Why Do Jeeps Rust So Bad And How To Remove Them?

Rusting is a rapid-spreading phenomenon not only in Jeeps but in many other vehicles too. Especially the vehicles that are mostly used for long rides. It’s hard to find any Jeep owner not going through this issue.  Why do jeeps rust so bad?

Jeeps rust so badly due to many possible reasons, including moisture and salt, uncleaned underbody, off-road mud, and damaged paint. But as it is used for off-road adventures, getting mud on the down surface is obvious, and due to this acidic mud, the jeep’s surface starts getting rusted.

Let me share the one and only ultimate method to remove rust from your vehicle. So let’s dive in!

Why Do Jeeps Rust So Bad: Main Reasons

Why Do Jeeps Rust So Bad

You can’t easily stop rusting once it gets started. But why does it even start? Off-Road Rides. According to nhtsa (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), vehicles, especially their underbody, get rusted due to road-salt usage.

We usually drive jeeps when we have to go on a trip or any adventure to a mountainous site or a deserted place. So what actually happens is that in off-road adventures, your jeep gets exposed to:

  • Dust
  • Mud 
  • Water

Water usually speeds up the rusting process in iron. And your jeep is made up of iron alloy, so it gets rusted very easily and spreads towards the other parts of the jeep instantly, only if you don’t clean your vehicle properly during your journey.

And not just water but off-road mud can be so dangerous for your jeep in terms of rust. How? As mud contains many acidic elements, including salt, the major reason for rust and corrosion.

Types of Rust on a Jeep

Basically, there are three overall rust types on vehicles that can be found.

  1. Surface rust
  2. Scale Rust, and
  3. Penetrating rust

Surface rust is exterior rust that you can easily notice and take preventive measures against fast. But if you leave it on your jeep without fixing the surface for long, this rust will turn into scale rust, creating more damage and spreading beyond the vehicle’s surface.

And the third one, the penetrating rust, is the most dangerous one. It spreads fast and most damaging and could even cause parts replacement.

Taking preventive measures on time will save your jeep and prevent any harm that could be caused by rust.

How To Prevent Rust On Jeep Parts

According to a well-established automotive publication,  two main parts, when rusted, shouldn’t be compromised, are

  1. Frame Rails
  2. Fuel Tanks

And why is that? Because both these parts are the backbone of your jeep, and if they get rusted, then there’s no reason left for your jeep to make your adventurous journeys possible. 

Other parts that are mostly vulnerable to rust are the underbody of your jeep, hinges, side fenders, and control arms.

So how to stop rust on jeep frames and fuel tanks and on other parts? Follow the tips provided below.

  • Clean your jeep as often as possible with automotive cleaning soap and an authentic car washer. And be professional while cleaning it.
  • Clean the side fenders and hinges properly. Make sure they don’t have any water residues left in it. If water stays in there, no one will stop your jeep from getting rusted.
  • Clean your Jeep’s body mounts? Just because these are hidden under the doors doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to get cleaned. So clean them properly. Don’t let any debris or dust particles stay in it!
  • Don’t let your Jeep’s exhaust feel forsaken, and clean it on a regular basis.
  • Check and clean its floor on a regular basis. Don’t let that carpet neglect you from cleaning the floor properly.
  • Try to avoid parking or driving your car in muddy or watery areas.
  • Try to avoid parking or driving in vivid sunlight. This may damage your car paint and open up opportunities for rusting.
  • Clean the side fenders properly. Make sure they don’t have any water residues left in it. If somehow water stays in there, then no one can stop your jeep from getting rusted.

How To Take Rust Off Jeep: Step by Step

(Note: It is a lengthy but ultimate method to remove rust from your jeep, so if you’re expecting an eye-blink solution, then this Method is not for you!)

The cost to remove rust from the vehicle with professional hands can be high. So for your convenience, I’ve mentioned a few steps that will help you remove rust from the jeep without any help from professional hands.

