How Much Does A Watch Battery Replacement Cost in 2023?

Replacing a watch battery by yourself is a risky task, especially if you own an expensive watch. It’s better to visit a professional who knows their way around. But, how much does a watch battery replacement cost?

The cost of watch battery replacement varies depending on the brand, watch type, and features. The amount starts at as low as $5 for a basic watch and ranges up to $100 for a chronograph model. It also depends on where you’re going to replace your watch battery.

I’ve included all the details you need to know about battery replacements below.

How Much Does A Watch Battery Replacement Cost?

If we’re talking about a straightforward watch without any special features, most professionals will replace it in exchange for $5 to $15. However, if your watch comes with a water-resistant battery or is a chronograph model, you’ll need a lot more than that.

Water-resistant battery replacement can cost you somewhere between $40 to $65. On the other hand, chronograph models can require somewhere between $65 to $100.

That’s just a range, of course. The amount varies depending on the brand. I’ve created a table that includes the average cost of battery replacements of different brand watches. Take a look.

Brand NameAverage Cost Of Battery Replacement
Swiss Army$13

Watch Battery Replacement Cost Overview

The reason why battery replacement cost fluctuates so much is that it depends on expertise. You will find a few options in front of you while changing watch batteries. Let’s put some light on these.

Change It Yourself

The thought must’ve crossed your mind that you should change the battery yourself. If your watch comes with an easy-to-access battery and you have the tools you need, you can learn to change the battery yourself.

You can ask someone to teach you or use other resources to learn the technique. However, watches that require more complicated tools and come expensive shouldn’t be opened by any amateur.

If there’s no visible opening, you may feel the urge to pry open the watch to change batteries. Avoid doing it. You’ll end up scratching your watch.

Discount Retailer

You’ll find a few cheap options for changing your battery watch. As intriguing as the low-cost sounds, it can make your watch faulty permanently.

Again, it may be appropriate for straightforward watches, but you shouldn’t risk your watch with unique features.

Local Jewelry Shop

You can get your watch battery replaced at the nearest jewelry shop. They’ll charge you depending on the watch brand and type. Check the table for reference.

It’s a convenient option to choose from, among others. One advantage is that it’s close to you. So, you can get the watch back pretty quickly. Besides, you’ll get professional assistance with expertise.

Brand Service

Check if the watch’s brand provides any battery replacement service. There’s also a chance of getting a discount deal from them.

As safe as this method is, it’s costly most of the time. Besides, it’ll take time before you can get your watch back. 

Tips For Watch Battery Replacement

No matter what option you chose to go with, being a little cautious can save you from extra costs.

  • Avoid visiting discount stores to replace the battery of your brand watch. Other options may cost you a few extra bucks, but those extra bucks are well worth it.
  • If your watch has a crystal backing, opening it yourself can result in breaking it. Try to reach a professional jeweler or visit the store you bought the watch from.
  • Watches can lose their water pressure when opened. That’s why it’s better to take them to a professional who can repressurize them. 

Watch Battery Types

There are four types of watch batteries, namely-

Mercury Batteries

A mercury watch will last around three years. You’ll get a consistent voltage, which helps you get the accurate time consistently.

Silver Oxide Batteries

Watches with silver oxide batteries are somewhat similar to mercury watches. However, silver oxide batteries are comparatively smaller. And they are made for specific watches and aren’t compatible with other watch types.

Lithium Batteries

One of the most used battery types that also goes by the name coin batteries is lithium batteries. The name coin battery arose due to its shape. There are a few advantages of lithium batteries.

These batteries can last up to 10 years. And unlike mercury batteries, they don’t harm the environment.

Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries are also widespread and popular. They come comparatively cheaper than other batteries. However, they don’t last very long. You may have to change your alkaline battery only after a few months.

Why Watch Battery Replacement Costs Varies?

Watch types vary widely. Some watches are straightforward to open. You only need a straight tool to pry open the backing and change the battery.

Watches with unique features are harder to open. They require special tools and need expert knowledge to open and replace the battery. You can open them like other watches too, but not without scratching or damaging them.

Discount retailers will use the same method to replace batteries for all watches. That creates a probability of permanently damaging your watch. That is why you shouldn’t choose this option, especially for your expensive watches, even though it’s cheaper.

Cheaper watches come with an easy battery replacement method. They don’t cost much and don’t require any special skills either. You can try replacing the battery yourself.

Bottom Line

You can always learn to replace a watch battery by yourself. But if you’re not sure about replacing the battery without damaging your watch, I would recommend visiting a professional. The best option is to visit your local jewelry store with a good reputation.

This way, you can verify how much does a watch battery replacement cost all by yourself. Besides, if your watch needs any other maintenance, they’ll be able to identify and repair it too. 

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