How Much Does A Stradivarius Violin Cost? [Updated 2023]

When you talk about the most expensive violins in the world, Stradivarius is the name to come up. The superior craftsmanship survived centuries, making them valuable to everyone. But the question is, how much does a Stradivarius violin cost?

The cost of a Stradivarius violin can be anywhere between $1 million and $20 million, depending on the model and condition of the violin. Why these violins are worth so much is debatable to this date.

If you want to know more about this violin brand, keep reading this article.

How Much Does A Stradivarius Violin Cost?

How Much Does A Stradivarius Violin Cost

Professionals have mentioned Stradivarius violins to have exquisite quality and premium craftsmanship that survived centuries. This is one reason why these violins are so expensive to this day.

Most of these violins are auctioned for millions. The average range for a Stradivarius violin is from $1 million up to $20 million. A Stradivarius violin was up for auction in 2014 with a minimum bid of $45 million.

The auction was not successful but it certainly fueled the tradition of increasing the prices for the brand. The table below depicts several violins from Stradivarius with their current owner and the amount they were last sold for.

Violin NameCurrent OwnerLast Sold ForYear
1727 Kreutzer StradivariusMaxim Vengerov$1.5 million1998
1714 Dolphin StradivariusNippon Music FoundationUnknown2000
1721 Lady Blunt StradivariusUnknown£9.8 million2011
1715 Ex-Marsick StradivariusFulton CollectionUnknownUnknown
1721 ‘Red Mendelssohn’ StradivariusElizabeth Pitcairn$1.7 million1990
1734 ‘Hercules’ StradivariusCity of JerusalemUnknownUnknown
1713 Gibson ex-Huberman StradivariusJoshua Bell$4 million2001
1714 Soil StradivariusItzhak Perlman£400,0001986
1715 Lipinski StradivariusAnschuetz family$19,0001962
1734 Willemotte StradivariusLeonidas KavakosUnknown2017

Estimating the current price of a Stradivarius violin is tough as there is no fixed amount tagged on them. When these violins are auctioned, only then can the prices be determined. So, the range provided in this article is barely an estimation, depending on the previous prices the violins were sold for.

Why Stradivarius Violins Are So Expensive?

There are a lot of reasons why the current price of a violin from Stradivarius is over one million dollars. Even though there are debates among musicians about this, certain things increase the price and make the violins more precious. Let’s take a look at them.


Anything is expensive when it’s rare. If you have to struggle to find something, it becomes more valuable to people. In this case, the eager buyers are collectors and professional musicians.

According to a source, there are only about 650 violins from Stradivarius in existence currently. You can imagine why people would pay a high price to get their hands on a violin from this brand.


The build and quality of Stradivarius violins have stood the test of time. They’re in existence for over a few centuries. You will be surprised to know that some violins are still in pristine conditions and generated the same sound they used to.

The sound quality is another thing to contribute to quality. These violins were made with superior craftsmanship to stand the test of time. Musicians claim that the value of a Stradivarius violin can only be understood after playing it for years.


Because these violins have survived centuries, they all come with a background story. Each of them has passed through numerous hands, which makes their stories more interesting and intriguing.

Any Stradivarius violin you put your hands on will tell you a story of how it survived through time. For instance, one of the violins was stolen and remained stolen for about half a century. An amateur violinist confessed to buying the same violin for $100 before he died.

As you can see, there are interesting stories relating to these violins. That certainly contributes to increasing the price of these violins. Collectors and musicians are willing to pay a very high price to get a violin that’s connected to so many stories.


Above all, Stradivarius violins are considered collectibles. You can’t enter a shop and buy one. Most of these violins are extremely difficult to find. Many people buy them at auctions and pay a very rich amount of money to get their hands on these violins.

Regardless of what the thing is, it becomes valuable after being identified as a collectible. So, this is one of the reasons for Stradivarius violins are so expensive.


Last but not least, these violins are beautiful. Along with making extraordinary music, they’re extraordinary to look at too. Common people may not understand the value of these aesthetics but they’re certainly valuable to people who understand violin.

The construction and the way these violins look, increase the price of these violins. Besides, when a musical instrument is in existence for so long and still looks beautiful, that tells something about the strength of that instrument.

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Is A Stradivarius Violin Really Worth The Price?

There are always debates going on about whether a Stradivarius violin is really worth millions of dollars or not. The answer largely depends on who you are asking. In some blind tests, musicians couldn’t spot any difference when they played an ordinary violin versus when they played a Stradivarius violin.

So, the question remains, is a Stradivarius violin really worth the price people are buying them at? Professionals who speak in favor of the high price have some excellent logic too. According to them, it’s not possible to differentiate the violin from others by only playing once.

The exquisite features can only be determined by playing a Stradivarius violin for several years. After surviving for centuries, these violins are still the same when it comes to premium quality. In addition, the rarity turns them into collectibles, which also justifies the price of these violins.

The previous section put some light on why violins from this brand are so expensive. But the thing is, the same thing is not equally valuable to everyone. So, whether the violins are really worth millions of dollars or not entirely depends on who is evaluating the worth.

People who are in favor of paying a high price for these violins and people who are against both make strong arguments from their sides. So, it entirely depends on the person who’s judging the value of these instruments.  

Interesting Fact: A 300-year-old Stradivarius violin was snatched from musician Min-Jin Kym from London. This happened in November 2010. Three years after the incident, the instrument was found and sold at an auction for more than one million dollars.

Final Words

So, it’s not possible to pinpoint how much does a Stradivarius violin cost. It depends on who’s selling it and the condition of the violin. It is possible to guess a range, depending on the previous prices at which these violins were sold.

But even then, it’s difficult to be precise, considering that there are numerous variables in action. It’s only possible to know the specific price of a Stradivarius violin when it’s auctioned off to someone.

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