How Much Does SOTA Weight Loss Cost in 2023

Ever thought of having a beautiful fit body with fewer diseases and problems? Well, every type of body is perfect but you have to stay fit and eat healthy for your better life. The more you lead a disciplined life, the more life surprises you with blessings.

I will try to introduce you to a perfect weight loss program that is surely different from other traditional weight loss ones. You may think how much does the SOTA weight loss program cost? If you are willing to try something new, you have to pay for it, right?

Let’s see how SOTA works and how much this whole program costs.

How Does SOTA Work?

SOTA is scientifically designed for you to stay healthy and fit without eating more. If you follow their routine, you will not get hungry often and their recommended meals will give you energy for the rest of the day.

This program is not only about dieting. It also includes exercises and 30 minutes of walking every day which is excellent for your muscles and blood flow. If you have joint problems or problems with lifting heavy things then you have to walk which is good for everyone in general.

Claims of SOTA Weight Loss Program

If you are interested in losing your body fat quickly, then this program is for you. SOTA says it will burn your fat quickly and it actually does it in a healthier way. It is the positive side of this program.

SOTA claims multiple things after the journey. Please read through and find out which one you want.

Reduce Whole Body Fat

Are you aiming to lose some extra pounds to be in good shape or to fit in your favorite dress? You obviously can. SOTA will help you reduce all your body fat in only 2 weeks. Reviews say, people lost over 10-12 pounds a week after following the SOTA chart.

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Flat Stomach

Most people have the problem of an oversized stomach which does not look good at all. If you exercise regularly and follow SOTA meals, you can shape that stomach fast and get a good slim belly forever.

Facial Slimming

If you are not a fan of chubby cheeks or double chins, then you should definitely follow SOTA. Their diet plan is lifesaving and with the body fat reduction, your face will be slim too.

Meal Plan of SOTA Weight Loss

As you know already, the meal chart of SOTA is personalized and you can add it with your preference. Sometimes people deal with allergies and problems in taking various foods, in that case, SOTA is very flexible.

It is not mentioned on their site which type of meal they offer but after researching some of the comments, we found out different answers from different people.

Some claim SOTA does not offer 3 meals a day rather they offer a shake to drink for both breakfast and lunch. The reason behind the weight loss shakes might be to keep a record of their client’s calorie intake. The cost of these 2 meals will be included with the fee.

Again for dinner, you have to buy your meal. They might suggest you some protein bars but that is also not free. The diet plan is a low-carb diet with a lot of exercises which will make you lose weight quickly as they claim.

Fitness and Exercise Plan of SOTA

SOTA fitness and exercise plan is to walk for 30minutes daily. It is required because people of all ages can manage to walk. Also, if a person has any joint or muscle problems, walking can be beneficial to their health.

Here is a point to note, if you are young and have no problem with heavy workouts, you can do that. Well, it is not known by the SOTA site if it provides their clients with personal instructors but if they do, it would be great. You will be paying a huge amount to get everything perfect right?

It is said that they might have a weight loss specialist who plans workout routines and only if you join the program, will they recommend you one.

Side Effects of SOTA

SOTA does not mention any type of side effect in their program also it is not dangerous at all. We researched about the program and found out many reviews where clients are absolutely happy with their journey.

But any sort of weight loss program may cause some mild side effects. Not for everyone but for some people dehydration, menstrual irregularity, tiredness, constipation, dizziness, headaches, muscle loss, etc may happen.

As I mentioned before not everyone goes through these effects but you should notice after following the diet for one week. If something like this happens, stop immediately.

How Much Does SOTA Weight Loss Program Cost?

This is the most important part when you are thinking about joining somewhere new. If you are deciding to join the best weight loss program and if it is a program like SOTA then you have to spend a good amount of money.

SOTA is a weight loss program that is far different from any traditional program. The thing with traditional programs is, you have to face a lot of hassles contacting them. Here it is very easy. Just sign up with your card and you are good to go. The sign-up may cost 20-30 dollars which is not that much.

Also, SOTA plans your whole diet for a month so it will obviously cost more. The reviews say that the prices are worth it because it is really effective. Some people lost 100-110 pounds in 20 weeks so you can imagine how effective the diet plan is.

The meals, shakes, bars, exercise, and other things will cost somewhere between 250-300 dollars per month. To be specific it will cost 100 dollars per week depending on your demands and priorities. It’s a bit expensive but nothing matters more than your health.

If you are suffering from obesity or an unhealthy life you should spend your money on something beautiful like SOTA which will actually change your life.


So, how much does SOTA weight loss program cost? You know the answer. The claims and costs of SOTA sound fascinating which will allow you to lead your life with enjoyment and at the same time it targets weight loss. You will see the difference once you start and will thank the program for being so effective.

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