Staples Hyken Chair Reviews in 2022

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Staples Hyken Chair Reviews

A good ergonomic office chair can remove neck or back pain, stress, or lack of concentration in your daily work life. A proper alignment of the shoulder, arms, hips, and spine will bless you with a comfortable and secure job environment. 

You spend 8-10 hours roughly sitting on a chair. This is why don’t rush when buying an office chair since you are going to use it for at least a year. 

Staples aims to bring innovation in the field of new life to hit its goals. It is a well-renowned brand for providing high-end products. Among them, Hyken chairs fulfilled lots of customers’ demands.

So here I am today with Staples Hyken chair review with all attractive features and benefits. I also suggest two alternatives here if by any chance it doesn’t convince you. 

Staples Hyken Technical Task Chair Review

Wondering why the Hyken chair is known for ultimate comfort and an all-time favorite for working for folks? I am here to answer all your interest by narrating Hyken’s features with benefits. 

Good Weight Capacity

The Hyken chair is advertised to support 250 pounds but I think it’s a guarded number. It still feels much more durable and can bear up to 275 pounds. So, a big person who falls under this weight should avoid this chair. this might be a good chair for a tall person

Note that taller folks may not find it relaxing since the chair is 46 inches tall, but while it scales around 27 inches wide, we can tell that the manufacturers concentrated primarily on the backrest. 


If you are a person like me who loves scooting in and out with the chair then this information is for you. It is designed with a heavy caster wheel that can easily roll over floors, rugs, and carpets. So, no getting up, no distractions while working even if you need to collect any documents or receive the important phone. 

Breathable Structure

Ventilation is necessary to let your skin breathe and resist heat accumulation. Luckily, Staples Hyken chairs are available with this breathable structure. It helps air to circulate through the back and headrest. Thus, the chair makes you neither sweat nor stink.

No matter how long you sit on this seat, the passing cool air can make you feel relaxed and comfortable even on a hot afternoon. 


The Staples Hyken chair compromises nothing when it’s about adjustability. They include all kinds of features so the seat can match your whole body. Let’s have a look at what the beast is offering: 


To ensure maximum comfort and prevent any back or neck pain the Hyken lets you tilt whenever you need. With its multi-tilter options, you can lean the back until it gives your arms enough space to chill.

To do that, this self-adjusting backrest only requires some pressure, thus, it’s easy to operate. So, when you need some tension-reduction moment, kick the back off and relieve distress below the thighs. As soon as you find a perfect angle, the tilt lock will let you lock the position securely.

Armrest Height

The Hyken chair also permits you to adjust the armrest height. No matter which forearm position is your favorite, you can always pick the right level that suits you. Stay focused all day long by positioning your arms to adjust the wrist to the right level of your keyboard. Therefore, it’s not going to waste your time by bending up or down to enter the keys. 

Seat Height

Imagine your chair is so high that your feet are scooting to move forward. On the other hand, what if it’s too low that your knees are now positioned higher than your hips? Intro of poor postures, right?

This is why Hyken offers you the easy ability to modify the height of the seat. It can help you to change height smoothly according to your activity. And also, it can keep your thigh level flat with your hips. So, there is no chance of back, neck, or shoulder strain.

Lumbar Support

Yes, lumbar support is a great deal when the sitter wants a real restful journey in work. If you don’t want to see an orthopedic surgeon shortly, then you should know the importance of these features. Lack of this support can affect your joints and the delicate tissues of the spine. Fortunately, the Hyken chair includes adequate back support. 

Colour Variety 

In the case of choosing a chair, yes, black is black and it is always dynamic but why don’t you try charcoal grey or dark red color to give your office a modern look? Cool, right? So, don’t wait, as Hyken is presented to you with these 3 varieties. 

It’s a good practice to learn alternatives before starting a negotiation. To make yourself confident and mutually satisfied, it is necessary. If Staples Hyken matches all your needs, then you are good to go. If not, here are two more remarkable chairs that may amuse you. 

Staples Hyken Mesh Task Chair Alternatives

As an alternative to the more functional office chair here I mentioned two options. They have been engineered to come with more features and durability.  Hope those alternatives will be beneficial for you. Let’s check them out. 

Staples Hyken Vs Staples Dexley

The Staples Dexley is a new modern addition to Staples and you can call it an upgraded version of Hyken. It can give you true feelings of ergonomic comfort. Dexley maintains all the features that Hyken contains such as adjustable base, adjustable armrest, headrests, height, multi-tilt and lock, the lumbar support. But this time it improved its user experience through some basic changes.

