How Much Does A Tebo Massage Chair Cost in 2023?

Everyone is talking about the new addition to the luxury massage chair collections. With unique features and strong marketing, Tebo massage chairs are getting more popular by the day. But one thing people often can’t find online is how much does a Tebo massage chair cost?

The cheapest price you can get with a Tebo massage chair is $5000. The price ranges can reach as high as $10,000.  

Let’s learn a bit more about Tebo massage chairs.

How Much Does A Tebo Massage Chair Cost?

How Much Does A Tebo Massage Chair Cost

You may have noticed that it’s very tough to find the price of a Tebo massage chair. There are certain reasons behind this. The very first one is that the prices of these chairs drastically vary, depending on certain things.

However, if you want to get a rough idea about the price range, check the table below.

Massage ChairPrice
Cheap models$5000 and up
High-end models$10,000 and up

This is a rough estimation based on user experience. The price variation of this brand is so vast that it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint a price. That’s why they don’t mention prices on their website either.

Where To Get The Prices For Tebo Massage Chairs?

If you want to know the prices, there are cell numbers provided on their official website. The numbers are different based on the country. You can get connected to their representative via those numbers and know the latest price, depending on the model.

You can ask them to call you and tell you about the prices. So, why does the brand do this? The answer is as simple as it gets.

When you enquire about their chair, the brand sees this as an opportunity to pitch you with their product descriptions. These sales pitches can get a lot of users hooked.

When you read a description of a product, it’s not as effective as when a person describes the product to you. Tebo has maintained this technique very effectively. That’s why it’s almost impossible to find an accurate price for their massage chairs.

What Affects The Price Of A Tebo Massage Chair?

As I have mentioned before, a lot of factors can make the price go up or down for any massage chair. With Tebo, the variations are more significant. Let’s see what causes these variations.


The features of a massage chair affect the price. Luxurious features will certainly increase the price of a chair. Tebo chairs have some exquisite features that place the brand in a luxurious category.

If you want examples, the neck massager is an advanced feature. Another example can be customized massages. You can massage a particular place of your body, depending on your necessity.

These massage chairs are designed to provide you with relaxation and help your sore muscle. That’s why they make them universal. Anyone can enjoy these chairs as long as they wish.


You will be surprised to know that the price varies depending on where you’re located too. The same chair can cost you differently based on where you are. One model can have a price range in Australia and the same model can cost you differently in New Zealand.


Users have mentioned the same model being priced differently at different times. There are also upgrades. When a chair is released, the price may not be so high. However, with time, the price changes, and the same model can cost you a lot higher.


As with all brands, Tebo also does promotional activities. You may get a discounted price at times from Tebo. So, the same massage chair can cost you differently, depending on whether the price is discounted or not.

Features Of A Tebo Massage Chair

If you’re confused about whether to buy a Tebo chair, consider the following features that you can expect.

  • The chairs can help you with stiff muscles, release tension, and feel more relaxed.
  • Massage chairs from Tebo have customized massaging options.
  • Buying a massage chair from their official website will get you a free neck massager.
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee from the brand.
  • The zero gravity option improves the functionality of the chair.
  • There is also an LED controller and 3D speakers.
  • You can control your message from your armrest.

Is It Worth Buying A Tebo Massage Chair?

Whether buying a massage chair worth it or not depends a lot on what you expect to achieve from the chair. For people who invest in regular massage sessions, a Tebo massage chair can be a smart investment.

If you calculate the amount of paying a professional to massage you with the chair, you can save a lot of money in the long run. But it’s also true that a chair cannot replace a professional.

For people who have decided that they want a massage chair and wondering whether to go with this particular brand or not, this can be a great option. There are other chairs in the same category but Tebo is certainly one of the best options you can go for.

High-end features and a variety of models are some of the reasons to consider this brand. In addition, they offer information to the users by contacting them via phone calls. This adds a personal touch to the brand.

Interesting Fact: Tebo massage chairs feature intelligent bio-mapping, which allows the chair to deliver massages personally tailored for you.

Final Words

As you can see, it’s a bit tricky to answer how much does a Tebo massage chair cost. The best way to learn about the latest deal is to call their website and find out the price.

You can also compare different models and their prices before deciding which one to get. Even though the difficulty to access the price is a bit annoying, contacting the brand can prove to be beneficial for people who are interested in details.

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