Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews (2022)

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Fancy features are mostly mentioned for marketing campaigns. But actual performance is only revealed when the product is kept under real-life tests.

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair somewhat brings forward a similar situation. On paper, it’s an unbelievable deal, and probably that’s why you’re looking for a detailed review of this product.

But does the product lives up to the hype?

We’ll go through the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair reviews to answer this question. And only then can you decide if the deal is worth it or not.

To have you well covered with proper findings, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the performance of Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs based on verified customers’ reviews and pain specialists.

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair – Getting into Every Detail

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs Reviews

Our analysis and test on Medical breakthrough massage chairs were pretty much on point to refrain you from a boatload of research. We tried to cover massage features, design, and comfort along with other aspects like medical-grade research of this Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner.

We didn’t forget to bring up its drawbacks if there were any to alert you earlier.

So, let’s get started.

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Since it’s a massage chair, this feature has to be on the top of the discussion, isn’t it? And when we talk about massage, it feels like Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair stuffs the whole world of massage in a candy jar.

Sounds kind of bewitching, but their 5 years of strenuous research product gives you almost every type of massage from all the regions of the world—Roman, Turkish, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Japanese, and whatnot.

You’ll never run out of newer ways of relieving your body. Not even the best massage parlor can cater to you with this range of variety.

Especially for the neck and shoulder pain, it does wonder by offering the Japanese Shiatsu 3D Neck & Shoulder Massage. The massage feature pinpoints specific areas of your body and applies rhythmic pressure, which drops all your stress from the body.

Plus, its unique full body massage properly covers almost all your organs, from head to toe. So, even if you have any unusual pain in your toes, it has your back.

Human Massage Experience

Interestingly the well-engineered feature helps you to experience men’s hand-like massage with this simple machine. It offers 6 different massage types to relax you on the chair perfectly.

Moreover, the style could be your pick manually and customized to your best interest.


Massage won’t impress you that much if you’re a yoga person. If stretching is your thing, then you probably like it most. The chair has a stretching feature that helps you stretch every part of the body exactly as you want.

With its full body yoga stretching feature, you can get your yoga done without putting in much effort.

Medically Proven Design

Over 25 doctors, chiropractors, surgeons, and pain specialists worked tirelessly on the product to bring down a perfect machine that delivers the best massage. The brand’s 5 years of painstaking research made it one of the best medically backed massage chairs.

Its special feature is that it understands what you need and offers a different set of unique solutions to address the issue.

Body Scan

The superior technological advancement of the chair first does a full body scan immediately after you take a seat. Then it positions the roller precisely at the right spot and starts massaging according to your instruction.

You might feel tickling at first if you haven’t tried a massage chair ever. Give it a few minutes — you’ll totally adjust.

Zero Gravity

Fourth on the list is its zero-gravity feature. It might sound a little absurd at first but let’s explain first.

The unique feature is for an alleviated relaxing experience for the user. This feature makes your weight distribution even on the chair, leading you to feel virtually weightless.

Its sudden zero-gravity support can make you fall asleep immediately after reclining on it.


Many massage chairs struggle to comfort you when it comes to different body sizes and measurements. But the customization feature sets the footrest and airbags of the shoulder properly regardless of your size.

It works like wonder when a family has different members with regular massage needs, but it wasn’t previously possible for non-customizable chairs. You can fit all of your members and enable them a wonderful experience.


Finally, the chair’s aesthetic design and luxurious look make it blend in almost anywhere. In fact, chances are people might stare at the chair more than other furniture in your room. You can keep it out in the open without ever needing it to place separately.


Extra Features: What Makes It the Best?

In addition to the above-mentioned features, other features need to be reviewed as well for a proper analysis. So, let’s head on digging little deep.


First, let’s talk about comfort. The chair comes with soft healing cells in different positions that properly cover the body with extended comfort. Besides, extra padding around the chair ensures excellent relaxation, unlike any regular options.

Heated Massage

Another unique feature that might impress many buyers is the heated massage. As we all know, many companies promise a heated massage, but hardly anyone lives up to the test. But Medical Breakthrough gives you a different result.

Its heated massage feature heats your body at the desired temperature with a simple push of a button.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Sometimes, a good foot massage can change the worst day into a great one. With the reflexology method, Medical Breakthrough has taken foot massage to another level. It ensures proper foot relaxation by perfectly massaging every inch of your feet.

Arm Massage

After a long workout or heavy gym day, recline over the chair and let the 4D arm massage take all the day’s muscle stress completely wiped away.

Not only for major muscle stresses, it even works great for regular use and arm joint paints. Effective and on point.


You can connect your phone to the chair completely wireless and flexible. Although it’s not a core feature, it means a lot to somebody who always wants their ear on the radio channel.


  • Superior comfort with versatile massage choices
  • It fits any sized person
  • Offers medically proven shoulder and neck support
  • Covers full body – from toe to head
  • Full relaxation with zero gravity feature
  • Heated massage with better support
  • Great replacement for a massage therapist


  • Some reports available on poor customer services
  • Priced well above the regular range

How do you move a medical breakthrough massage chair?

To move the medical breakthrough massage chair, first, unscrew the washer and remove the cables from the backside.

Then put a foot and press at the back bottom part. Hold it by the backrest and tilt it upward. Then comfortable move it like luggage where ever you want to go.

Where are medical breakthrough chairs made?

Medical breakthrough chairs are made in the USA.

Which medical breakthrough chair is the best?

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4, the latest and upgraded version is probably one of the best breakthrough chairs out there. The intense relaxing feature with multiple massage techniques will cover all those stubborn spots of the body.

Moreover, the high-quality leather material ensures maximum comfort whenever you use it!

Final Words

Massage chairs are costly furniture that we don’t buy every now and then. So every action taken by us should be well calculated and properly evaluated.

If you fail to get a clear idea about the product and its aspects tactfully, there’s a higher chance that you’d be a huge heat in your pocket.

To become the best in the competition, it has to fit properly and provide the best massage to your body.

Hopefully, the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair reviews have helped you look through in and out of the product and further clarified your judgment as to buy this one or not.

If you ask us, we’d tell you to vouch for this product without much thought if you can comfortably pull off the finances.

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