Steelcase Gesture Review in 2022

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Sensibly designed the Steelcase Gesture to get the best of the way you work these days. It’s the first chair that greatly supports a larger range of the latest technologies with user sizes and postures.

The manufacturer has developed the chair after wide research that inspired them to add and rearrange many things. These include the new sitting, which is coming without compromising quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

Also, the superior ergonomic design comes with better posture and incredible support. Hence some other expensive models of chairs like Aeron and Embody have become their worthy competitors.

Thus, you have many things about this product, so let’s dive into our Steelcase Gesture Review:

High-Quality Build

The chair has secured the second position in the category of Build Quality just behind the Herman Miller Aeron. It had more chances to get closer to the first ranking one if it was the USA manufactured.

Overall, the build quality of the Gesture is high with a good finish and fit of the whole chair. It doesn’t look like an afterthought any part of this chair. Also, it has focused on the real chair with an attractive slim mechanical design and traditional plastic covers.

The Gesture has a weight capacity of 400lbs like another one of the series, the Steelcase Leap. The volumes of speaks of this chair are higher than it has own weight.

Perfectly Adjustable Arms

While the Gesture was designed, the designers had many different kinds of posture in their minds. Also, Steelcase imagined the value of making a chair with a bit more adjustable arms.

Even this one is more adjustable than the previously developed Leap. Indeed, the manufacturer has gone above its capability to offer the strongest and the best ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic Adjustments

The process we have scored a chair’s ergonomic adjustments has solely gone at the way we found a chair is adjustable. That means when we found a chair that has an adjustable seat, it gets total available marks.

Another expectation was the tilt lock that we scored and made the positions of the chairs. In this case, the Gesturebecame the number one chair in rank for its adjustment. It scored 89 out of 100.

Thus this chair has qualified as an ergonomic loaded chair with most other adjustable boxes we checked. The main reason is its backside tied with, which was at the way of the Steelcase Leap.

Intuitive Function of the Seat Slider

This is difficult to believe that many companies don’t consider improving the functionality of the seat slider. And when it comes to the office chairs, they mostly have awkward adjustments.

It might be annoying and the chairs with butt sliding techniques are highly recommended. The Gesture allows you to adjust the seat pan for longer and shorter legs by rotating its knob in the directions.

As it ensures user-friendliness, you take the benefits of its functionality. That said, it’s guaranteed as you get instant feedback from its turning knob.

Good Seat Comfort

In both of the models of the Gesture and Leap, we found almost the same appreciation for the ability to make comfortable seats. But, they didn’t use thick padding. You’ll get long-lasting comfort with the Gesture even if you’re fond of using a thicker seat pad.

Mechanism Options

Coming with completely loaded with mechanisms from the plant. As the Steelcase Gesture has cut down mechanism options, it can make easy the process of order with ensuring a dependable experience.

You’ll really like the Gesture’s mechanism, which has been made heavy internally. Indeed the chair has made for the Gesture, so the design has particularly made for this desired model.

The finish and fit of the chair are well made with plastic covers due to the craft of the bottom. Hence, the overall design of the chair seems slim and the underside has not been taken away which has made it more attractive.

Excellent Arm Pad

With the Steelcase Gesture, you’ll get standard and 4-way arms that are adjustable and a bit different from others. So, it provides some essential and common adjustments like width, height, pivot, and depth.

The main and actual distinction is how easy to adjust them. The staggering of the width adjustment is 10.25 inches which provides width support inside from 10.25-inch to 22.5-inch.

You can pair it with a 4.25-inch of height adjustment and pivot/depth functions. As a result, it’ll provide you with better shoulder/arm support than most other chairs. 

Great Back Support

Any chair’s back support is one of the most considerable things that affect the overall performance. The comfort of the backrest largely depends on the back support because it defines how much and where the support is essential.

In this case, the Gesture is a great performer than other models. It comes with an adjustable lumbar that can be good, but it depends on the way it supports your feelings. With its tall backrest that’s up to six feet, it offers good support.

You’ll find not any awkward areas or points that are uncomfortable. Even if you’re a person with a height of over 6’4”, the upper part of the backrest is hitting the shoulders.


In conclusion, we can say the Steelcase Gesture is an amazingly great chair that we strongly recommend buying. In some basic points, it has more improvement than the Leap chair.

Besides, when it comes to the price, you’ll be able to buy it even if you’re going through a tight budget. The best thing about the chair is that it’s very much suitable for the taller people who have a 6’4” or more in height.

Also, you don’t need to be anxious about annoying before you purchase this chair as the manufacturer has a great and proven return policy.

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