Tesla Roadside Assistance Cost

Tesla has a program that serves you with a 24/7 assistance service that helps you with any problem you might face with your car. Now, the Tesla roadside assistance cost can sometimes be free but can be expensive at times as well. It mainly depends on whether your vehicle is under warranty or has an extended service agreement.

New Tesla owners can make use of Tesla’s complimentary Roadside Assistance service for four years or 50,000 miles.

So, refer to the terms of your warranty or service agreement to determine if you are entitled to roadside assistance for free, and go for it!

Tesla Roadside Assistance Cost

Who Is Covered?

An authorized owner of Tesla who lives in a country where Tesla has an official store or service center will get free services on breakdowns, flat tires, and lockout.

On the other hand, if you sell a Tesla vehicle, you can keep the roadside assistance services for as long as the coverage lasts; you’ll just have to let Tesla know and show proof of the change in ownership.

If the car wasn’t bought directly from Tesla, the new owner is responsible for allowing Tesla to know and giving them proof of ownership.

What Is Covered?

Type of ProblemService Covered
Flat TireUp to 500 miles (800 km)
TowingUp to 500 miles (800 km)
LockoutsWithin 80km of the car
Out of RangeNot covered
Additional CoverageNot covered

Flat Tire Assistance

Prices and availability can change based on where you are. Tesla will cover transportation for your initial 500 miles (800 km) for flat tire assistance that can’t be driven because of a problem covered by the warranty.

But roadside assistance providers carry a small number of loaner wheels to replace a damaged wheel or tire quickly.

If there isn’t a loaner wheel available, a ride will be given to the nearest Service Center or another location, as long as it’s within 50 miles (80 km) of where the vehicle is now.

If it crosses 50 miles, then you’ll need to bear the additional expense.

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Towing Assistance

towing a tesla

If the problem isn’t included in the New or Used Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty or an Extended Service Agreement, you’ll have to pay for getting the car to the shop.

You are additionally responsible for transportation expenditures in excess of 500 miles (800 kilometers) or any extra transportation charges from these locations to other areas.

If you don’t follow the instructions or pay attention to the warnings in the Roadside Assistance Guide, Tesla won’t pay for any damage that happens. 

Lockout Assistance

This help might include getting your key, unlocking your car by hand, or towing your vehicle to the nearest Tesla Service Center. 

If you need a tow, you’ll have to pay for the service if your car isn’t covered by a New or Used Limited Warranty on Basic Vehicle Components or Extended Service Agreement.

Depleted Battery Assistance

For Tesla owners, this is not part of the contract if you run out of battery. But just because the roadside assistance policy does not cover it, doesn’t mean Tesla can’t provide assistance.

So, let’s say your Tesla suddenly stops working because its battery died. If you cannot move your Tesla, in that case, the assistance program will assess an extra fee for this feature. So, when you need a jumpstart, they’ll provide one for you. 

What Is Not Covered?

Remember that there are many caveats to Tesla’s free roadside assistance coverage. Some examples of what is not included in the policy are:

  • Anything to do with clearing customs. 
  • As we learned earlier, transportation costs sometimes include accidental or intentional harm.
  • Incidents from vandalism are not covered.
  • Transport coordination across international borders, including to/from non-EU/EFTA nations.
  • Low battery voltage, regardless of whether or not you own a battery charger.
  • Incidents involving other vehicles, crashes, and damage resulting from roadside obstructions.
  • Dangerous situations include war zones, regions where local authorities lack authority or areas where natural disasters are common.
  • Restoration or replacement of broken panes of glass etc.

Remember that Tesla may change or eliminate certain roadside assistance services without prior notification or compensation to the owner.

Additionally, breach of warranty or condition, misrepresentation or otherwise at law will be, or they limit their validity to the duration of the coverage period. This may happen regardless if your claim is based on contract or not.

The Warranty Has Expired! Pay Again?

If you were wondering — Tesla’s roadside service is available long after the expired warranty. But for any assistance you request, you will have to incur fees.

Also, notify your local Tesla Repair Centre if you feel you are not receiving satisfying outputs or suspect that the service provider has damaged your car or other property while working on it.

In no event shall Tesla be liable for any direct or consequential damages resulting from or in any way connected with roadside assistance.

Moreover, when your standard warranty with Tesla is about to finish, you can renew it. You also get more time with your Roadside Assistance when you purchase a more extended warranty.

Users Experience

As the assistance program provides free access to numerous facilities for four years, consumer’s perceptions of the cost of using these services are often consistent.

However, the lack of local service in far-flung locations is a common complaint among owners. The time it takes for the service to get to you can vary from 30 minutes to as many as three days. That’s a significant drawback of the whole help service.

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So, to wrap up, it can be said that the extent to which a warranty or extended service agreement covers your vehicle determines whether tesla roadside assistance cost is free or not. So, a paperwork inspection is a must to ensure your contract and options.

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