Slabway Massage Chair Reviews in 2022

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Tired of tapping, kneading, and stretching your body to get relief from sore muscles? Or, are you thinking of getting an appointment with a therapist to get rid of chronic physical issues? Before that, you can try a Slabway massage chair. 

This ergonomically designed therapy machine can be your best decision while dealing with all types of tension knots in your body. Ensuring the best massage by increasing proper blood circulation is its real goal.

In this article, I intended to write a Slabway massage chair review based on features and benefits, two alternatives, and cost details. So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Slabway Massage Chair Reviews

Before I jump into the Slabway massage chair review it would be rather unfair not to talk about the brand. Slabway is a trusted renowned brand that always comes to market with astonishing innovations.

And, this chair is one of them at a fair price with lots of great features. There is no detail that this amazing massage chair overlooked. Let’s check them out. 

Zero Gravity Massage System

The Slabway Chair includes a zero-gravity recliner to ensure another level of comfort. This technique is known as shiatsu percussion. It is traditional to remove tension knots in the back, neck, shoulder, and lower back. 

Zero gravity chairs are a scenario that keeps your body in a position that puts your feet in the same alignment as the heart. This leaning-back design is amazing to feel a weightless sensation that can boost your energy and hormones. 

The weightless experience of it also holds the spine in a neutral position to oxygenate the heart as well as reduce swelling. So, the chair is great for healing your physical and mental stress.

Premium Heat Settings

No more moving hands up and down or shoulder spinning to get rid of sore pain if you have a Slabway massage chair in your room. A perfect temperature heat in a painful position is like ice in a desert, right? Bless yourself with the premium heat that this relaxing machine offers you. 

This warm touch therapy is popular for ages named stone massage. If you check the heat settings it will convince you to give it a positive thought. Though the sensation of heat may discomfort you at first. The deep massage that it provides can effectively remove soreness in muscle spasms. 

The heat with massage pressure will improve your blood circulation while comforting your tired muscles. Apart from that, the therapy can help you heal damaged tissues. Thus, it increases the flow of oxygen through the skin. 

Control Panel

A control panel of the Slabway magical massage seat is placed on the right armrest to give easy access when getting a massage. So, your honorable order is just a click away. As the manual is easy, you can have straightforward controls over settings. Accordingly, you can customize the chair as your body demands. 

Customizable Settings

Slabway massage chair is all about reducing tension and giving a positive impact. So, don’t worry if the default settings don’t suit you. You can easily customize the settings of intensity and depth. Apart from that, you can also change the speed of massage anytime you want by just tapping a switch on the control panel. 

Track System

Are you going through sore muscles in the back and neck? Then know that the Slabway chair offers an S track system with 4 advanced rollers to ensure your relief. How? 

With its high-vibration system, the roller will stimulate the natural spine of curvy muscles from down to lower. While moving up and down it withdraws rolling beneath the sacrum and middle back to work according to the spine’s shape. 

Fatigue Relieving Airbags

Tight muscles require good gripping and squeezing to get a state of comfort. So, thanks to the airbags that the Slabway chair offers. It includes 42 airbags to make your achy and fatigued bodies feel ultimate comfort.

Airbags move on a track that can inflate and deflate to massage the shoulder, forearms, back, hands, waists, thigh, hips, calves, and feet.  The intensity that the airbags hold promotes healthy massage.

Besides, frequent stimulation is placed strategically around the targeted muscles.  As a result, it can oxygenate through veins and aching anxieties or pains in your body. 

By improving blood circulation, the airbags can remove stiffness while draining the lymphatic system. These tension-melting airbags are also great to get relief from Diabetic Neuropathy. 

Slabway Massage Chair Alternatives

Although the Slabway chair is amazing, people love having options. However, it’s also less risky for those who need to spend a bulky amount on one specific product. So, I am here with two alternatives to the Slabway massage chair for you to decide on easily.

