How To Get Back On Mercari After Being Banned?

The easiest way to get back on Mercari after being banned is to open a completely new account (With new bank details, name, email, etc.).

However, if you want to remove the ban from the old account, in that case, you’ll have to solve the issues that lead to the ban. And if you don’t know about any issues, contact customer service and ask for the reasons behind the ban. 

Once you’re aware of them, resolve them and ask Mercari to remove the ban from your account. However, in the case of a permanent ban, there isn’t any hope.

Whatever it is, if Mercari has banned your account and you’re wondering how to get back on Mercari after being banned, this guide will be a great helping hand. 

Ways to Get Back to Mercari after Being Banned 

How To Get Back On Mercari After Being Banned

If you’ve been banned from Mercari for any reason, there are a few ways that you might get your account back. Check them out. 


Mercari allows the user to appeal to them to remove the ban. The objective of this option is to allow the user to interact with customer service after getting banned from solving issues, if possible. 

To appeal, here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the Contact Us page of Mercari.
  • You should see three options, and the third one would be “Account.” 
  • Under the “Account” option, there will be a “Get Help” button; click on that.
  • After that, you’ll come across a list of options; select “Account” from there.
  • Upon selecting “Account,” again, a list of four options will pop up; you’ll have to select the “My account was limited” option.
  • Then you’ll be shown four more options related to account ban; you’ll have to select the problem you’re facing. 
  • After that, you’ll be given description boxes where you can write all your issues.
  • When writing about the issues, make sure you explain everything properly.
  • Then submit. 

After checking your account, they’ll be able to tell you the exact reasons why you get banned and what you need to fix. Once you fix those issues and inform them again, your account should be unbanned. 

Sometimes it’s a mistake from Mercari’s end; in that case, you don’t need to make any changes. Just let customer service know about your issue.

However, you might need to wait for 3 – 4 working days to get a reply from Mercari customer service and solve issues. Depending on the situation, you might need to wait for more. So keep patience. 

You should also know that if the ban is permanent, then there is no coming back for that account. In that case, you’ll have to make a new account with a completely different name, bank details, emails, etc. 

Making Changes 

Mercari has developed a system like most other platforms where if an account isn’t recognized, that gets a temporary ban. The ban can also be on phone numbers, emails, and devices (since all smartphones now come with separate identities).

Therefore, if you get a ban, then changing the device, email, and phone number can lift the ban. However, if changing the device isn’t an option for you, in that case, you can change your ISP (internet service provider) or use the Mercari web version.

Re-installing the App

Like any other application of today’s time, the Mercari app also caches the given data. Therefore, even after making all the needed changes, if you see no improvement, then cleaning the cache or re-installing the app might help in removing the ban (unless it’s a permanent ban).

This technique might also help if you cannot open a new account for some weird reason. 

What Is Indefinite Suspension on Mercari?

In most other similar platforms, the user gets the reasons why they were suspended. But in Mercari, some users might be suspended without explanation. And that’s called indefinite suspension. However, if the user contacts customer service, they might know the issues then. 

That being said, Mercari doesn’t suspend or limit an account after violating a rule for the first time. They send strikes to warn the user, and after a couple of strikes, they suspend the account. But if the severity of the violation is high, Mercari can suspend the account without any prior strikes. 

8 Most Common Reasons for Indefinite Suspension on Mercari

There are many reasons why Mercari might suspend an account indefinitely. Here we’ve mentioned some of the most common reasons why the majority of users face suspension. Have a look!

  1. Trying to Sell Prohibited Products

Mercari allows their seller to list many items for selling, but they have prohibited listing a few items such as adult magazines, alcohol, drugs, pocket knives, etc.

And when a seller lists any of the prohibited products, Mercari has developed algorithms that will automatically remove the listing. Plus, it will send a strike to the seller as a warning. 

If the seller had a few strikes before and did the same thing again, Mercari might suspend the account indefinitely, freeze the fund or limit the account. It depends on them and the severity of the violation. 

  1. Reports from Buyers

Having dozens of reports isn’t a big deal for a seller who’s been selling products to thousands of buyers. But when the report or complaint ratio is higher, Mercari can limit the account to do more checking, and then if the seller is found guilty, they can permanently ban the account.

  1. Selling out of Mercari

Many users try to sell products out of Mercari to save the fee. And Mercari has algorithms that work for detecting such actions. They look for certain keywords in the descriptions, look for emails, phone numbers, etc., and if any seller is found guilty, they can freeze the fund along with a permanent ban. 

  1. Suspicious Accounts

Some 5-star rated accounts can be removed from Mercari due to bank account issues. When Marcari finds any issues in the bank account, they suspect the seller of fraud. Therefore, they might limit the account and ask the seller for several verifications.

  1. Using Multiple Accounts

Mercari prohibits the use of multiple accounts for the same person. They allow multiple accounts from a single device as long as the information is different. If one is using the same bank account, email address, or phone number, Mercari can ban that account. 

  1. Suspicious Activity 

If for any reason, Mercari feels that your account is being used by someone else, they will suspend the account for a while to keep your account protected. Mercari checks everything in an account regularly if they notice an abnormality in the transactions.

Or if the card issuer notifies Mercari about something, they limit the account or go for a temporary suspension. 

  1. Order Cancellation 

This is a very common reason for a seller’s account to be suspended permanently. When Mercari receives a high number of returned products, they consider the seller to be potential fraud.

If the ratio of returned products isn’t that high, then Mercari might limit the account to do further investigations. But in most cases, they permanently ban the account.

  1. Verifications 

From time to time, Mercari asks the user for verification to ensure fair transactions and overall safety. And when Mercari doesn’t receive the information asked from the user within due time, they limit the account. However, once the needed information is submitted, they also remove the limitation. 

What Is the Core Difference Between a Limited Account and Closed Account?

A limited account indicates that you’ll be able to access the account, but you can’t operate from there. With a limited account, some Mercari users can’t withdraw funds; some can’t sell or buy, etc. In other words, in limited accounts, users can’t use certain features. 

On the other hand, when an account is closed, the user can’t even access it. The user has to contact customer service to revive the account or open a new one. 

Is the Mercari ban permanent?

Well, whether the Mercari ban is permanent or temporary depends on the severity of the violation; when a user violates a major rule, that might lead to a permanent ban, and violating minor rules, again and again, can result in a permanent ban.

Can I open a new Mercari account after being banned?

As long as you don’t use the same information, such as name, email, or bank account, it’s okay to open a new account after being banned. But if the banned account’s information were used to create a new one, the new one would get banned too pretty soon.


Unless you’ve violated the rules of Mercari, there is no reason for your account to be banned. And if it happens, most probably it’s a mistake from their end, which can be solved by contacting Mercari customer service. 

With that said, wrapping this guide up. We hope this article gave you an idea of how to get back on Mercari after being banned.

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