7 Reasons why does my jeep say remote start disabled

Vehicle remotes can get disabled due to many possible reasons which we are going to discuss in this post. Not just that, but also 10 Ultimate solutions to solve this issue.

What makes a Jeep remote start disabled is its low battery, key fob malfunctioning, or some technical issues. Consider charging your key fob or buying a new one. Talking specifically about the Jeep models, hood sensors in Jeep Cherokee are the real troublemaker causing a Jeep remote to start disabled.

Apart from that, there can be some hacking attempts or other technical issues involved behind the remote start disabled problem. So let’s find out the other possibilities in detail.

why does my jeep say remote start disabled [10 SOLUTIONS]

why does my jeep say remote start disabled

There can be many possible reasons why your Jeep says remote start disabled, which we will discuss in the upcoming section. Now we first need to find a quick solution for the problem, so here I’ve compiled a list of 10 effective solutions that’ll solve your issue in a couple of seconds;

1Check your Jeep’s Key Fob Battery. If that is not the case then consider resetting the fob remote starter key.
2Make sure you’re using your own Jeep’s Key Fob.
3Check your Jeep’s Battery.
4Check your Jeep’s Remote Start Settings.
5Seek help from a Mechanic if the error pops up on the dashboard.
6Check your Jeep’s Key Fob Programming and if there’s a fault reprogram it!
7Consult the seller to fix the remote start system. (If your Jeep’s warranty is not expired yet)
8Check the updates related to your Jeep (model) remote start system.
9Check your security features. (There’s a possibility of Hacking or Stealing Activities)
10Disconnect your Jeep’s battery for a few seconds and then reconnect it. (It’s called Resetting, and it usually solves the issue)

Jeep Remote Start Disabled:7 Reasons

Jeeps Remote start can be disabled due to various causes, we’re going to discuss all of them one by one with their solutions.

  Low Battery of your Key FobCheck if your battery is damaged, or is not properly placed in the battery slot. (Replace it with a new one or press the battery so that it can fit the slot properly).
  Your alert indicators are activatedTurn off your alert indicators which are mainly lights in the Jeeps and then press the start button on your remote.
    Engine Light Is Already OnCheck the fuel cap and your engine lights will turn off automatically ensuring your Key Fob starter button will work again, but if this doesn’t work then consult a mechanic to fix the engine light problem.
    Your Jeep’s starter switch is turned off or set to Valet ModeSolution is to put the key fob in your jeep’s ignition and turn it, your jeep will start. Place your fingers on both buttons (lock & trunk at a time). Now press the start button on your remote and your disabled problem will be solved.
Remote starter is Off AccidentallyTurn it on by pressing the switch on the bottom of the dashboard.
  Weather Concerns (Too Cold or Too Hot)  Sometimes in extreme weather conditions, a jeep doesn’t easily start with the remote so you need to wait for the engine to work properly.
Not knowing to properly press the start button on your remoteSometimes the button needs to be pressed twice or thrice so consider checking your jeeps instruction guide to find if your model’s remote is different from the other’s or not.

Remote Start Disabled Due To Jeep’s Security System

As a Jeep owner, you might have heard about the hood switches that are installed under your Jeep’s hood for safety purposes. Sometimes remote start gets disabled due to these switches. How?

As when you press the start button on your remote, your engine doesn’t start; why? Because the hood switch is up. When it is up, you can’t start the engine no matter how many times you try or whatever technique you follow.

Now you must be wondering why hood switches are installed in your jeep. The reason is your safety or your mechanics’ safety.

Whenever you or any mechanic is trying to fix the jeep’s problem or repair it on its down surface, there’s a probability of the vehicle getting started on its own. And this may hurt the person under the jeep.

So in order to avoid the jeep’s engine getting started on its own, manufacturers have installed this device under your vehicle’s hood.

For a better understanding of your jeep’s key fob, remote starting system, and hood switch, you should consider reading this detailed guide.

Remote Start Usage Only In Winters?

There are a lot of people who use their remote starter only during winter or when there’s a lot of snow or rain outside. If you are one of them, then there’s a probability that you’ve forgotten the correct way to use a Jeep remote starter.

Yes, I’m not joking. There’s a proper way of using a remote starter, and in case of improper use, it will not work no matter how many times you try or change its battery. So in order to know the proper way of using a Jeep remote starter, you should consider watching this quick tutorial.

Have A Faulty Hood Sensor?

You have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the remote start system is disabled? Faulty hood sensors can be a reason; how?

Whenever the hood is open in Jeep Grand Cherokee, sensors will not let the remote start the Jeep.

Need a quick solution? Here it is;

  • Hood pins usually have a rust problem, and in this way, they get displaced; you just need to fix them or replace them with a new one.

[5 Causes] Why Jeep Remote Start Turn Off After A Few Seconds

Jeep Remote can turn off after a few seconds due to many possible reasons;

  • Key Fob’s Battery is low.
  • Key Fob’s Battery is not placed properly.
  • Your Jeep is already on for more than 1 hour (It’s considered a security threat if you’ve not unlocked your vehicle on your own)
  • Your Jeep’s remote has some technical issues. In this case, you need to replace your remote with a new one.
  • Remote is not suitable for your Jeep model. Sometimes it’s possible that you’re using the renegade’s remote on a Jeep Wrangler. So you should always make sure to check the remote before buying as if it is especially for your specific Jeep model or not.

Jeep Remote Start Disabled : Different Models

Jeep Cherokee

If your Jeep Cherokee’s remote is disabled, then:

  1. Check your Jeep Cherokee’s Key Fob Battery.
  2. Check your Jeep Cherokee’s Battery
  3. Check your remote settings

Jeep Renegade

If your Jeep Renegade’s remote is disabled, then:

  1. Reset your Jeep Renegade’s remote start system.
  2. Check your Jeep Renegade’s security system (Turned On Hazard Lights)
  3. Reprogram your Jeep Renegade’s remote.

Jeep Wrangler

If your Jeep Wrangler’s remote is disabled then:

  1. Check your Jeep Wrangler’s remote battery, if it is placed properly or not.
  2. Check if your Jeep’s Wrangler remote is suitable for the model or not.
  3. Check for updates or recalls regarding the remote.

How long does remote start stay on Ram 1500?

On average, your vehicle’s engine will continuously run for 15 minutes, even more in some cases, and then it shuts down. And it will even shut down before 15 minutes if your vehicle is low on fuel.

Can I program a key fob myself?

Yes, but only if you’re a professional. However, you can easily program a simple car’s key fob. But for Jeeps or other big vehicles, you can’t easily program the key fob.

Can I start my jeep with my phone?

Of course, you can. But it will need you to download an app named Uconnect, which will allow you to start your Jeep with your phone no matter where you’re. You can turn off or start your Jeep with a single click.

Does Jeep remote start turn off automatically?

Yes, your Jeep remote start will automatically turn off but only if it is installed by the manufacturing company. It will turn off within 15 minutes and even in less time if your Jeep has less fuel.

Bottom Line

I hope you’ve found your answer to the query, “Why does my jeep say remote start disabled.” It can be a really annoying experience if you’ve followed all the above-mentioned solutions but your Jeep’s remote start is disabled.

So, in that case, you should consult a Mechanic or a professional technician to solve the error. But I’m 100% sure that one of the above-mentioned solutions is enough for your remote problem.

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