OPSeat Grandmaster Review: Racing Chair Under $300?

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A gamer knows well that their chair should be the same great thing as they have the graphics card.  When you’re streaming for several hours and achieve victory, the end result is a painful lower back.

This is the most common scenery for the majority of gamers if they don’t use a well-designed gaming chair like the OPSeat Grandmaster. Besides, it’s a bit tricky to find out the perfect chair that will help you to spend hours sitting on it.

It’s because the sitting style of the comfort level of people differs from one another. But, one chair is out there to meet most people’s expectations. So, let’s know about the OPSeat Grandmaster review below.

Perfect Visual Appeal

The initial thing that keeps the Grandmaster aside from the crowd is how easily you can customize this chair. Some manufacturers largely offer black, red, and blue, but the Grandmaster comes in 11 amazing colors. Some of them are including orange, purple, and pink.

It means that you’ll definitely find the chair with your desired color to match it with your room decoration. For example, you have chosen a yellow-color chair. It’ll not just avail you of yellow upholstery, it’ll also give you a yellow stitching and a base plastic panel of the same color.

Also, you can swap out the panel if you find the better combination to work better in the place of the current one. This chair has upholstered with PU leather, so it lets you go in a cool environment while gaming. This is a very important and considerable factor that many manufacturers ignore.

Comfort & Functionality

Gratefully, the OPSeat pays deep attention to providing the highest comfort. According to their specifications, the chair has packed with the cold-mold type of foam. That means the filling of the foam has done the way it prevents escaping air from it. As a result, the chair is comfortable and resists compression over time.

Another great thing about the Grandmaster is that you’ll be able to change most aspects of the chair. It boasts armrests that allow you to move up, down, back, forward, in, and out. Even you can angle it from 12-degree to 135-degree or remove it completely if you like.

Regardless of the way you like to sit on the chair, it’ll make your sitting comfortable. Also, it’s very easy to clean as the chair has crafted of synthetic leather.

Build Quality

Nothing can make a chair perfect until its build quality is great. Fortunately, the Grandmaster is pretty resilient than many other chairs because it has built with contoured, reinforced metal. Moreover, it has durable nylon bases with five points that support a weight of up to 300 lbs.

On the underside, you’ll find a pneumatic gas lifting option of class IV that will help you to change its height. You can set this chair for the most types of desks with its 2-inch height adjustment. But, if you fall in the worst scenario and any component of the chair break, you’ll get support from the one-year warranty.

Also, the chair is appropriate for taller users that range from 51-inch to 60-inch. Building with a tough steel frame and weighing 51lbs, the chair is much more supportive of its molded foam. The chair is also great for the lumbar support with its wimpy and flat pillows, which is a nice thing to eliminate the back pain issue.

Ergonomics Design

If you’re a shorter-sized person, you also may have shorter limbs. It means that sometimes you can’t keep your elbow on the armrests with comfort while working continuously. But, the OPSeat Grandmaster chair comes with 4 dimensions means you can adjust it from all sides.

So, you can adjust its front and back, up to the side, side by side, and as per the pads’ direction. It avails you enough room for you to make you feel comfortable to keep your elbows rightly on its pads in place of keeping them on your desk. The bonus point is the ergonomically designed lumbar pillows.

Simple To Assemble

You may need up to 30 minutes to put together the chair. It might be a bit cumbersome task in the entire setup process to unpack the box with all components. You’ll find the entire assembling process very simple, but the tricky part is to align the seat with the backrest.

If you don’t get things lined up accurately, it’s not possible to set the screws up on both sides. As these two things are somewhat heavier, you should take a partner to help you that will make things easier. Overall, it’s easy to assemble the chair in comparison with some other models.

Best Value

The Grandmastercosts fewer than three hundred dollars, which is the best value buy. But, you’ll get something more than usually come at this price range. For example, its 4D armrests along with a 130-degree full rotating recline backrest.

Also, the PU leather upholstery has made with high-quality material that looks sharp and premium. It means that you’ll get the best value with a great return on your investment while shopping for this chair.


Regardless of whether you’re a casual gamer, a popular streamer, or a mastermind chess player, the OPSeat Grandmaster could be your ideal choice. Instead of shining in a single category, the chair comes with fairly everything that you need on a gaming chair.

From amazing 11 different colors to PU leather upholstery, you’ll find everything beautiful in this chair. After the OPSeat Grandmaster review, we highly recommend gamers purchase this one without feeling any hesitation.

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