New Water Meter Installation Cost [Don’t Overpay!]

Renting an apartment may save you the hassle of installing a water meter. But if you are an owner, you will have to add a water meter installation cost to your expense list. This guide is to help you determine how much you will have to spend if you decide to install a water meter. You will also get an idea of why it’s an essential thing to do.

What’s A Water Meter?

Before jumping into costs and prices, you should know what a water meter actually is and what it does. A water meter is a unit for measuring the amount of water you are using. You can compare it to an odometer. An odometer measures how long you have traveled by a specific vehicle and a water meter measures water usage.

The unit for measuring the volume is either gallons or cubic feet. So, why is installing a water meter is an option?

There are two ways of paying your water bills. You can either pay a fixed amount per month or measure how much water you are using and pay for that much. If you think that you are not using as much water as you’re paying the bill monthly, a water meter is a viable solution for you.

If you’ve moved to a new rental apartment, it’s highly likely that there’s already a water meter installed. If there isn’t, you can always talk to the owner to get one installed.

Water Meter Installation Cost

So, how much does it cost to install a water meter? The information floating around the internet is confusing. So, I am going to provide an estimated cost that includes everything.

According to recent data, the water meter installation charge varies from $1700 up to $3000. A professional plumber will get the job done in about 45 minutes. Water main installation cost per foot varies between $50 and $150, whereas each meter costs about $100.

In summary, the water bill per month is somewhere between $72 and $80, water main per foot costs about $50-$100, charge for each meter is about $100 and the cost to have a water meter fitted is between $1700 and $3000.

Matters Affecting The Water Meter Installation Cost

There are three factors affecting the entire pricing. Let’s take a brief look at them.

Professional Cost

The good news about hiring a professional to install your water meter is you won’t have to find one. Once you get permission to install a water meter, the authority will send their professional representative to do the job.

This is beneficial in multiple ways. For starters, you won’t have to look for external services and you can be certain that you’re getting a reasonable deal. Another thing is that you rest assured that they’re highly professional and fully trained.

Equipment Cost

There will be no equipment cost unless you’re installing the meter by yourself. The people installing the water meter will bring whatever is necessary.

As for installing the water meter by yourself, it’s not permitted by the authority. Even if you want to do it for experience, you need a professional presence there. So, you can’t save money by installing a water meter by yourself.

Benefits Of A Water Meter

Installing a water meter will allow you to pay for exactly what you pay rather than paying a fixed amount. Surveys show that people with a water meter in their homes reduce their water usage.

Cutting down water usage also results in energy saving. A major part of your energy bill comes from water usage. Examples include heating water for different purposes using energy.

When you are paying for the amount of water you are using, it’s natural to reduce the amount of water you waste. For instance, practices like keeping the tap running, taking unnecessary long showers become more manageable.

Should You Get A Water Meter?

A water meter isn’t compulsory to have. But, if you have a small family and don’t consume a large amount of water, a meter will save you some money. Instead of paying a fixed amount, whether you water or not, you can pay for what you are using.

On the contrary, large families that require a lot of water won’t be benefitted from a water meter. You will end up paying a lot more after installing a meter. The good news is, you can reverse from a water meter if you wish within the first year of installing a meter.

Then again, the installation cost will be in vain. So, be certain before installing a water meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are water meters free to install?

Depending on where you live, the cost of water meter installation varies. However, most of the time the water companies charge a fixed amount to install a water meter.

How long does water meter installation take?

Water meter installation can take somewhere between thirty minutes and three hours, depending on the location of the water meter.

Is it compulsory to have a water meter?

Water meters aren’t compulsory. You can either pay your water bills using a fixed monthly rate or install a water meter that reads the amount of water you use. Then, you can pay for the amount you used.

Can I install my own smart meter?

Even though the process of installing a smart meter is straightforward, you are not allowed to do that. You will have to contact a utility company to install a smart meter.

Can you revert back from a water meter?

You can revert back from a water meter. However, the condition is it has to be within twelve months of the installation. If you decide to reverse it, they won’t remove the meter. Instead, they’ll stop reading it.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this guide to water meter installation cost has been helpful to you. I’ve tried to answer any questions you might have about the procedure. Note that the cost I’ve mentioned can vary, depending on the area you live in.

If you have any confusion, you can always contact your local water company to find out more.

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