#1 Step

First, clean your jeep properly like your regular cleaning method. The only addition you need to do is to buy a rust dissolver from a vehicle maintenance shop or through online stores.

#2 Step

After cleaning your jeep, you need to apply that rust dissolver on the rusted area and let it be on there for some time or the time that is mentioned on the product’s instruction page.

#3 Step

Clean the rusted surface and let it dry.

#4 Step

Now it’s time for the primer. There are many vehicle primers available in the market, but you need to make sure that your primer is of high quality and suitable for your Jeep’s model. Apply the primer on the rusted dry surface, not much, just a little fine coating.

#5 Step

Time to paint! First, apply a thin layer on the primed surface, then let it dry. Then apply a second coating, and again let it dry. Then finally, apply the third coating.

#6 Step

Time for a wax coating! Wax coating is an additional step after painting the jeep. A study has proved that wax coating shows promise in rust resistance, and it makes your vehicle’s paint long-lasting. So you can’t underestimate practicing this step.

Is Jeep Rust Warranty Helpful To Solve Bad Rust Issues?

Yes, of course, it is. Suppose your jeep is rusted due to a manufacturer’s mistake, then you can get your jeep fixed by the company, and you’ll not be charged.

So it is better to review your jeep’s rust warranty papers in order to find out the actual reason behind your jeep’s rust.

 If it is due to your own mistake of not cleaning properly, then you can’t be able to blame the manufacturer.

3 Other Common Causes Of Jeep Rust

Off-road rides are a major cause of Jeep rust, but if you’ve not used your jeep for off-road rides, then there can be 3 possible causes for your Jeep rust;

1) Scratches and Paint Damage:

Most of the time, kids make some scratches on the vehicle, and we, after scolding them, don’t bother repainting the scratched and damaged site of the jeep. And this site then starts to get rusted with time and spread over the other parts of the jeep.

2) Parking the Jeep In Extremely Hot And Moist Surface:

Sometimes we ignore the fact that our jeep is parked in front of the house for a  minimum of 5-6 hours on extremely sunny or rainy days.

This can turn out to be a major reason behind your Jeep rust. Extreme sunlight for 4-6 hours on your jeep can cause the breakage of the safety wax coating and then the paint cover. This can cause bad rust on your jeep’s surface.

On the other hand, extreme rainy weather is also bad for your jeep’s health; how? Standing in the rain for straight 4-6 hours can cause corrosion on your jeep.

3) Debris can be a reason!

A lot of times Jeep doors, rocker panels, and rear quarter panels get drain holes due to parking the vehicle more often in moist areas or much exposure to water and salt. And usually, most of the time, these drain holes get filled with debris and mud, resulting in rust and corrosion.

Are Jeeps Made Of Steel?

Yes, Jeeps are made up of steel. And not just steel but Aluminium and Magnesium are also involved in its manufacturing. Most of the Jeeps’ exterior involves two components: Steel and Aluminium, but now most Jeep Wranglers just include steel coating.

Do Modern Cars Rust Less?

Yes, surprisingly, it is true that modern cars rust less. Because now 40% of the vehicles’ exterior surface comprises plastic instead of metals such as steel or aluminum. And as we all know, plastic material doesn’t get rusted at all.

How Strong Are Jeep Frames?

Frames are the backbone of a Jeep for a reason. Many drivers have been driving their jeeps for years without knowing that their jeep frames are rusted and are now on their way to rot. But still, their Jeep frames work properly because of the high-quality steel in their vehicles.

Bottom Line

Jeep Rust can be so bad if not removed with a proper effective method. There can be many causes of Jeep rust, but the solution is simple, just take care of your Jeep regularly. Clean it, make sure its paint is properly protected and wax coated.

Check your jeep’s inner areas properly and make a proper schedule for your jeep’s maintenance; these are all the secrets of those jeep owners whose jeep hasn’t got rusted for decades.  I hope you’ve found your answer on why do jeeps rust so bad; make sure to share it with your other friends who have jeep rust issues.

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