Fixing One Side of Power Recliner Not Working Problem

Many mechanisms work under the comfy face of the power recliner so you can enjoy your free time peacefully. The recliner won’t be able to function as it is if one of those mechanisms doesn’t work as it should. So, don’t be surprised when your power recliner works differently.

If one side of the power recliner is not working, you should check – the power source and outlet, the cords, and the wiring connections. If the problem is still there, try to reset the power recliner. Get some professional help if the problem persists.

Let’s dive into the details of each stage of the troubleshooting process and solve this problem together.

Probable Reasons Behind One Side of Power Recliner Not Working Problem

One Side of Power Recliner Not Working

It is a common problem that every power recliner faces at some stage. It can happen just after purchasing the power recliner or after using a while. The main reasons can be one of these –

  • Faulty power source.
  • Faulty Power socket.
  • Damaged power cord.
  • Loose connections etc.
  • Disconnected from the battery.

We’ll check each of these things one by one.

●     Faulty Power Source

The power outlet can have problems supplying enough power for both sides of the power recliner to work. Check the power outlet by using it for any other purpose to see if it is okay. If you’re using a multiplug, connect the power recliner’s socket directly to the wall.

●     Faulty Power Socket

The power socket of the recliner can be damaged or broken. Check it thoroughly to see any damage. Try changing the power socket if you’ve any extras.

●     Damaged Power Cord

The power cord of the recliner may not be able to supply power to the recliner if it gets damaged or broken. Check every part of the cord thoroughly to see if it is damaged or frayed. If the cord is damaged, it can not be fixed. You have to replace it with a new cord.

●     Loose Connections

Unplug the power recliner from the power source and look for any loose connections on the side of the recliner that isn’t working. Check every cord to see where they go. When you get to the end of the wire, check if you see any loose connections or breaking. Disconnect the wire and connect it again to double-check.

●     Disconnected from The Battery

If the power source, socket, and cords are all okay, check the connections to the battery pack. Wires can get detached from the battery pack because of moving the recliner. Make sure both wires are connected properly to the battery pack. Unplug the wires and connect again to double-check.

Most of the power recliners have one of the abovementioned problems when both sides are not working as they should be. Checking these things should fix your problem as well. If the problem is still there, try to reset the power recliner.

Check out this video for visual guidelines –

How to Reset A Power Recliner?

Resetting a power recliner is a fairly easy task. Most power recliners have a reset button built in them somewhere around the power button. If your power recliner has a reset button, press it.

If your power recliner doesn’t have a reset button, then follow these steps with us to reset your power recliner.

  1. Unplug the power source.
  2. Unscrew the adjustment screws from both sides.
  3. Lift the upper part of the power recliner by lifting it from both sides simultaneously.
  4. The motor mount should be visible now. Unscrew the motor mount and carefully unplug the cords from both sides.
  5. Plug the cords into the motor in their respective places.
  6. Put the upper part of the recliner in its place and screw back all the screws carefully.
  7. Turn on the power button.

Some recliners have their motors under them (not inside them). If this is the case, tilt the power recliner to one side and follow the above mentioned steps.

Now, both sides of the recliner should function properly, and you can start using it again.

Even Resetting the Power Recliner Didn’t Solve the Problem?

Checking all the cords and wires and resetting the power recliner is all you can do alone. If one side of the power recliner still doesn’t work, there must be some problem with the motor, which only supplies power to one side.

If your power recliner has a warranty backup, call the brand’s customer service and let them fix this problem for you. If you do not have any warranty left, you’ll have to bring a professional and let them fix the motor.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix A Power Recliner?

How much fixing the motor costs you fairly depends on the type of power recliner you have and your area. Repairing costs vary between 150-200 USD. If the motor can not be fixed and you have to replace it, it will cost you 100-400 USD more.

How do you fix a recliner that leans to one side?

If your recliner leans to one side, the probable reason is that the recliner is out of alignment. Unscrew the recliner from both sides and screw them again tightly and properly to fix the problem.

Why is my recliner footrest sagging on one side?

The screws of the footrest that connect it to the main body can get loose over time. Unscrew and screw the bolts tightly, and the problem will be gone.

Can I fix one side of my power recliner not working by myself?

Yes, you can if the problem is surface-level, i.e., loose screws or connections, faulty wires, etc. You can fix it by yourself. If the problem is in the motor, you should get some professional help.


In a nutshell, check for faulty power sources and sockets, and make sure the outlet is working properly and the wires are not broken to fix your power recliner. Try resetting the power recliner if all other things are fine. If resetting the power recliner doesn’t work for you, get professional help.

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