Slabway Massage Chair Vs Real Relax Massage Chair

Similar to the Slabway seat, the Real Relax massage chair includes all those facilities that offer you super spa-like treatment. No features are lacking in it, like – zero gravity, heating system, airbags, roller and so on. Combined with all these the chair presented itself with something more special.

Curious to know what they are? Check them out. Thanks to manufacturers for keeping the digital generation in mind while designing this chair and adding features like Bluetooth, audio player, and changeable LED light. Despite buying an inexpensive seat from Real Relax, you are getting expensive features like Bluetooth.

Using Bluetooth options, you can listen to any music, news, audiobook or podcast. Just lay back on your massage chair and switch on your favorite track while relaxing. It’s simple to connect its Bluetooth with any device. All you have to do is synchronize, pair and connect the phone with the chair.

By Bluetooth, you can also change the color of the LED light by just tapping your phone like remotes. Choose the color that matches your mood to get a better experience. Similarly, this built-in feature will give you control over the functional system.

However, Real Relax chairs also offer more airbags and customization. It has 50 airbags for massaging the full body to boost blood circulation. It also has 6 built-in auto modes and 12 customization choices.  This is why, if you call it an updated version of the Slabway chair, you are not wrong. 

Slabway Massage Chair Vs Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu, the name, reminds me of a traditional Japanese massage therapy that has proven to become effective.  However, combined with all the high-tech features the Slabway massage chair has, this stress-buster seat creates an ultimate relaxed and healthier environment. It is designed to perform authentic shiatsu with an accurate therapy process. 

What makes it special from previous chairs is the body scan system, expert therapy pressure, more massage settings, and built quality. Even if you are not an expert, it can help you with twenty-six standard pre-customized settings. Therefore, you can rely on it to have a great experience.  

I must say that the product compromises no massage technique for relaxation. It includes all 7 modes such as stretching, tapping, kneading, premium heating, air pressure, shiatsu, and combo. Above all, it comes with a unique feature that takes the technology a step ahead. It can read body shape by detecting and scanning body size.

By making use of 11 signal trial buttons and a proper sensor, the chair can scan the body height. Accordingly, they can also examine up and down distances. In this way, it can automatically adjust the intensity of massage as your body weight requires. It is truly great for custom massage and fits perfectly according to different body shapes. 

How Much Does a Slabway Massage Chair Cost?

After reading this article, you might be thinking, is the Slabway massage chair worth buying? Though the judgment is up to you since the verdicts vary from one another. However, I am here trying to help you with your answer. 

The chair has all the great settings that an expensive massage chair includes such as 42 airbags, premium heat, zero gravity, S rollers, and different modes with customization options. Even though the product has some flaws, the features that it offers are decent and real value for money. Then again, the health advantages that it provides overlook its imperfections. 

You can expect to pay $1700 for a Slabway massage chair. It’s better to check the price from Amazon since the price of this product changes from time to time. You can also dive into the company’s website to get a clear statement.

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How to adjust yourself in a Slabway massage chair for beginners?

After setting up your chair, seat on it. Keep your both hands on the armrest position. Place your both feet according to the chair. Now take a deep breath and get ready to have a spa-like treatment. Switch on the control panel and customize the intensity, width, and speed as you want. Lean on the chair to keep yourself half or fully laid.

How do airbags help to get rid of sore pain?

If you are going through, back, shoulder, arms, thigh, hips, or feet pain, airbags will help you by squeezing up and down. They inflate and deflate over the muscles to apply pressure which can give you relief from tight tension. Also, it works for better blood circulation and treating diabetic neuropathy.

How does the S roller system work?

S roller follows the natural shape and curve of the spine while rolling up and down. It moves straight from neck to middle back and then directly rolls towards the lower back. Generally, it is 28-31 inches long on a good massage chair. 


If you are going through an aching head, sore fatigue, and tight muscles after a busy day, this review is especially for you. Imagine getting a real massage sitting in a luxury parlor in this exact awful moment, even without paying for arms and legs. To make your dream true, I present here the Slabway massage chair review that can ensure the best massage.

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