How Much Does A Pound Of Weed Cost? | Updated (2022)

It’s common to ask how much does a pound of weed cost when you’re buying cannabis as a new user. The average cost of a pound of weed is $2,000 to 3,000. The other reason is that you know you should start consuming weed with a small or tolerant amount.

As there are thousands of legal buyers are buying cannabis, we have made it simple for the new weed buyers. So, it’ll help you to get many unanswered questions that you have in your mind.

Another reason to ask the questions of the price of weed is that nobody wants to be cheated while buying cannabis or weed. Well, let’s know the price of a pound of weed in detail along with some related topics.

Price Of A Pound Of Weed

You’ll find a restriction in the California and Colorado states where you can buy one ounce of weed from one visit. But, if you want to buy weed from wholesalers, you must have an individual store.

Before you learn what the cost of weed is, you should learn how many grams of weed or cannabis in an ounce. Moreover, we’re going to explain the amount grams of a pound of weed that will help you for the better understanding. And one pound is equivalent to 453.59 grams on MKS system.

Well, in the black market of the many US states a pound of weed costs in between $2,000 to $4,000. Consuming cannabis is not legal in these states and the price also depends on the product quality. Therefore, one pound of weed cost in between $2,000 to $3,000.

The Factors That Influence The Price

The sales of marijuana continue to blow up when more of the US states start making it legalized for medical and recreational use in 2019. For the same reason, the prices of weed go down because of increased sales.

Thus, here is working mainly two factors to influence the price of weed. They’re the legalization and the more production than the previous years. Also, quality is another great factor that affects the price. Let’s know about some other factors below:


Competition is probably another factor on the weed price and it depends on where you purchase it from. If your area has multiple dispensaries and multiple individuals to sell it, there is a competition among them. This may work to cut down the price.

On the contrary, if there is a single shop or individual to sell it, it’ll usually cost more. So, when there is no competition out there, the sellers want to charge more price as this is a comparatively short supply commodity.

Weed Taxes

In the US states where cannabis is legal, its sale is always linked with government tax or fee for weed.  For example, Colorado State has 2.9% of the tax rate for the regular weed and it takes 10% of taxes for special marijuana.

The situation of taxes of most states and cities are almost the same. That means you’re paying more money for the taxes and it’s from 1.69% to 9.45% in all the states. Thus, this is making weed price higher.


It’s a common business strategy that if you buy a large part of a product, you’ll get it at a cheaper price. This is also the same answer for the question of how much does a pound of weed cost.

Regardless of the approach you go with, it’s a very initial step to getting educated to enter into the weed or cannabis market to discover its price marks in your local market. You’ll find some different reasons why the prices of weed widely vary from the list.  

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  1. As cannabis became legalized and people started hearing about the massive tax revenues being generated It really shocked people. No one realized just how much weed was getting smoked in North America. So, what does weed cost in your area? We would like to put together an international price index for medical marijuana as well as weed from the black market.


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