How Much Does a Telephone Pole Cost?

Have you ever wondered how much does a telephone pole cost? Maybe you want to buy them to provide telephone connections to homes and offices.

Or you’re planning to be creative and use them to make fences, zip lines, or even bridges. So, it is best to know what type of telephone pole you will need and how much to spend.

How Much Does a Telephone Pole Cost

Telephone poles are also called utility poles. Generally, people use wooden utility poles, fiberglass utility poles, concrete utility poles, and metal utility poles. The price of a telephone pole varies from one type to another. It is correct to assume that the taller the pole, the more likely it will cost more.  

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Different Types of Telephone Poles and Their Costs

You can acquire the common types of telephone poles people use for a substantial price. If not, you can always acquire used telephone poles for a lower price or even free.

Wooden Utility Pole Cost

As wooden utility poles are the most common utility poles, they are widely available. Treated wood posts are the market chief in lower voltage transmission and dispersion utility posts.

Wooden posts likewise should be treated with some preservatives to limit the gamble of organisms, decay, and harm brought about by natural life. Nowadays, people use poles made of materials that are harmless to the ecosystem rather than using creosote/sawdust.

Prices of these utility poles according to the sizes are

Size (ft.)Price Range
25-foot$100 to $200
30-foot$100 to $350
35-foot$250 to $425
40-foot$350 to $550
45-foot$400 to $700
50-foot$500 to $850
55-foot$650 to $850

Fiberglass Utility Pole

Fiberglass utility poles are easy to install, lightweight poles which can either be a direct burial or anchor base. These are highly effective, UV and climate consumption safe. They won’t gouge or fold.

These non-thunderous shafts with low harmonic vibration can endure 80-140 mph winds and 1.3 blasts. A 45-foot fiberglass utility pole would cost around $750 to $900.

Concrete Utility Pole Cost

Centrifugally spun concrete utility poles are much more stable and rigid than metal and fiberglass poles. Due to this rigidity, they don’t sway under heavy wind and can take heavier loads.

The two fundamental concrete poles are built from concrete (valuable for weight and security) and prestressed concrete (helpful for strength and sidelong limit).

However, a drawback of concrete poles is that if not made nearby, the expense of moving them is extensive. Furthermore, substantial poles additionally won’t be quickly altered, are weighty and off-kilter, and can represent a danger on the off chance that they debilitate.

Expect to spend around $4,000 per concrete pole replacement, plus installation valued at $4,000 to $5,000 for each pole.

Metal Utility Pole Cost

As an environmentally friendly and durable option, metal utility poles should be used. Metal utility poles are the best alternatives to wooden poles because they can be melted down and reused.

They also have a very high loading capacity. You can also be very flexible with pole length. By making the pole taller, one can get higher voltage loads to be made.

Poles made from steel are generally dependable and straightforward to introduce, making them ideal in populated towns and cities.

Massive steel towers are utilized instead of shafts for heavier obligation projects covering a more extensive region.

The tallest steel power poles/points can transmit up to 300,000 volts. However, steel posts are more costly to produce and can rust. Steel utility poles are of two main types:

1. Stepped Bars(ISTPs)

Poles made with built-in maintenance steps (useful for road signs); and

2. Swaged Poles(ISWPs)

Poles specially shaped for extra strength (useful for street lighting); 45-foot metal utility poles generally cost $300 – $700

Used Telephone Pole Cost

Service organizations are the best hotspot for getting free utility poles or, at any rate, getting countless shafts at a low cost. Utilized Poles say that service organizations regularly supplant utilized shafts and either send them to a recycler or sell them wholesale.

Used beams can be used for an enormous assortment of developments, including wall posts, walls, shaft stables, pillar substitutions, signposts, holding dividers, wharves, moors, animal fencing, corral holding pens, horse slows down, and ocean dividers.

As per a few organizations, shafts utilized for post stables are, for the most part, sold at $4 per foot, while posts for fence posts are average $3 per foot.

More established, faded-out posts are commonly suggested for hardscaping or finishing projects. The organization adds that utility poles can be uniquely cut into building lumber.

Final Words

Replacement or installation of a telephone pole can be expensive, especially if you are unaware of how much does a telephone pole cost.

First, it is best to understand what is required and how the bar will function. Installing a pole can cost up to $3000 – $5000 depending on what kind of pole is purchased and how it is to be installed.

Assuming you want a project worker, extra establishment charges can apply. The costs will also rely upon the intricacy of the gig and the number of posts you want to introduce on the double. Most workers for hire will charge somewhere in the range of $500 to $2,000 to submit the pole.

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