 It is more versatile for different tasks such as adjustable headrests, lock mechanism, and user ground. So, whether you are tall or short, this chair can fulfill your demands.

I personally recommend Dexley for a person with more than 5 feet 10 inches in height. The chair similarly allows keeping the head and neck straight using the headrest. 

Moreover, if you notice underneath the Hyken you will find two lock mechanisms. The left one is for reclining and locking the reclining position. On the other hand, the right lock will let you go up and down.

Whereas, the Dexley chair has only one lock mechanism on the right side. It can assist you in higher or lower the chair and also locking them.

But it has no way to lock the recline position. Moreover, look at Hyken from up close. You will see that the mesh of the Hyken chair is full coverage. On the contrary, the mesh of the Dexley chair doesn’t cover the full length and it looks like the mesh is stitched with plastic under it. 

Now it’s time for you to decide, however, if the new features don’t bother you, you can go for Hyken since the Dexley chair is more expensive. 

Staples Hyken Vs Herman Miller Aeron

The first thing that will catch your attention is the cantilevered base of Herman Miller Aeron. The swivel base structure of the seat delivers a sophisticated, elegant, ready-to-go-for-work look. 

Grabbing an Aeron chair means you have chosen one of the most expensive chairs available on the market. You may be thinking, is the seat worth it? 

Find your answer by glancing at this review. By spending money here you are getting a high-end and best-built chair with all durable components. 

This USA formulated creation has fully flexible arms that allow it to alter positions like height and width with the help of a pivot. However, the armrest is super soft and comfortable. 

A unique feature that exists in it is forward seat tilt. Yes, you heard it right. To keep your backbone straight and focused on the job this direction may benefit you. 

Another big news, you are getting control over lumbar support which can provide good posture. Since it covers a wider part of the back, you can rely on it to get absolute comfort. 

However, the chair has the same different range of tilt choices that Hyken offers. Lean back whenever you need some rest and after getting the perfect posture that your back suits, lock them. The multi-lock tension adjuster on it will surely help you to rock on your work. 

Now the question arises which one should you choose- Staples Hyken chair or Herman Miller Aeron? Depends on your ability and taste. 

But let me tell you, at an affordable price Hyken chair is the best option with all the innovative features. On the other hand, if you have enough budget nothing can beat Miller Aeron chairs. Note that, though Miller Aeron is expensive, considering its long-lasting promises, you can not argue it.  

Above all, know that the Miller Aeron chair doesn’t have the back height adjustment option that a Hyken Has. although it’s not a big deal for everyone since it has wider space. However, decide the best that matches all your demands. 

How Much Does a Staple Hyken Chair Cost?

The Staple Hyken chair is one of the most advanced ergonomic and comfortable chairs for less than $200. In my opinion, it can be mistaken to believe all cheap things lack features. We have the Staple Hyken Chair for example. Though the price tag it has is not that cheap but affordable. 

It does not compromise in features though it has some durability issues. But it’s okay since it’s not that expensive and you can use it without any problem for at least more than a year. 

This budget-friendly chair became the talk of the chair market and earned many great reviews. The solid ergonomics that it offers for under 200$ is surely the best value and fairly priced. 

As it is as comfortable and ergonomic as many seats at twice the cost don’t have, they can be the best option for the beginner. 

Here, I have put together some questions and answers about Staples Hyken that might help you.

How can you adjust a Hyken Chair? 

Ans: First, if the seat height doesn’t suit you, sit on it as it requires pressure. Then lower the seat by pushing the handle upward. You’ll find this handle on the left side placed under the chair. You can also adjust the back at the same time. Once you get the desired angle that matches your postures, lock the back position pushing the handle down.

Is the Hyken chair comfortable?

Ans: A good lumbar support and mesh finish expanding to the headrest are responsible for a comfortable base on chairs. Fortunately, Hyken chairs have all those qualities that many other chairs don’t have. So, you can pass a cool day without any back or neck pain while working. 

How to use tilt tension on Hyken chairs?

Ans: Notice the front center of the seats. Hold the round big handles and circulate them clockwise. For stiffer or firmer tilt, turn clockwise. However, to get a loosened or softer tilt, turn reverse clockwise. 


An appealing look in the case of chairs should not deceive you until you sit on them. The most delightful combination of a seat includes both looks and comfort. 

I have already spent 8-10 hours researching and writing about these articles. What helps my muscles most is the seat that I am utilizing. It proves how much a rich chair is essential for all working folks. To be honest, when I am into Staples Hyken chair review I, myself, think to get one of them.