleted if you report it. For example, hate comments, spamming the listing, promoting fake products, etc., against the community guideline.

Even if you don’t report, blocking a user will make your closet inaccessible to them.

Again, it’s not possible to delete your own comments on Poshmark, either. Hence, I encourage you to reply or comment on anything on the platform with proper consideration.

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