How To Delete A Sold Listing On Poshmark in 2024?

Currently, Poshmark’s new policies say you can’t delete or hide the sold listings or banners, not even when the order is canceled. They think it’s fair to the investors. This way, they can see the seller’s previous records and decide accordingly. 

However, Poshmark has been the favorite platform of entrepreneurs and marketers for a long time. Selling products becomes way easier with this marketing place. 

Once you’ve sold your products, the site will add the products to the sold listing. Due to many reasons, some users hate this feature. So, how to delete a sold listing on Poshmark, then?

Well, follow this blog without skipping any sections. Although this deleting feature isn’t available now, you might need the process in the future; who knows! 

Detailed Guide to Delete a Sold Listing on Poshmark

How To Delete A Sold Listing On Poshmark

The sold listing deleting process on Poshmark couldn’t get any simpler. However, the deleting method on the app is different from deleting it from the web. The steps will describe. 

Deleting Sold Listing from App 

Deleting poshmark Sold Listing from App

In case of deleting the listings from the app, follow these steps:

  • Find out the sold list
  • Now click on the edit option. It’s located at the corner of the ongoing list
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Click on the delete listing option, and you’re done

Deleting Sold Listing from Web

Let’s have a look at the deleting process for the web:

  • Choose the sold list
  • Look for the edit option at the corner of the ongoing list
  • You’ll find the Delete listing option in the middle of the page; you don’t need to go to the bottom
  • Click on the Delete listing option for the final step

Why Do I Need to Delete the Sold Listing? 

Deleting poshmark Sold Listing from web

An open-sold listing is as good as sharing all the business records and information with everyone. While some sellers don’t care about it, some might find it embarrassing. 


With the sold listings, your page might look messy. The customer might even miss out on the active products.  

Not Beginner Friendly 

For a beginner, a sold listing can be really problematic. At the peak of promoting the business, the sold listings will complicate his business procedure. 


This problem is more disturbing for a beginner as well. A customer will only look for your page’s details after a period of time, including the number of days you’ve been a Poshmark-based businessman.

After seeing the sold listing, the shopper might judge you on the slow growth of your business so far. 

Note: In these cases, deleting the sold listing is mandatory. These are clear threats to your growing business. You might even lose some potential customers daily.

The Sold Listing Policy on Poshmark

Poshmark recently declared that the sellers wouldn’t be allowed to delete or hide the sold listings from their page. Even if your order gets canceled, the policy remains the same. 

In the case of multi-listing, a seller can go for deleting the product listing. But the sold listing can’t be deleted in this phase either. 

The customers have appreciated this new policy on the one hand. But on the other hand, many sellers seem to hate this policy. 

Reasons Behind the New Sold Listing Policy 

Being transparent to customers is the first priority of Poshmark. Thus, they updated their system policy to no sold listing deletion. 

They thought about the investors as well. There are loads of big agencies and companies selling through Poshmark. So, showing their huge sold list will work like a marketing strategy itself. 

Sellers’ Interest

It’s no rocket science that giant marketers would love this feature as they can use their massive sold listing as a promotion. Therefore, they can catch more customers than beginners. 

Plus, this saves them from providing authentic information for every item as their history gives the backup. This point is certainly very beneficial for massive sellers.

Buyers’ Interest

This policy is wonderfully promising for the buyers by all means. By looking through the sold listings, they easily get a crystal clear view of the seller. 

They can have ideas about the average pricing and the records of the seller. A buyer gets to compare the prices and quality of the products with any other shop. 

This way, the customer learns everything significant before buying the item. Additionally, this eliminates the chances of getting involved with a fake seller. 

A seller with the most canceled orders and lowest-sold listings might be a fraud seller. So, the sold listings will help you determine this easily. 

Poshmark’s Interest 

Currently showing the sold listing is Poshmark’s new motto. They primarily target giant marketers and customers. And the no-deletion policy works out best for both. 

But this policy makes a business a little harder for beginners. This is why currently, Poshmark isn’t the best option for beginners. Before making the store bigger, their business might get some judgments.

A Final Count for All

Sold listings are certainly problematic if we judge the necessity mentioned above. For beginners, this works like the biggest flaw. 

But you can keep the listing at the bottom of your page. This way, your page will look more organized, the active products will be the main show, and you can create a warm first impression. 

Note: you might find some stores on Poshmark which have no sold listings. Those are the banned accounts. So, make sure you keep the sold listings at the bottom in a visible way. Otherwise, the customers might need a different idea.

Can I delete a Poshmark listing?

You can delete the Poshmark product listing, not sold listing. The marketplace has updated its policy where you aren’t allowed to delete sold listings anymore. If you have multiple product listings, you can delete those. 

Do the Sold items disappear on Poshmark?

No Postmark doesn’t let the sold items disappear anymore. Even if the customer cancels the order, the item will go into the sold listing. Once it goes to the list, the customer can’t purchase it.

Does deleting the Poshmark account delete listings?

Of course, but this means deleting all your listings. Your saved items and previous records will be deleted as well.

Wrapping Up! 

If you want a conclusion on how to delete a sold listing on Poshmark, the process won’t help you right now. You can learn it for future reference, but Poshmark isn’t looking forward to changing its policies anytime soon. 

So, we think now you should stop looking for ways to delete the sold listings and start focusing on making your store bigger. This is the only key to becoming a successful Poshmark seller. Good luck!

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