How To Message Someone On Poshmark?

Poshmark is an innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly platform for buying or selling used/ unused clothes. Often people are required to negotiate or to chat with the buyer or seller for detailed information about a particular item. So, how to message someone on Poshmark, then?

There are four ways to message someone on Poshmark: private messages, semi-private messages, public messages, and linked accounts. All these options allow any buyer or seller to communicate with each other easily. However, linked accounts can be risky for communication.

If you are interested in knowing more about messaging on Poshmark, keep reading until the end!

Ways to Send Messages on Poshmark

Nowadays, people rely more on online thrift stores like Poshmark to buy and sell barely used things. This helps in creating an eco-friendly and sustainable world for all.

But as we mentioned, there are times when you may need to send a message regarding buying or negotiating for a particular purchase, and that time, you can use four ways to message someone on Poshmark, which are:

  • Public messages
  • Semi-private messages
  • Private messages
  • Linked accounts

Public Messages

Public messages are one of the main ways to message someone on Poshmark easily. You can send these messages by going to any particular listing, using the “Meet the Posher profile” setting, or on the sellers’ items.

When sending a public message on any listing, you need to use an “@” symbol to specify which buyer or seller you want to chat with. Next, write your message and then click the send button in the comment box and done.

Anyone can see your message, and you can tag your friends too to see the message. However, only some sellers feel comfortable messaging publicly, as it hampers their business in many ways.

In the negotiation, the buyers understand the minuscule amount the seller can offer to sell the items, making the negotiation easier for the buyers but challenging for the sellers to make a profit out of it.

A lot of times, sellers get harassed, too, due to their given prize, which negatively affects their business.

Semi-Private Messages

The semi-private messages are another way to use to text someone on Poshmark. Mostly private or semi-private messages are conducted based on forming bundles.

Buyers sometimes form a bundle of one or more than one items to get some discount. But this also allows for negotiation with the seller, where you can pitch the price for those selected items. The messages are written in the form of comments on the bundle.

Unlike public messages, others can see these messages, but only if they want to. As public messages can be seen quickly by others, the semi-private messages require the buyers to look into different bundles, which people do not prefer.

You can see people’s bundles easily by clicking the top right three dots and choosing “Bundles from @x,” where x is the username. Later click on the “view Bundle” option.

Private Messages

This option is only available once a purchase/sale has been made.

  • If you’re a buyer, you must go to “My Purchases” and tap on the “Message seller” option once you select the items you purchased.
  • If you’re a seller, you must go to “My Sales” and tap on “Message Buyer,” and you can easily send a message.

Remember that these options only apply to people who have purchased/ sold items. The reason behind not introducing the private message feature is mainly to avoid scams or prevent invalid transactions of purchased items via Poshmark.

Linked Accounts

On Poshmark, it’s really easy to insert any link to your profile which can be redirected to your social media accounts. This way, you can communicate with the buyer or seller on another platform if you need to contact them via Poshmark.

However, risky as some people may scam you a big time and steal money too. Also, only some sellers or buyers link their socials on Poshmark. It can be Amazon affiliate links or blogs, or youtube channels.

These platforms need the chatting feature to contact them in such cases.

Bottom Line

Poshmark is a fantastic platform to connect people easily on a single platform and buy and sell clothes that are either used or unused.

Selling and buying require negotiation, and sometimes you need to message someone on Poshmark, which you can do by using the methods mentioned above.

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