WorkPro 12000 Chair Review (Updated 2022)

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Whether you work from home or game for hours at once, having an ergonomic and comfortable chair is essential. Sitting for long durations may lead to various lower-back conditions, and overall could affect your posture. If you were looking for chairs, you might have come across the WorkPro 12000.

The chair is solidly built and has all kinds of adjustability options integrated with it. But how does it prove in the long term? Is the chair comfortable enough?

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I have addressed all the questions and stuff based on my personal experience paired with expert opinions in this WorkPro 12000 review article.

Continue reading to find out if the chair is an ideal choice for you!

Why You Should Consider the WorkPro 12000?

Although certainly not a cheap option, the WorkPro 12000 is a high-quality chair and is built with premium materials all around. The chair is relatively heavy as most of its components are made from metal, which also adds to its durability. In the following sections, we look into the chair’s features in detail.


The WorkPro 12000 is a black chair with a mesh backrest and soft cushion on its seat. Its backrest is divided into two parts, which creates separate lumbar support. The backrest is separated from the seat as it is fixed on a separate frame. From behind, the metal frame makes it look very premium.

A transparent mesh surrounds the backrest, which is squared off in its frame. In summary, the WorkPro 12000 is a modern-looking desk chair that can easily blend into any environment, including homes and offices. The chair is indeed good-looking with a sleek design and high-quality finishing on all of its components.


With a variety of adjustment options and a thoughtfully designed backrest, the chair is very promising in terms of ergonomics.

The seat is a soft cushion covered with mesh and has a ‘waterfall’ design, in which the user can fit comfortably. Its armrest moves along with the backrest when the seat swivels.

Moreover, the armrest is nothing fancy, but as it is four-way adjustable, it is possible to sustain comfort for the user. Overall, the chair is well-designed for long hours, and most people should not have a problem in 4-5 hours of usage or even more.

Lumbar Support

One of the most important aspects of a chair is its lumbar support. It is crucial as, without proper lumbar support, you may face back pain, and other issues may follow suit. The lumbar support on the WorkPro 12000 is separated from the main backrest and provides sufficient comfort and support to the user.

Although the lumbar support is not adjustable on the chair, it is designed for maximum support, and most users will be okay with it. But on the other hand, tall people may have issues as it is fixed at an angle.

if you are taller than average people, you can use this tall man’s chair instead. it might be the best fit for you


Even though comfort is a subjective factor, in general, this chair deserves praise for it. The soft seat cushion is very comfortable for long hours of usage. Even though the armrests are not cushioned, their adjustability makes up for ergonomics and offers great comfort to users.

But one commonly reported issue is among people who are taller than average; the seat height cannot be adjusted high enough.

Adjustability Options

This is where the WorkPro 12000 truly shines; everything on the chair except the lumbar support is adjustable. The seat height, arm height, back angle, back height, and various other bits can be tweaked according to the user’s preferences. It proves to be extremely useful as there are literally no limits to adjusting the chair.

Although there is no specific information about its tilt angle, the backrest has a sufficient tilt angle and a tilt lock mechanism.


Like most components of the chair, the base is made from metal too. It is quite strong, meaning that the user’s weight should not be a concern. Although the wheels are not made from rubber, the plastic is grippy enough on the floor and does its job just right.

Materials Used

On the WorkPro 12000, all frames are made from metal. The chair is quite heavy and feels very solid – thanks to all the metal it comprises. Its armrests are made from plastic, and the surface feels smooth and nice to the hands. Knobs and handles for adjustment are made from durable plastic materials.

Although mesh surfaces are liked and disliked equally, the mesh material on its backrest is actually durable enough to remain sturdy even after a long time of usage.

Should You Get the WorkPro 12000?

It is actually hard to reach a conclusion based on just the chair’s features. But since you have read so far, you can have a rough idea of how the chair would prove in your case.

The WorkPro 12000 is a superb chair, no doubt about that. With the adjustability options and an ergonomic design, the chair can be used comfortably for long sessions. However, it has a few shortcomings, which we will address in the following section.


  • Swiveling seat has a comfortable ‘waterfall’ cushion
  • The backrest is made from mesh that does not sink in and is sturdy enough
  • Various adjustment options such as seat height, seat back depth, armrest, etc.
  • Tilt lock mechanism with sufficient tint angle
  • Made with premium and long-lasting components, mostly metal
  • Sleek and stylish design makes the chair suitable for all environments


  • Seat height cannot be adjusted high enough for tall users
  • Lumbar support is not adjustable
  • Armrests swivel too much and it cannot be fixed or locked

In Short, My Verdict Is

With all of that being said, it is safe to conclude that the WorkPro 12000 is a great chair for its price. It is comfortable and loved by people who have no problems with its height adjustment, which is where the chair falls short.

On average, people with a height of 5’10’’ should be satisfied with the chair, but people who are taller may not like the experience from it. The lack of lumbar support may lead to back pain and other complications for them.

For Whom Is the WorkPro 12000 Ideal?

From what you have read so far, you may have deduced that the WorkPro 12000 is a pretty good chair. But who would be the best benefit from this chair?

Well, the answer can be brief as the chair is ideal for anyone who has to work sitting on a chair for long durations, such as writers, software developers, students, gamers, etc. The chair is also ideal for offices as it is a premium model, adding points to professionalism.

Do mesh chairs sag?

Although mesh materials are made to stretch and contract, over time, with usage, the mesh will sag.

Which chairs are best for your back?

Scientific research promotes the use of saddle chairs as it allows for better spinal postures. Moreover, saddle chairs also reduce the risk of back pain compared to ergonomic chairs.

How should I sit to avoid back pain?

Some practices allow minimizing the risks of back pain. Sit with short breaks, have good lumbar support, and keep your feet perpendicular to your hips.

What kind of chair is good for sciatica?

Recliners are recommended for people with sciatica symptoms as it helps in supporting the back.

Which vitamin deficiency causes back pain?

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to back pain and other problems such as neck pain and muscle spasm.

Is mesh more comfortable than cushion?

Mesh chairs are generally more comfortable as they offer superior breathability.

Final Words

Now that we have covered nearly all the aspects of the WorkPro 12000, it is up to you to decide if you should get the chair or not. If you are not taller than 6 feet, you are sure to enjoy using it. But if you are taller than that, you may have to look at other models. I hope this review helped you with the insights.

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