Why Are Button Makers So Expensive?

If you want to start earning by selling buttons, the first thing to consider is a button maker. You must have seen the cost of button makers and wondered, why are button makers so expensive?

Button makers are durable, made of sturdy materials, and come with safety features that make them so expensive.

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Why Are Button Makers So Expensive

How Much Does An Average Button Maker Cost?

If you’re getting one of the cheapest options available in the market, you will have to start your budget somewhere around $70. The prices go up from that. Some high-end button makers can cost you up to $2000.

As you can see, the price varies widely. If you want an average button maker, you can expect to pay around $300.

Why Are Button Makers So Expensive?

There are a few reasons why button makers are so expensive. I’ve listed a few of them below.

1. Materials

The first reason why good-quality button makers are so expensive is, of course, the material. These machines are sometimes entirely made of metal, which increases the cost of manufacturing. So, the users must pay a higher price for these button makers.

The metal can be stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum. These are all good options, depending on the user’s preference. The slides of the machine must be made of metal because that’s the part that endures the most pressure.

The base can feature different materials such as ABS, acrylic, and plastic. However, a high-end button maker will certainly be made of all metal and cost you a lot more than other options.

The materials largely affect the price, so if you’re trying to reduce the price of the button maker, you will have to go with one that isn’t all metal.

2. Durability

Because button makers feature high-quality materials, they’re durable. You can use the same machine for years to come, as long as you keep buying the supplies required.

Sturdy construction that can provide you with perfect buttons is not cost-effective to make. Of course, you can get cheaper options. However, they won’t last as long as you want them to.

What I am saying is, that if you want a durable button maker, you are going to have to pay the price.

3. Portable

Even though these machines are sturdy and efficient, they’re also lightweight and easy to carry. Manufacturing compact machines are not as cost-friendly as you would want them to be.

To make the machine conveniently portable, they increase the cost. That’s another reason why these compact machines are so expensive.

4. Investment

Button makers are not a one-time thing to try. You can create outcomes that you can use to generate income. Such machines always work as a long-term investment for everyone.

For the same reason, button makers are made to last and provide efficient results. Cheaper models will not withstand rough use like the ones made with industry-grade materials.

It’s one of the features to consider when you’re choosing a button maker. If you’re buying one for DIY purposes, you can cut down the cost significantly. In comparison, buying one for business purposes will require a higher budget.

5. Accessories

Button makers often come with extra accessories for making buttons. These accessories require extra expense, which makes the product more costly. You may find a machine that does not come with these and costs less.

However, buying the accessories separately may increase your cost instead of decreasing it. For instance, the button plates you buy separately may not be as high-quality as the ones provided with the machine. You can expect expensive button plates with an expensive button maker machine.

6. User-Friendly

If you go through the tutorial on how to use a button maker, you will notice that the process is very easy. Anyone with a DIY mind can make buttons using these machines. Expensive machines are a lot smoother to operate too.

The materials used for making these machines make the slide move with ease and the machine requires less pressure to make the buttons.

The process requires a simple two-step method for making buttons. To make the machine as user-friendly as possible, the costs increase for the manufacturer, adding to the cost of the product.

7. Safety Feature

A button maker must be safe to use, considering the pressure it requires to make the buttons. Besides, sharp edges and inconvenient structures must be avoided to make the machine safe. For instance, the handle might be covered with a safe material to keep your hand free from stress.

To perfect the machine, caution and precision are required. These factors are also one of the reasons for the increased expense, which leads to making the product more costly.

8. After-Sale Services

Good-quality button makers will have excellent customer service. In addition, you will get an efficient warranty against manufacturing defects. So, there will be a backup for the money you spend.

If you experience any unsatisfactory incidents, the brand will certainly stand behind its product and provide you with a solution to the issue. Ensuring such efficient customer service adds more expense, hence the cost increases for the customers too.

9. Brand Value

There is always an extra price to pay for the brand name. When an established brand is manufacturing a product, the manufacturing cost is usually lower compared to the new companies. Yet, they charge a higher rate.

The first reason behind this is the reliability you are getting. With new brands, there will always be risks when investing a large amount of money. With popular brands, you can rest assured that you will be getting a better product for the money.

Another reason is that people are willing to pay a good price for the products from a reputed manufacturer. The question is if the brand is not using the money for production, where does it go?

Profit margin is the first thing to consider in this situation. The second thing is the amount of money they spent on advertising. Popular brands keep large budgets only for marketing purposes to make their products the leading ones in the industry.

What Affects The Price Of Button Makers?

As I have mentioned before, the price range varies a lot, depending on different features. Let’s take a look at a few significant attributes, which contribute to the price variation.


If you have researched button makers, you may have noticed that there are different sizes available. One particular brand offers a variety of sizes starting from one inch up to six inches.

So, the price will fluctuate depending on what size button maker you’re going for. However, it’s not the only thing.


You can go for different shapes too when it comes to button makers. In addition to the traditional round shape, there are also square and rectangular button makers.

However, these button makers are comparatively more expensive, and for good reason. So, the shape is another thing to consider in this aspect.


I have already discussed the materials before. As you already know, button makers can feature a variety of materials, which affects the cost.

If you’re going with an all-metal button maker, you will have to pay more. On the contrary, button makers with plastic parts will not be so expensive.

Are Button Makers Worth Buying?

Button makers are worth the money. They’re almost always reasonably priced. However, the question is whether you should invest in an expensive button making machine or not.

To help you decide this, I have to ask you first. What is your purpose for buying a button machine? Is it a hobby thing or a professional investment?

If you only want a DIY button maker, you can go for cheaper options that are available online. It can be a great way to quench your DIY thirst. You can customize your own button for different occasions.

On the contrary, if you want a button maker to sell buttons, you must spend the money very carefully. Make sure that you invest in a high-quality button maker that will last you a long time. In addition, you will have to be certain that you won’t give up halfway through.

So, whether a button maker is worth it or not entirely depends on your purpose, determination, and budget. If you want one badly enough, it’s always worth it.

Final Verdict

The reasons why are button makers so expensive aren’t limited. Some may find them overpriced but the functionality and the security features make them worth the money. If you want to save money on a button machine, there are always ways to do that.

For instance, you can consider a second-hand machine or find a less popular brand. No matter which you go for, make sure that you’re absolutely certain about spending that much money on your button maker machine.

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