Vertagear SL5000 Review in 2022

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This is very tough to buy medium-budget products. Also, it’s more difficult when you compromise on the products’ quality or pay a bit more for some basic items. That said if you know what you should look for then it becomes simpler to find out the real pearl even in the uneven terrain.

Today we’re going to get the Vertagear SL5000 review, which is a medium-budget gaming chair, that comes with many offers. Through this content, we’ll find the strong points of the chair that will encourage and help to get the right decision to buy the product.


Top Class Performance

This customizable and versatile gaming chair has 5 solid wheels that provide you with much more stability and are very easy to roll. A lever locates on the right side to help you adjust the chair’s height according to your needs. And another lever is also there to fine-tune the angle in 80 to 140 degrees between the base and backrest.

Slightly padded armrests are long and black, but they’re not very soft. Indeed, armrests are the very attractive things that will magnetize you more on this chair. Along with height, you also can adjust its width. Also, it’s rotating with adjusted sideways and retracted to get the perfect fit for you.

What is awesome about the gaming chair is that you can customize it precisely how you want the arms will be positioned. As the SL5000 comes with adjustable lumber, you’ll get the proper support for your flipside exactly where it needs.

Great Appearance

Rather than being like some other gaming chairs, this one is a bit ahead with its appearance. From arms to seats and backrests, most of the things enclose the user. As a result, you’re remaining in the place spreading the entire weight all over your body. It prevents keeping the whole weight on the lower backside.

When it comes to the outer look, the SL5000 is pretty good to look at. It’s because the color variations are quite overwhelming. While colors have muted more than you want, it has given the chair a stylish and pretty expensive appearance.

Highly Comfortable

A steel-made reinforced frame and high-quality foam padding ensure the desired comfort of the chair. Also, it’ll help you to remain stable all the time. Its tilt and reclining features provide you the best comfort with 5 lockable positions.

Besides, there are adjustable headrest and lumbar cushions that are easy to remove entirely when you need them. But, you should use them as the backrest of the chair is a bit flat. Another rarely found feature is that the divots in the armrests slide your arm right in.

If you’re a big enthusiast of vent models, its backrest makes it good-looking. Also, you’ll find colored stripes that are quite breathable. So, you remain just cool when it’s a warm environment.

Less Perspiring Gaming

While you’re sitting for long time gaming, you just focus on crushing away XP and shooting aliens. These can make you sweated. But, this is not the matter if you use the SL5000. You’ll stay comfortably cool and nice because of its pretty breathable fabric.

Moreover, the back of the chair doesn’t get flush against its base. That means it allows your lumber to get the support of pillow straps for better adjustability. Also, the gap ensures serving airflow and makes the sitting more comfortable regardless of the hours you keep your butt out there.

Some Other Attractive Features

You’ll find some attractive and advanced features with the SL5000. This includes the 4D armrest that you can rotate in and out along with the automatically lockable casters. These lock you up whenever you get seated on it.

Thus, it prevents you from rolling away from the desk when you’re in a critical moment of the game. On the offer, there are some upgraded casters that you’ll find rarely to the chairs in the medium-cost range. The great thing about the manufacturer is that they don’t like to milk their consumers for each last cent.

Thanks to the strong base of the chair, it’s capable to hold a weight of 330lbs. It means that if you’re one of the heavier persons, you rest assured the chair will not break down.

A Delight For The Gamers

The SL5000 is something more than a delight for gamers. It’s also all set to hit the most possible sweet desires of the extreme gamers. Inspired by the racing design, this chair recharges the energy of the gamers every day with accurate features.

As the style of the chair is instantly recognizable, it allows knowing the world to know about your seriousness about gaming. The chair was designed in a way that will provide you with the highest adjustability.

So, you’ll get it at your desired level of comfort and support in your individual gaming position. When it comes to the lumbar, neck, and shoulder support, it gives more than other gaming chairs of the same range.


The Vertagear SL5000 is a great and affordable priced gaming chair that’s ready to give you the best user experience. From the color scheme to the design, it has nothing less than an expensive gaming chair. Also, you’ll love the range of advanced features that come with this chair.

In spite of being a high featured gaming chair, the most attractive thing is its comparatively lower cost. But, it doesn’t mean it’s lower in the return on your investment. The luxury features always drive the prices higher, but this is not the issue for this one.

You’ll find a versatile and solidly built chair at a reasonable price. For its price, features, design, and many other things, we highly recommend this chair for long-time gaming purposes.

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