How To Fold Cosco High Chair (Our Secret Method)

Cosco high chairs have been made on the way to store easily when you don’t use them. So, you can fold them in a thin position and they fit themselves in a small space. That’s why it’s very significant that you know how to fold Cosco high chairs properly to make sure the security of your baby.

Apart from safety, it’ll also prevent possible damage to any parts by moving them. the process of folding a Cosco high chair is pretty simple and you can do it within a short time. Its process is almost the same as folding a high chair. So, let’s know the process along with some essential information.

How To Fold Cosco High Chair

You’re not just single people who are wondering how to properly fold your Cosco chair. Every brand has its secrets to fold and store the chair away. Also, sometimes you may feel that you’re better with some types of Chinese puzzles instead of folding a chair.

The most considerable thing is that you have to find out the push and pulling parts of the chair. That’ll help you to operate it without getting much stressed. When you’ll fold it properly, it’ll fit in your kitchen cupboard, which is the place it has come out. To make your task easier, we’re here with the steps you can follow them.

Before Your Store It

If you consider a few matters before you store your high chair, you can make sure that it’ll stay in better condition. It’ll be just a highchair that you have to purchase for your child while taking care of it. even if you can cater to up to 3 kids if you keep it at the right process, well let’s know them below:

The First Step of Folding Cosco high chair – Take Your Baby Out

This is the very first thing that you have to do before you go to follow the next step. You must take your baby out from the highchair that you’ll fold. Surely it’s the obvious step that you can’t overlook. So, this is the step that you start making room for the next few steps. 

Second Step – Take The Tray Away

You’ll find some trays with the highchair that is foldable with the attached tray. But, of course, you must see the users’ manual to check the given instructions first. Also, there are some models of high chairs that need to detach the trays when you store them.

Most trays have detached buttons on either side that need simple presses on both sides at the same time. After that, you may need to wiggle the tray until it gets forwards to become free.

Third Step – Clean It Thoroughly

You might find it unnecessary to clean, you have to wipe down your highchair using a damp cloth each time you use it. instead of keeping it in the dishwasher, use a bit of warm and soapy water to get the highchair washed out. this will help you to stay safe from unseen germs and sticky prints.


Finally, one thing is always to keep in mind that the process of how to fold Cosco high chair may vary from brands and models. But, if you know the main points, you’ll be able to fold it easily.

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